9-10-2017 One item of Barbara's pottery which has never been shown before (thanks to Andrew).

10-4-2018 Short video of costume presentation TV-serie "United we stand"

1-4-2018 Barbara in video showing the good luck cermony for the TV-serie "Man in the middle"

21-3-2018 Barbara in video taken during shooting Man in the middle

14-3-2018 video with Barbara at crew dinner The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung

7-3-2018 video with Barbara's first appearance as TVB hostess in the talkshow Woman Today (English subtitles)

26-2-2018 video of Press gathering for start TVB afternoon talk show "Woman today" in 1982

22-1-2018 video of a short interview during shooting Legend of de Condor Heroes part 3 (subtitled)

5-1-2018 Barbara taking part in Hong Kong Star synchronized gymnastics (video)

15-10-2017 Kent Tong, Michael Miu and talking about Barbara (subtitled)

5-11-2017 Actor Kenneth Tsang talking about Barbara

6-9-2017 A lot of publicity in media about the efforts to find a new place for Barbara's old tombstone

14-7-2017 Finding a new place for Barbara's old tombstone

9-7-2017 A witness report of Barbara visiting Teresa Cheung's birthday party.

26-5-2017 Why became the 1983 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" a classic? A documentary in the serie "Classic legend" broadcasted on 20170510 by Jiangxi network radio and television.( 《經典傳奇》 20170510 83版《射鵰英雄傳》因何成為經典 ~ 江西網路廣播電視台)

21-5-2017 Remembrance article on HK.ON.CC news

14-5-2017 Remembrance article South China Morning Post (SCMP)

18-4-2017 Actor Liu Chun Hung talks about Barbara Yung (subtitled)

9-4-2017   Rare video of Barbara presenting the artist team

9-4-2017   Rare video of Barbara competing in Tug of War

9-4-2017   Rare video of  Barbara participating in the Royal Hong Kong Legion military training.

5-3-2017   Anthony finished the charity run to honour Barbara's mother

24-2-2017 Message from Andrew (Barbara's godson) to support his brother in a charity run in memory of Babara's mother and their grandma.

23-2-2017 Barbara's mother funeral

18-2-2017 On YouTube two good quality video are released with Barbara visiting candidates for JSG 1983 visiting candidates JSG (the 2nd and 3rd video)

17-1-2017 Barbara's mother has passed away, she was 91 years old.

12-12-2016 Engagement ring and addresses in England

28-11-2016 Documentary about Barbara in the serie "Through the classics" (to see video)

27-10-2016 CNTV broadcasted on the 27th october an documentary about Barbara Yung (to see video)

17-7-2016 rare video with Barbara as background dancer in aerobics show with Anita Miu (to see video)

3-7-2016. Meeting Barbara's family again.(to see article}

2-7-2016. Barbara's family asked me to appeal to all fans not to donate any money to organisations who say they are collecting money for Barbara's mother welfare. Barbara's mother is well cared for by her family.

11-5-2016. The journalist 梁佩仪 interviewed Barbara on 13 may 1985. It turned out to be Barbara's last interview.(to see article)

8-4-2016. On 5th januari 2016 Cultura Geography from Sohu TV broadcasted a special on Barbara. Lauren was so kind to make a full translation of this program (see video)

5-3-2016. Today the 700.000ste visitor came to this website. I never thought in 2010 when I started this site, that so many people would be interested. A lot has changed since then. At first my website consisted only of my personal stories (in English) and my personal pictures of Barbara. In 2012 my stories were translated in Chinese, which caused mayor publicity on Chinese TV and in Hong Kong magazines. The last two years I have also been publishing about Barbara’s life in Hong Kong, thanks to contribution of several dedicated people who been sending me videos, pictures, newspaper articles and translations about Barbara’s life. Due to these contributions this site has developed in the last year to a more of a total site about Barbara’s life for the English and Chinese reading people.

21-2-2016, final entertainment tonight with winning team vitality stars in 1984, thanks to Fukada I can show the whole program now (1984 vitality stars)

3-1-2016, miss Chinatown articles, I found 2 articles about Barbara's miss Chinatown contest in London in 1980. Article 1article 2


This website has been attacked by spam mails, comments are placed to advertise for certain websites. Therefore I have to check every comment before publishing. I promise I will not alter any comments. This means that a comment is not immediately shown when written. I hope this will not stop people making comments, as  comments are an important part of this website.

过去几周本网站被垃圾邮件攻击,他们在意见中做某些网站广告。我可以停止这些的唯一方法是意见在得到显示之前通 过我的检查。这亦意味着你发表的意见不会立即在本网站得到显示。我保证我不会改变任何评论,我只检查他们是否是广告垃圾邮件。我希望这不会阻止人们作出评 论,因为这些评论是组成这网站的重要部分。


8 november 2015, Actor Lau Dan talks about his collaboration with Yung Mei Ling.

During a TV-interview actor Lau Dan tells about Yung Mei Ling when they acted together in the Condor Heroes. Actor Lau Dan talks about Yung Mei Ling

14 may 2015,commemorationTV-program.

Beijing TV is made a TV-program to commemorate Barbara's 30th year of her passing away. It was broadcasted on the 13th may 2015. Eblc2006 has been so kind to spend a lot of his spare time on adding English subtitles. Thanks to him it is now understandable for the not-Chinese speaking fans. commemoration TV-program

Headlines newspaper articles 1983, 1984 and 1985 are being translated.

Chak has sended me more than 600 articles related to Barbara from the years 1982 and 1983. They were published in the newspapers The Kung Sheung Daily News, Wah Kiu Yat Po and Takungpao. Kammi, ELBC2006, Jenny, Stacey, Magdalyne and Nelson are translating the headlines of these articles for me now. The newspaper articles of 1982 are all translated. I will be publishing their translations regularly in this map. newspaper and magazin articles

Chaks Chinese blog can be found at: http://eladies.sina.com.hk/cgi-bin/weibostatus/user.cgi?uid=1747284320&page=1


New look for this website.

I had to make some mayor technical changes to keep my website up to date. This was also a nice moment to change the looks. I hope you like it.

Kent Tong talks about his relation with Barbara.

2014 november 18: Kent Tong talks about his relation with Barbara (subtitled)


Michael Miu interview

On the 26th of may this year Michael Miu gave an television interview in which he talks about Barbara. This video can be seen at Interview Michael Miu.

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