General information.

Robert 17 years

Robert 17 years old

Barbara 17 years brighton

                                                                                                                                                                     Barbara 17 years old

Batman newspaper article

Newspaper article CCAT 1974


Scene corridor CCAT.

Rusking building

CCAT corridor canteen towards faculty of Arts

CATT corridor03

CATT corridor02

CATT corridor01

CATT stairs art department

CCAT Stairway towards drawing rooms of Art department

 Sue hair

 Sue's hair (This is not Sue but a lookalike found on internet)

 Scene canteen.

Bryant building

 Canteen openings hours

Canteen outside

 CCAT canteen view from outside

Scene library.

Mumford building

Library entrance

 Library entrance

Library inside



Scene walk CCAT towards bus station

Corridor canteen

Main corridor leading to canteen and stairs towards library

Map CCAT 1979

Map CCAT in 1979

Walking route ccat drummer street

Walking route CCAT to Cambridge bus station

Bradmore street

Bradmore street

Palmers walk

 Palmers walk

Petersfield path

Path in Pietersfield park with children playing area on the left






Bustime cambridge histon

Busroute Cambridge bus station - Histon


 Scene Batman.

Batman external view

Batman ladies

Batman opening hours

Batman snack bar

Batman disco

Batman yard

Yard between Batman and the old main entrance, on the right side is the sporthall

Sporthall yard

View on sporthall from the yard, on right hand side is the Batman

webb building

 Scene Bill



Parkerspiece police station

Warthworth terrace street

Warthworth terrace

Warkworth terrace 54

Warthworth terrace 54

Bills father altered

Bills father, written by Heather

Scene Cathelyne


Cathelyne (This is not Cathelyne but a lookalike found on internet)

Christmas carols

Christmas carol singing

Parkerspiece lamppost

Parkerpiece central lamp post

Christmas holiday

Christmas Histon02

Histon december 1979

Kersland living room

Living room Roberts parents house with Christmas tree

Kersland living room games

Playing games in living room at Christmas

Kersland living football

Playing football on grass tennis court in garden Roberts parents

Kersland tennis

Playing tennis on grass tennis court in garden Roberts parents

Kersland rose garden

Roberts father rose garden

Scene Histon Fish and Chip shop


Freds Motorbike

Histon shop

Barbara outside fish and chips shop, Histon, 1981

Histon station road

Station road Histon, 2016

Histon station road nr 6

Station road nr 6, Histon 2016

Histon station road01

Station road Histon, 2016

Chinese new year


Chinese newyear dates

Roberts room

Roberts room 1977 part 1

Roberts room01

Roberts room 1977 part 2




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