I am hoping that this website will stimulate other people who actually met Barbara to publish their memories. Sue is the first one who mailed me. This is not the Sue from the story 'Chinese New Year 1977".

Date:      Tue, 4 Jan 2011 22:33:45
From:      Sue
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Subject: Your website

Hi Rob,
You may not remember me, but I remember you and lovely Barbara very well. I shared a flat with Chris who was good friends with your brother and also Steve and Di. I think you came to a couple of our parties at Milton Road.

I was extremely shocked to hear about Barbara. I can still remember the time and place very clearly - I opened a newspaper during my coffee break and saw the photo of Barbara with a headline along the lines of 'Hong Kong in mourning' and read the incredible story of her becoming a famous actress and her tragically young demise. Then some years later (after 1999) scholars at my Institute who were visiting from mainland China started asking about her, as they knew that she was buried in Cambridge. One young visitor even took some fruit and left it on her grave as an offering...

Are you still in touch with Chris? I hope that he is OK. And also your brother. I remember your brother getting incredibly drunk at one of our parties, and having to sit in the car park to sober up! Chris always spoke so warmly of your parents and how kind they were to him in Cambridge.

Concerning Barbara, I only had the pleasure of meeting her with you a few times at Steve and Di's house. I just remember her as being very sweet and pretty, and thinking what a handsome and nice couple you made. I also remember Barbara's friend Sue with the long blonde hair. I seem to remember a story that Di told me about someone having their dirty washing stolen in London, but I'm not sure if it was one of them or one of their friends!

Best wishes,






Hi Rob,

你可能不记得我了,但是我清楚地记得你和可爱的Barbara. 那时我和Chris同租一个公寓,他是你的哥哥,Steve和Di的好朋友。 我记得你曾经有几次来Milton路参加我们的聚会。



关于Barbara, 我只有幸在Steve和Di的家里见过几次。我记得她非常甜,很漂亮。你们两个是很好看很友善的一对。我还记得Barbara的朋友,留着长长的金发的Sue. 我依稀记得Di告诉我在伦敦有人被偷了脏衣服,我不记得是他们中的一个,还是他们朋友中的某人。


(thanks to Natalie for the translation)

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