1985 April: advertising sportswear Renne

1985 April 1: The battlefield (楚河汉界) ceremony

1985 April: Women magazine

1985 April 2: Opening Dongfanghong Pharmaceutical Company's Wholesale Center

1985 April 2: Appeared as lovers with Kent in TVB drama

1985 advertisement for recruiting contestants HK pageants contest (subtitled)

1985 April: rehearsing for the TVB gala special

1985 April 6, anniverary show TVB

1985 April 7: visiting concert Hugo in Singapore

1985 April 8- 14: Singapore concert, background information

1985 April 8: miniconcert held in Singapore

1985 April 10: Yung Mei Ling supports Singapore "Kent Tong" (translated into English)

Barbara's last letter 11th april 1985

1985 April: interview 'Weng Meiling has a lot on her mind (翁美玲心事重重)'

1985 information about the serie The Battlefield (楚河汉界)

1985 April12: Live tonight (english)

1985 April13: TV News Weekly

1985 April: General Weekly

1985 April 19, presentation TV-serie The Rough Ride at Shooting club at Kau Wah Keng:

1985 April 20:Yung Mei Ling showed interest in gun shooting

1985 April 20: Masculine man amoung Yung Mei Ling's fans

1985 information about the serie The Rough Ride (挑戰)

1985 April: The Rough Ride (挑戰) screenshots

1985 The Rough Ride (挑戰) video fragments

1985 April 29: Kings of Ideas also named The Feud That Was (橋王之王) costume presentation

1985 April 30: Starring as lovers in drama

1985 April 30: Yung Mei Ling and Chan Sau Man have full confidence in winning