1984 April 2: Michael Miu said he had three love stories

1984 April 3: Vitality stars winning championship

1984 Photoshoot on rooftop of the Tsim Sha Tsui Ocean Building

1984 April 5: An exposed revealing photo brought fame to Yung Mei Ling (translated)

1984 April 7: TV News Weekly

1984 April 8: fans visiting studio during shooting United we stand.

1984 april 9: Yung Mei Ling invites fans to visit her on set when acting

1984 April: United we stand (生銹橋王) costume presentation

1984 April: interview 'Weng Meiling's participation in the "poisonous attack"! (翁美玲參遭「毒手」!)

1984 April 22: It was hard for Yung Mei Ling to act in the fashion show

1984 April 22: Yung Mei Ling is very considerate in meeting fans

1984 April 26: Yung Mei Ling talked about marriage

1984 Barbara and Kent in audience of TVB singer talent contest




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