1984 March: Photoshoot by photographer Yang Hanchang (杨汉长)

1984 March: Women

1984 March: Housewife and family

1984 March: Era

1984 March: Female

1984: Artist Forum: What language should be used in teaching mother tongue?

1984 March 2: To improve physical and psychological health...

1984 March 2: Kung Sheung Daily News (translated)

1984 March: The fearless duo costume presentation

1984 March: The fearless duo screenshots

1984 information about the serie The Fearless Duo! 天師執位

1984 school visit

1984 March 3: Kent Tong and Cherie Chung performed in an x-rated movie together.

1984 March 3: Yung Mei Ling expresses dissatisfaction about Kent Tong

1984 March 6: Gold TV Weekly

1984 March 7 -12: Concerts in Singapore

1984 March 8: The warmth of my TV fans had melted me (电视迷热情溶化了我(阿翁亲笔文章)

1984 Singapore TV Barbara singing "Do not pick roadside wildflowers" (subtitled)

1984 March 10: TV News Weekly

1984 March: interview 'The money has gotten fatter, the waistline has gotten slimmer (錢包胖了,腰圍瘦了)'

1984 March: Magazine Interview by Xu Li

1984 March 12: Interview Opening cermony

1984 March: Sexy pictures

1984 March 14: The General Weekly

1984 March 15: Yung Mei Ling forgave Kent Tong for his performance in the x-rated movie.

1984 March 15: Yung Mei Ling took sexy photos

1984 March 17: The girl-next-door who's made it big (english)

1984 March 17: Yung Mei Ling exposes in photo shoot (translated)

1984 March 19: Hong Kong airport

1984 March: interview "Kent makes me angry"

1984 March 20: Yung Mei Ling denies that taking sexy picture is a reprisal towards Kent Tong

1984 March: interview 'Weng Meiling lives for a purpose (翁美玲要為一個目標而活)'

1984 March 21: HK's rising stars (english)

1984 March 25: Yung Mei Ling is randomly selected as juror when she is abroad for performance.

1984 March 25: Yung Mei Ling was arrested as a juror during the time she went out on stage








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