1984 August: Activity campaign at swimming pool

1984 August: The young generation

1984 August: Visiting Alan Tam concert.

1984 August 4 - 14: Singapore and Malaysia trip

1984 August 7: Gold TV Weekly

1984 August 14: Yung Mei Ling gave a performance on a beer drinking match

1984 August 14: Yung Mei Ling will take part in TVB mid autumn festival

Barbara's letter August 1984

1984 August 21: Press converence

1984 August 22: Yung Mei Ling travelled to Malaysia and was invited to dance together by a man

1984 August 22: Yung Mei Ling wishes to start a boutique after retirement

1984 August 28: Video Star event in swimming pool (众港星水中竞赛嬉戏)

1984 TV interview in Barbara's apartment with Kent (subtitled)

1984 short interview Barbara and Kent (subtitled)

1984 clip Barbara and Kent playing a discussion about ring





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