1983 October: Fresh Weekly

1983 October The foundation costume presentation

1983 October: interview The Sandwich man "Good fortune".

1983 October 11: All roles are acted by young performers in a historical play

1983 October 11: Yung Mei Ling is happy not to perform naughty girl again

1983 October 18: Hong Kong TV News

1983 October 18: Tony TV

1983 October 22: filming at Jiancheng film set at Clearwater Bay studio

1983 October 23: Concert at Sunbeam Theatre.

1983 October 23: Hai Tin Tsz,Yung Mei Ling and Miu Kiu Wai perform collaboratively in teleplay “The Foundation”

1983 October 23: recording Taiqing propaganda film

1983 promotional video clip of the 16th Anniversary Celebration of TVB

1983 October 23: Competing in Show of Opera and Dance Drama

1983 October 23: Yung Mei Ling owns a great Star destiny

1983 October 26 : Unknown magazine

1983 October 27: Magazine Ming Pao

1983 October 28: Jade Weekly

1983 October: A night of joy, dancing the theme song of The legend




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