1982 October: K-100 Pictorial Magazine

1982 October 4: Woman Today Host attends first year anniversary party in matching outfit

1982 October 4: Woman Today provides aid to the public and is searching for male host.

1982 October 4: Yung mei Ling to host talk show after finishing acting.......

1982 October 19: Magazine article, uncle not happy.

Barbara's letter 19 oktober 1982 to her mother

Barbara's letter 19 oktober 1982 to her uncle1982 

1982 October 21: lots of socializing and work exhausted Yung Mei Ling

1982 October 21: Yung Mei Ling seriously ill from influenza

1982 October 29: Kent says Yung Mei Ling is very beautiful

1982 October 29: Lee Lam Lam volunteers to shave head for nun role

1982 October 29: presentation of The Legend of the Unknowns (十三妹)

1982 October 31: The search for Wong Yung screening into the third round 

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