1982 November: Barbara and actor Philip Chan (陈欣健)

1982 November: Barbara meeting actor Benny Li Shun-Yan(李純恩)

1982 November 2: Filming of The Unknown Started Yesterday

1982 November 3: Cherrie Chung rejects Wong Yung role

1982 November 3: Screenwriter Gan Kwok Leung insist using new face for the Wong Yung role.

1982 November 7: Director Wong Tin Lam returns from Korea trip and the filming of The Return of the Condor Heroes as planned

1982 November 8: Felix Wong and Tony Leung are going to Taiwan for the filming of The Return of the Condor Heroes outdoor scenes

1982 November: Audition footage of the campaign for the ideal Huang Rong (1982年《射雕英雄传》理想黄蓉竞选试镜花絮)

1982 November 12: From the 4 beauties, Yung Mei Ling has highest chance for Wong Yung role.

1982 November 12: press conference due to selection main part Legend of the condor

1982 The search for Huang Rong (寻找黄蓉)

1982 November 13, Yung Mei Ling is the most ideal actress to perform the rol "Wong Yung"

1982 November 13: Director Wong Tin Lam and Cheng Wai Hung announce that Yung Mei Ling will play Wong Yung.

1982 November 13: Director Wong Tin Lam has chosen Yung Mei Ling because of her petite body figure

1982 November 13: Yung Mei Ling is concerned that she cannot meet the audiences have high expectations in acting Wong Yung

1982 November 13: Yung Mei Ling is very busy in playing Wong Yung

1982 November 13: Yung Mei Ling thinks she got god's blessing...

1982 November 16: Tony TV

1982 November 17: First pictures with Kent

1982 November 18: Kent had haircut, he denied that this was for his beloved

1982 November 18: Watching Yung Mei Ling voted as Wong Yung

Barbara's letter 19 november 1982

1982 November 19: Yung Mei Ling is selected Wong Yung

1982 November 19: Photo shoot at home (godmothers house)

1982 November 19: attending the 15th Anniversary TVB Reception at the Shangri-La Hotel

1982 November 19: Surf Weekly

1982 November 20: TV News Weekly

1982 November 20: 15th Anniversary of the Taiwan Radio and TV Arts Party Gala

1982 November 21: Yung Mei Ling confirms to perform rol "Wong Yung"

1982 november 24: Kent falls in love again with ex-girlfriend Gung Doy Yum

1982 November 24: Some says that Ken Tong has fallen in love...

1982 November 27: Interview by reporter Zhuzhu

1982 November 27: Barbara's mother in Hong Kong

1982 november 28: Yung Mei Ling admitted feelings towards Ken Tong



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