1982 May: Photo shoot for entrance peageant contest

1982 May: snap shots during preparation peageant contest

1982 May: Photo shoot first round Hong Kong pageant contest

1982 May 22: No. 6 Yung Mei Ling amongs thirty beautiful girls

1982 May 22: Miss HK Pageant 1982 Contestants

1982 May: Photo shoot contestants semi final miss Hong Kong pageant

1982 May 22: Miss Hong Kong Pageant Semifinal

1982 May 22 and 29: Clothing sponsors Miss Hong Kong finals 1982

1982 May 23: No. 6 Yung Mei Ling amongs fifteen finalists

1982 May 23: Miss HK Pageant 1982 Final 15 Contestants

1982 May: Photo shoot finalists miss Hong Kong pageants

1982 May: "Hong Kong TV" TVB magazine

1982 May 29: Miss Hong Kong Pageant Final

1982 June 5: Yung Mei Ling expressed her wish to join TVB

1982 June: Audition TV-screening TVB

1982 June 7: Yung Mei Ling reckons her voice isn't good enough

1982 June 7: Yung Mei Ling is given an audition to be a talk show hostess

1982 June 7: Yung Mei Ling and Miss Ng attended the second audition yesterday

1982 June 7: TVB is looking for new actresses

1982 June: Press gathering for start TVB afternoon talk show "Woman Life"

1982 June 28 till 31 December: Talkshow host "Woman Life” (婦女新姿)

1982 June 28: Barbara's first appearance as TVB hostess of the talkshow Woman Life (English subtitles)

1982 July 12: Attending press conference of TVB emerald TV program "ice on Saturday"

Barbara's letter 17 juli 1982

1982 July 21: hair shampoo advertisement

Barbara's letter 28 july 1982





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