1982 December 1: Photoshoot actors Legend of the condor heroes

1982 December 2: Felix Wong and Yung Mei Ling are a perfect match

1982 december 2: Legend of the condor heroes actor.......

1982 December 4: Ken Tong worries about gossip....

1982 December 6: Casts from Return of Condor Heroes and The Unknown participate in Community Chest 公益金 Walkathon

1982 December 6: community chest walk

1982 December 6: Former Kwok Jing, Pak Piu has no comment on current Kwok Jing and Wong Yung.

1982 December 6: Yung Mei Ling convinces Pan Pan Yeung to see doctor after a bone injury

Barbara's letter 7 december 1982

1982 December 8: Hong Kong TV News

1982 December: Weng Meiling: Needless to ask the past!

1982 December 10: Kent is afraid people will think he is a fickle.

1982 December 11: The General Weekly

1982 December 12: Yung Mei Ling's mother is coming to Hong Kong....

1982 December 14: Kent shaves his head bald for new film..

1982 December 14: Return of the Condor Heroes casts meets

1982 December 19: Do Do Cheng takes over Woman Today Show

1982 December 19: Yung Mei Ling stops hosting Woman Today

Barbara's letter december 1982

1982 December 21: Yung Mei Ling is stressed about her casting as Wong Yung.

1982 December 23: Kent and Yung Mei Ling are seen together day and night.

1982 December 24: Xmas party at Hilltop country club

1982 December 24: Article written by Barbara for Jade weekly

1982 December 25: Barbara pursuing Kent

1982 December: Photo shoot Christmas, magazine unknown


1982 miscellaneous pictures




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