1982 August: Press gathering for start TVB afternoon talk show "Woman today"

1982 August till December: Talkshow host "Woman Today” (婦女新姿)

1982 August: Barbara's first appearance as TVB hostess of the talkshow Woman Today (English subtitles)

Barbara's letter early august 1982

1982 August: Short interview

1982 August 5: TVB plans to film the Return of the Condor Heroes again

1982 August 11: audition costume drama

1982 August 12: Yung Mei Ling competes with Miss HK Pageant finalist Leung

Barbara's letter 12 august 1982

1982 August 13: Michelle Yim casted Wong Yung so well the first time

1982 August 19: Michelle Yim was too successful as Wong Yung

1982 August 27: The Search for Wong Yung

1982 August 27: TVB announces request for referrals for Wong Yung screening part 2

Barbara's letter 31 august 1982


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