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It seemed that Yung Meiling had about 5 hair combs. The one on the ground in Union Road Park has a red head with blue edges, in another picture she has one with white edges at her feet, there is also an all blue oval, an all red one, and a small blue leather bag with a small pink comb hanging from it on the occasion with Maggie Cheung.

source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4656769228080641

阿翁的梳子,淑女的必备品。大概有5把。第一张联合道公园地上的的应该是红头蓝边的,第四张性感照脚边是红头白边的,还有全蓝色椭圆形,全红色的,与张曼玉合影那次蓝色小皮包挂着粉红色小梳子 李清照

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