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1983 05 mask01

Two items where used by the photo shoot with black leather-clothes in May 1983: the mask and the glowing ball. These photos of Weng Meiling were first seen in TVB's official magazine "Hong Kong TV" and the items are from TVB. The effect with pale yellow glowing ball was used by many stars of TVB. It was used as a crystal ball in the music video for the 1990's "Oo Paw Paw Paw" by Dee Bo Na and Chan Pak Keung, Kwan Ching Kit and Chan Chung Ling. The white mask is probably based on a Buddha statue. In a scene of "The Sandwich Man" the mask can be seen hanging on the wall.

source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4651699773901932

神秘黑色皮衣阿翁的两件拍摄道具: 面具和发光球。。。阿翁照片最早见于TVB官方杂志《香港电视》,道具都是TVB的。。。淡黄色发光球在TVB看到很多人用过,不过不确定是否同一件。狄宝娜和陈百强,关正杰,1990年陈松伶“乌卒卒“MV里面作为水晶球了。。小时候我特别喜欢这个白色面具。黑色皮衣白色面具,阿翁慵懒的表情,加上似笑非笑的面容和面具有些相似,一切都是那么神秘。。。面具的原型应该是佛像。。《夹心人》可以看到这个面具挂着墙上。。照片约拍摄于83.5月初

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