The presentation took place in the Shangri-La Hotel  in Cowloon. For more information about this hotel see : website hotel

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A newspaper article says the following.

February 26, 1983 "Overseas Chinese Daily"

"The recording of the Legend of the Condor Heroes is out of budget"

The first part "The Iron-Blooded Loyalists "  of  the major  83 TV-drama series " Legend of the Condor Heroes” will be released next week. Yesterday there was a presentation in the Shangri-La Hotel  in Cowloon  with the actors. All the actors attended,  it  was a very lively meeting. The cast, such as Huang Rihua, Weng Meiling, Miao Qiaowei, Yang Panpan, Huang Zhaoshi, Huang Yuncai, Huang Wenhui and Kuang Zuofu also watched their own performances with interest.

Wang Tianlin, de producer of the play said that the second part of the “Legend of the Condor Heroes “  has now completed about ten episodes and the further progress goes smoothly, with the exception that  the production costs exceeds the budget.  At present, the cost per episode is about 140,000 HK dollars, which is about 30% more than the original estimate. Fortunately the  TV directors  are still very much interested in the  series and are satisfied with the production.

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