On May 12th, 1984, at the press conference of “The Rusty Bridge King”, someone asked Li Xiangqin how she loved Weng Meiling. Why didn’t she just recognize her as a daughter? Li Xiangqin laughed and said: “Unknown people refused to recognize me as a dry mother. "Weng Meiling immediately stopped to plunge tea and cry" dry mother ", acknowledging the piano sister as the mother. Aweng said: "When I was on my birthday this year, Qin Qin also had Pai Li and now she has taken another profit." Li Xiangqin said: "He married you every day, and you will give him a pair of bracelets.
After the photograph of “The Rusty Bridge King” was finished, after the press conference, the group ganged into Xisha Bay, swimming, grilling, and playing mahjong. What activities were not let off, in short, one afternoon and evening. Originally, Li Xiangqin promised Weng Meiling to wear shorts, but temporarily saw that she was just a T-shirt, a pair of trousers, and Weng Meiling wearing a full set of vests and shorts was worthless.

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