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Yung Mei Ling  made her first TV commercial in 1982: Kao Hair Conditioner.  This is Yung Mei Ling's dialogue in the advertisement:

"Shirt hair, electric hair and even sun exposure will cause the hair to split and break. After shampooing, use "Kao Conditioner" on the hair and massage it gently on each strand. Add an extra layer of protective film to the hair, moisturize and protect the hair, prevent split ends from breaking, and the hair will naturally be beautiful!" [心] "Kao Conditioner, protects my hair and protects yours."

這是阿翁在廣吿中的對白:“ 恤髮、電髮、甚至太陽曬,都會令頭髮開叉折斷。洗頭後,用“花王護髮素”,在頭髮上輕輕按摩,每條頭髮都加多一層保護膜,滋潤及保護頭髮,防止開叉折斷,頭髮自然就靚啦!”“ 花王護髮素,保護我嘅頭髮,又保護你嘅頭髮。” 

sources: https://weibo.com/1747284320/4047913262995245 , https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4901915933017400


A group of people called Hong Kong Folk Memory Database VCR Base (香港民間經典回憶資料庫 錄影帶) found the first advertisement video of Yung Mei Ling and published it on Facebook.

 20230516 194139

ref: https://fb.watch/kz2UI_wj1C/?mibextid=Nif5oz 


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