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At the end of 1985.March, Weng Meiling received an interview with "Silver World" in Tsim Sha Tsui and took a photo studio with short hair

It is speculated that Weng Meiling took a short hair photo studio in Liang Haiping’s studio at the end of March 1985. (Photographer Liang Haiping’s studio is in Room 309-310 of Hershey Center in Tsim Sha Tsui. Baidu clicked These shops are still there), and then went to the Sheraton Hotel not far away for coffee with the reporter. In early April, Weng Meiling attended Jackie Chan's birthday party at the Han Palace restaurant. . After taking the stage in Singapore, Weng Meiling returned to Hong Kong to attend the Chen Ziqiang dinner. . . Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel is located next to the bustling Victoria Harbour, at the end of Nathan Road. The hotel is located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong’s business, shopping and cultural district). It is just one step away from the Hong Kong Railway Station.

Reporter: Wang Anni

Early in the morning, hearing the news of Weng Meiling's death, I felt very sad.

Weng Meiling is beautiful and wise, especially with big eyes, full of liveliness and vitality. I can't imagine that a person with such a cheerful appearance will be on the road to ruin.

Not long ago, "Silver World" invited her to visit. In the coffee shop of the Kowloon Sheraton Hotel, Kent came along. She wore a white skirt and white shirt, she was smiling, and Kent  stayed in step. Sitting next to her, after the two sat down, they each ordered drinks. Halfway through the interview, Weng Meiling wanted to eat chestnut cake, but the waiter said that she couldn't. Weng Meiling wanted to call for something else, and Kent  said impatiently, "You are not talking, but screaming" Weng Meiling felt that Kent  was a little compelled in front of everyone, and she only drank tea.

On the surface, Kent  is a bit masculine, he doesn't serve and accommodate her. Maybe it's related to the living environment of the two. Weng Meiling was educated in the UK and hoped that the boy would have a gentlemanly demeanor, accommodate her, and spoil her. Kent  grew up in Hong Kong and believed that superficial skills were not important, as long as the heart was good to her.

The staff who listened to the filming crew said that Kent  was really nervous Weng Meiling, he would call to report to her wherever he went, and as long as time permits, he would definitely pick her up and call for work. Once, they discussed the script at the Peninsula Hotel, and they were too late to inform Weng Meiling. Later, they called Kent and the staff answered the phone. An angry voice from Weng Meiling said: "Where have you been." Then he hung up.

The two of them have been in love for three years, and quarrels about trivial things like this often happen. Like any young but stubborn lover, they are deeply affected by each other and tortured each other. Both of them are victorious and refuse to bow their heads. , So noisy and noisy, and sometimes good and bad together.

I remember having a very happy conversation with Weng Meiling that day. She said that she had to be an outstanding person to do what she wanted to do. She must not be "failing to others." Maybe it was an only child, and her temper was natural. However, Weng Meiling is very good to her friends, but to her boyfriends. ? It may be a bit demanding.

While chatting, Weng Meiling stretched out her hands to show us. She smiled and said: "I have today, and I earn it entirely from my own hands. There is no trick, no luck will come. Everything I get is After hard work. At the beginning, I played Huang Rong as a land. I never learned kung fu, recruiting for those martial arts, how hard it was for discord. I have overcome all this, because I cannot lose."

She raised her head slightly, and formed the two irregular rabbit teeth, with confidence on her face, and a look in her big eyes. I lowered my head and took a closer look at her outstretched hands. The fingers are thick, the joints are big, there are no nails, and the skin on the hands is a bit rough, not like a female star or a female artist. Hands.

"My mom opens a restaurant in London. After school, I will go to the restaurant to help and do everything. Next time you come to my house to play cards, I will cook curry rice for you." Maybe I saw me looking at her hand, smart Meiling's changed the subject immediately.

Because I was busy, I never went to her house to play cards. I hadn't eaten the curry porridge yet, but Weng Meiling was already gone.

One week after that visit, Jackie Chan celebrated his birthday. We went to the Han Palace restaurant for dinner. There were Lin Fengjiao, Li Ying, Jialun, Shao Yinyin, etc. Kent and Weng Meiling came late, and they didn’t even have makeup for filming. Weng Meiling, who had had time to take it off, looked extraordinarily charming and might be tired. She had been leaning against Kent all the time, looking like a little bird, her "stubbornness" was gone. On that day, they didn't quarrel. When Chen Ziqiang persuaded them to drink, Weng Meiling was smiling. It wasn't until Kent drank too much that she gestured with her eyes. Strangely, Kent immediately understood what she meant and stopped drinking. When everyone was guessing boxing and making drinks, she walked over to me and said, "Why don't you come to my house to play? Karen and his wife often come to my house to play cards."

"It's been busy these days, I will call you when I'm free and listen to Karen saying that you often win."

"My card skills are not very good. I like to be a big brand, and also a vigorous Hu big card. However, with good luck, they are afraid of me."

She smiled and said, who knew that this sentence became the last sentence we ever said.

From the perspective of Weng Meiling's personality, she is positive. It is said that a person with such a personality should never seek death!

Or is it because people who are engaged in performing arts work are too emotional and they perform various roles on the screen. The more they engage in the role, the more pressure and emptiness they will feel. ? His life is the real life, so most artists are superstitious of Feng Shui and ask God to ask questions. Weng Meiling also went to fortune-telling. The fortune teller said that she had no relationship with Tang Zhenye. For Weng Meiling, who loves Tang Zhenye, it is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue. In the past, the two had quarreled, and she had room for return. After the fortune-telling, when the two people quarreled, Weng Meiling felt that everyone really had nothing to do with each other. When the fortune-telling got it, they would never make up for each other, and the rift between each other became deeper.

In the middle of the month, Weng Meiling went to the Stars and Horses to take the stage, and she was always troubled by emotions. When she was most anxious, she went to find someone for fortune-telling with her friends. The result: She and Tang are destined to be separated. Weng Meiling was in a bad mood after telling her fortune,? ? ? , I think God is too tricky.

After returning to Hong Kong, Weng Meiling was full of thoughts, and one day both went to Chen Ziqiang's dinner with Tang Zhenye. Zou Shilong was also present, and Chen Ziqiang introduced everyone to each other. From that day on, Zou Shilong often dated Weng Meiling alone to start his pursuit of Weng.

These news gradually reached Tang Zhenye’s ears. Of course, he was very dissatisfied. In order to persuade Weng Meiling, he told the teacher who taught them how to sing and told her to tell Weng Meiling that some men chasing female artists were just vanity. , I want to take the opportunity to show off and use the other's reputation to show off and increase her popularity. Weng Meiling must recognize the other party and don't be fooled.

If Kent is willing to compromise and explain to Weng Meiling in person, the situation will be different if the two sides obtain an understanding. However, Kent is also a stubborn person, thinking that a man's face is more important than anything else, so the two became more and more furious, and Kent moved out of Weng's house angrily. Although Weng Meiling smiled strongly, her weight plummeted.

Since Weng Meiling is reluctant to confide in others, why she committed suicide is always a "mystery". However, judging from many clues, she still loves Kent deeply. Otherwise, how could she commit suicide on the third day after the swimming photos of Kent and Wu Junru were posted?

Maybe Weng Meiling wanted to use other boys to stimulate each other and make the other boy change his style because he was jealous. After the breakup, Kent arranged her life very well. When she had time, she would wait for Wu Junru to go swimming. In Weng Meiling's eyes, there is really new sadness and old hatred. So, under a moment of emotional excitement, seeking relief.

According to people on the TV station, Wu Junru and Kent are really ordinary friends, not the third party in the rumor. Wu Junru is the kind of girl who has a big problem, and it is unlikely that they will have feelings with a boy like Tang Zhenye. It was just a coincidence to go swimming.

As for the 22-year-old Zou Shilong, he was an employee of an advertising company. He went to study at USC in Romania. Regardless of his young age, his experience in love is very sophisticated. It is said that he has many girlfriends in the United States. There is also a fiancee in San Francisco. After returning to Hong Kong, first chased Anita Mui and then Weng Meiling.

Before Weng Meiling died, he called Kent and Zou Shilong respectively. Kent happened to be absent. Zou Shilong arrived late at night. The watchman would not let him go up. By the early morning of the next day, Zou Shilong went again. It was already a step too late.

Kent met Zou Shilong after Weng Meiling's death. He approached and asked Zou: "She sacrificed our relationship for three years for you. Have you ever loved her?" Zou did not answer.

In order to maintain Weng Meiling’s image in the hearts of movie fans, Kent has never announced the truth, because he feels guilty. He feels that he did not take good care of Weng Meiling. He thinks that Weng Meiling’s death is his responsibility. If he receives the last call, the situation will not be. The same. To this end, Kent is willing to bear the blame.

The advent of what love is? Directly teach life and promise. Weng Meiling yearned for love all her life, and finally died for love. Regardless of how others think about this matter, Weng Meiling has already gone, the love in the world,? ? ? ? , Has been turned into ashes, but the dead are dead, so how can the living be? Seeing the distressed Weng mother and the anguished Tang Zhenye, Weng Meiling must have been unbearable if she knew it.

When I returned home, I turned on the TV, and the TV series "Challenge" starring Weng Meiling was being shown. In the film, Weng Meiling plays a stubborn girl who can't bear her boyfriend to make friends of the opposite sex. Her smiles, gestures and gestures are active on the screen, especially the drunk scene, and she is very good at acting. She only sees her love and hate. , With tears in laughter, people can't tell whether they are acting? Or is it a real life?

Since then, Weng Meiling has disappeared in this world, leaving only her shadow on the screen for mourning.​​​​


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