Weng Meiling analyzes the details reflected in Aon’s book (6)
In a letter sent in September 1882, "The work in recent days is quite busy. I have to go to the church at 1 to 5 and 7:30 in the evening! One thing worth mentioning is that there will be a performance at the end of next month. "Thirteen sisters and three dozens of Nengren Temple", I played a singular jade gegel county owner and Huang Xingxiu (decorating thirteen sisters) in the play, and I was very happy inside. At least the company gave me a chance to hear that if I played Ok, I have the opportunity to do "shooting", so this is an opportunity for me; I hope I can do it." In September, Xiao Yu took a fancy to her and arranged for her to start shooting in October. In the role of the Qing Dynasty small county master double grid. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the photo of the 13th Girl, which was filmed on October 28, 1982. In order to increase her acting experience, Wireless arranged for her to perform an emergency training at the artist training class at 7:00 every Monday to Friday from September to Friday. Figure 3 is a film taken on September 20, 1982.

翁美玲 分析阿翁的家书中反映的细节(六)
1882年9月寄出的信中提到:“近日工作比较忙,晚上一至五、七时半还要去上堂呢!现有一事值得为之一提就是下月尾便有一剧演出,名为『十三妹三打能仁寺』,我在剧中演一位刁蛮玉格格郡主和黄杏秀(饰十三妹)对戏,内心非常之开心,起码公司给予我一个机会,闻说如演得好,可有机会做『射鵰』,故这次对我来说可算是机会;但愿我能胜任。”9月份, 萧笙看中了她,安排她在10月开拍的《十三妹》中饰演清宫小郡主双格格的角色。图一、图二为1982年10月28日拍摄的《十三妹》造型照。为增加她的演戏经验,无线在9月份安排她周一至周五每晚7时点到艺员训练班进行表演急训。图三为1982年9月20日拍摄。

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