Beautiful series of studios photos shot by famous photographer Liang Haiping mid-July 1983.

This series of photos was taken in mid-July 1983. It was shot by the famous Hong Kong photographer Mr. Liang Haiping. It is the most beautiful photo of Aon in my eyes. Only under the lens of Mr. Liang, Aon has such a charming beauty. Make-up, styling, costumes, and even the glare of photography represent the development and fashion that Hong Kong is far ahead of. When I was young, this photo was printed on the sticker, on the song, on the cream bag, on the biscuit box, on the cover of the novel, and in my mind.

The first shape, silver inlaid red beads and large earrings, simple gold necklace, exquisite big wavy hair, white sleeves with open shoulders.

The second shape, triangular earrings, very special, Aon only wears a single earring in the right ear, Aon's left hand pink finger wears a gold ring, wrist wears a black watch and a gold bracelet, wearing a shoulderless gray plaid shirt.

The third shape, replaced with a red striped top with the same shorts. Photographed from the left side, you can see that the hair on the left side of the hair is not very good when the hair is curled. The photo is looking for the angle. Later, Aon combed straight hair, this problem was solved, or straight hair is more suitable for Aon.

The fourth shape, the shawl is smothered into a side squat. Aon, who is in the red dress, has only one photo.

The fifth shape, the rubber band in the middle of the scorpion is removed, replaced with a white shoulder sweater, a brick yellow vest, and a yellow straw hat. The face of Aonmei is so unrelenting that he can't help but can't help himself.

The last model is actually not the sixth shape, but Aon has another fashion sun sunglasses.

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