Weng Meiling loves hair as roots

Nicknamed troubled silk bought insurance
   Hair is the lifeblood of Weng Meiling.
    To transform her and let her completely "breakthrough", she started with her hair and moved her hair. She screams:
    "Oh, looking for corn hair is not good, it’s a life."
    I told her: "If you don't try, how do you know?"
    She thought about it and thought about it. "Well, it’s fine to try it."
    She has not surrendered. The master made hair for her, and she yelled: "Be careful to burn my hair, I hurt my hair most. I bought insurance for it."
    Really big, hair buy insurance?
    I stinked her and said, "If you compare A KENT (the name of the soup) with your hair, the hair is your life."
    She spoiled and said, "Who said it?"
    Isn't it? Valentine's day. Weng Meiling staged a scene in "Happy Jolly" to make a mistake. I say:
    "Really, KENT is weak. A KENT has been dragging you for so long, and you can't recognize that it is him."
She protested: "I have the heart to admit the wrong person."
"It's still hard," I said.
She whispered her mouth with a small mouth: "I was arguing with him that day. I was so angry that I was angry with him."
    "What is the conspiracy?"
    "Yeah. I am mad at him." The little devil laughed.
The two of them are against each other. I don’t know who made the horoscope when they hit it.
    On this day, they were vindictive. A KENT had just finished the morning shift. It was already more than 12 o'clock. At four o'clock, he had to go back to Jiancheng to shoot "Five Tigers." However, Weng Meiling summoned him. He did not know whether he was lack of sleep or his mood was not "squeaky".
Weng Meiling couldn't stand his temper, cocked his face, and the two cold wars.
    Later, A KENT said a few words in her ear and left.
    "What happened to him? Send a young temper." I told her.
    "He is such a big manism. He always has to prevail in front of others and not give in to me." She said with no anger.
    "He went to the wrap?" I asked.
    "He said to go to my new home," she said quietly.
    If the anger is broken, the Iraqi people will go shopping to please the Iraqis. It is really a joy to be a family.
    "Have your new home been renovated?" A while ago, Weng Meiling was asked to be the owner.
    "It’s seven or eighty-eight, but it’s messy and it’s not going to happen,” she said.
"How big is the new home?"
"Eight hundred miles, one room and one hall."
"One room, one hall? You live alone?" I was full of question marks.
"Yes," she said of course.
"I don't pick up my mother to live with me, so I have someone to take care of it," I said.
"Mum has a house in the UK, and there is also a restaurant business to do, so she did not pick her up to live here."
"Does your mother manage business alone?" Weng's mother is a strong woman.
"Yeah, I don't have brothers and sisters, my mother only has one girl," she said quietly.
"I want such a big place. I also want to have a place to live when my mother came to Hong Kong. She only came once a few days ago, but now I am going back to the UK."
"Have your mother seen A KENT?"
"I have seen it, we went to the law firm to go through the formalities."
"What is her impression of KENT?"
"She doesn't care about finding her." She shrugged her head and said.
I wonder, what if the mother of Weng saw the performance of A KENT in "Speech"?
Needless to say, Weng Mama, Miss Weng has already had a cold war with A KENT for this purpose. I asked her, "I have seen "The Snapshot"?"
"I have already seen it at the midnight show," she said.
"What do you think?"
She didn't talk, but she saw her little round face like a gas bag. It is known that Miss Weng doesn't like it.
If I mention A KENT again, I am afraid that she will be mad at her life.
When the topic turned around and talked about her little world, I said:
"Everyone says that you are a little rich woman."
"I am not developed, I have to pay more than 4,000 yuan a month." Good protest.
"The monthly supply is more than 4,000 yuan? The income and expenditure are not balanced," I said.
"So, I went to Singapore on the 8th to go to the stage, and I was really scared by the silver." She said playfully, the voice was hoarse.
"How do you go to the stage with this bean paste?" I am honest.
"I had a cold stomach a few days ago, and I can't look at it in both Chinese and Western medicine," she said bitterly.
"How many days have you been going?"
"Going to ten days, singing for seven days, two games a day," she said.
"Can you have this disease for ten days?"
"Unless I am dead, I can't push it now." She said it was heavy.
It’s funny, everyone said in the first sentence of the girl’s first sentence: "You die."
Otherwise, she said to her: "Avon" (everyone loves to call her), you are so badly dead!"
Without him, she is all in the performance of "Decisive Battle Xuanwu Men".

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translation by Zhuoye


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「他去那裹? 」我追問。
「一房一廳?你獨居? 」我滿面問號。
「她對阿KENT的印象如何? 」
「你這副病相可以捱足十天? 」