Barbara's mother was cremated on the 23th of februari 2017 at Cambridge. It was a very windy day. But during the cermony the sun appeared. As Barbara's mother was a Buddhist the cermony was held in the traditions of Bhuddism. It was a small service and godson Andrew held a speech. A Buddhist priest and 17 followers attended the meeting, other participants were family and close friends. In total between 40 and 50 people attended the closed cermony. The hall in which the cermony was held was full.

Barbara's mother ashes will be placed next to the ashes of Barbara, in the same grave.



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由于度娘禁止在贴吧募资,大家请自行上网以安德鲁提供的方式捐赠。翁妈妈的中文名字是张明如(因广东话发音问题一直被误以为是张明仪),英文名字是Cheung Ming Yee.


翁吧吧务团队 2017.1.30

Dear all,

Gran passed away peacefully in her sleep on 17th Jan 2017 in her home. At the age of 91, she had a rich and fulfilling life, taking on everything with energy and vigor. Her smile, love, and cuddles will be dearly missed.
Her funeral will be held Cambridge City Crematorium on 23rd Feb 2017. Due to limited seating, we have decided to have the service as a private event. For those who wished to fly over to attend, you have our sincerest thanks but I hope you understand. Instead, it would have made gran very happy if you could consider spending more time with your friends and family, especially elderly members who may not be so mobile, or perhaps some voluntary work to help those in need during the Chinese New Year. Life is precious and we must make the most of it.
Many have asked how you can donate to charity so here's a link below. Gran always helped those in some of the poorest countries in the world so we decided that GiveWell can fulfil her wishes. GiveWell is a non-profit organisation that examines the effectiveness of multiple charities. Every year they publish a list of top charities doing the most effective work in alleviating suffering and saving lives. You can donate directly to them and they will then distribute it amongst their top chosen charities or pick and choose yourself (they do not take a commision from your donations). Their top charities include Against Malaria Foundation, who distribute cost effective bed nets to prevent the spread of malaria; and other initiatives aimed at controlling debilitating parasitic diseases. Please go to their website to read more about their research and finding.
Here's how to donate:
1) Go to
2) Enter the amount(s) you'd like to donate
3) Under “A few more questions”, tick “Would you like to dedicate this donation to someone?”. Please enter:
4) Dedication name: Cheung Ming Yee
5) Dedication email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6) Under “Where did you hear about GiveWell?”, enter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
7) Press the Donate button
Residents of the UK can use the link below to allow Gift Aid to be claimed (25p extra for every £1 donated). Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to leave me a comment or wish to inform me of how much you’ve donated so I can keep a record.

More information about GiveWell can be found here:

For those who wishes to send floral tributes, please use this website:
Tel: +441223350761

You can select the flowers you wish to send and pay online with PayPal or a credit card. As gran was over 80, you can select pinks and other colours (she liked pink roses and lillies). Please no red flowers. You can also leave a message in English or Chinese. Please order by 15th Feb and confirm by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The details you need are:
*Deliver to: Funeral directors (£3.50)
*Delivery Date: 22nd Feb 2017
*Delivery First Name: Ming Yee
*Delivery Last Name: Liu
*Company Name: Richard Stebbings Funeral Service Ltd
*Address: Kendal House, Cambridge Road, Impington
*Town/City: Cambridge
*Post Code: CB24 9YS
*Order Notes:
Name of deceased: Mrs Ming Yee Liu
Date of funeral: 23rd Feb 2017

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Andrew Chan, Barbara’s godson and Roderic Chan was my father. Although we were not related, she became my gran and I her grandson from the day I was born. When Barbara found out my mother was pregnant, she said she was going to be the godmother and no one else could be!
Q: Were you close to gran?
A: She was my family and the person dearest to my heart. I loved her very much.
Q: Was she ill? This sounded so sudden.
A: Gran has been ill with many problems from the day she was born. As you may have known, she had a stroke a few years ago but she also had underlying heart problems amongst other things. I’ll post more details when I feel it's more appropriate later.
Q: Why is the funeral date so late?
A: Many reasons, including the registration office and crematorium being very busy, Chinese New Year, and finding date for the Buddhist nuns to lead the service.
Q: I thought Barbara was Catholic, what about her mum?
A: Gran wanted a Buddhist ceremony. I guess it’s more in line with her culture and tradition.
Q: Where will she be buried?
A: She wanted to be buried alongside with her daughter at Cambridge City Cemetery, we are in the process of arranging it.
Q: You mentioned that there’ll be an exhibition of Barbara’s artwork, any updates?
A: Sadly no updates yet. After I’ve catalogued all her work, I’ll update you.
Q: I’d like to visit Barbara’s grave in Cambridge, is there anything I can help with?
A: Yes, please remove any dead flowers and don’t leave fruit. This will help keep the area clean and bug-free.
Q: Why has gran got so many different surnames? It’s very confusing!
A: Her family name was Cheung. Barbara’s father’s surname was Yung, but when gran remarried in the UK, she took on Liu as her surname. After her divorce, she did not change it back to Cheung and it stuck ever since.
Q: Did she have an English name?
A: Yes, Sally. It means “Princess” in Hebrew (and yes, she was like a little princess!).
Q: I thought she was born in the year of the rabbit? Why was she 91?
A: It was what was written on her official documents. There were probably discrepancies between the Chinese and Gregorian calendar when her DOB was recorded when she was born (if at all and if accurately).
Q: Do you speak Chinese? This Chinese translation is a bit strange!
A: I speak Cantonese but my Chinese is poor. I’m not sure how well Google/Baidu/Facebook will translate my English, many apologies.
Q: Will you be replying to email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?
A: It is unlikely, but I will try to read as many of them as possible and leave a reply on facebook or by other means.

Kind regards,


# RE: 2017 23 february: Barbara's mother funeralGus 2017-02-21 00:02
Deepest condolences to the family --- I will respect the family's wish and leave them in peace on Thursday (it'd have been such an easy trip to pay respect). I live in Barkingside and it is hard to imagine 43 years ago the same family (before Histon?) was in the area (according to Wiki, is that true?). It's only by chance someone posted an edited song dedicated to her, I then wiki'd about her, and eventually found your site. Kudos to you, Rob, for allowing the rest of the HK (creeping towards old) fans to have a chance to reconnect with Barbara and her family. Really appreciate it and thank you.
# RE: 2017 23 february: Barbara's mother funeralRob 2017-02-21 09:15
Hello Gus, at the page "" you can see pictures of her house in Barkingside. Do you know it?
# RE: 2017 23 february: Barbara's mother funeralGus 2017-02-23 22:29
Hi Rob, you know what is weird? When I was eight years old, I had wished for a chance to know more about Barbara --- Fast forward 41 years later, here I am, cycling pass Lotus House take away shop every school day (I walk my daughter to a bus stop nearby). Hard to imagine that Barbara was also walking on the same road 44 years ago. So yes, I recognise that shop!

I hope today's burial went smoothly and was not affected by the storm Doris battering around the area. I took the liberty to inform a few journalists from various press about your post --- I am glad they have all reported about this with a note about the burial will be a private event. I hope today's burial went according to the plan.
# RE: 2017 23 february: Barbara's mother funeralRob 2017-02-24 11:10
Hello Gus, then you must recognise the route to school Barbara walked every day. She walked to Barkingside station over Tanners lane direction Horns road, taking the small path towards Carlton drive and Crown road. She took the train to Grants hill and walked from there to school now known as Valentines High school.

The funeral went well, between 40 - 50 people attended, It was very windy afterwards. There was some sunshine during the service. Some guests had a few hours delay getting back because the trains and roads had major delays.

Interesting to know that you have connections with the media.
# RE: 2017 23 february: Barbara's mother funeralGus 2017-02-25 00:40
Hi Rob, it is comforting to know the funeral took place smoothly. Also, thank you for sharing about the little trip that Barbara would normally take while she was in high school --- Now I know my daily trip to the tube station (travelling to work) isn't so dull after all! I bet the tube station did not change very much over the last 44 years! Now I have an even more valid reason to think of her on my daily commute, almost spoiling myself to walk down that memory lane almost every morning! I may also have to disappoint you that I don't really have connections with the media (was just doing my bit and spread the news).

Thanks again for being so kind and generous on sharing so much about Barbara's life before almost every household in HK knew about her back in those days.
# RE: 2017 23 february: Barbara's mother funeralRob 2017-02-25 22:05
Hi Gus, who knows, maybe we run into each other next time when I am in Ilford. I am still planning to visit the Ilford archives to find out more about Barbara's past there.
# RE: 2017 23 february: Barbara's mother funeralGus 2017-03-04 00:54
Hi Rob, I am sure those latest pictures will be greatly appreciated by many site followers and thank you for the fantastic effort to update this post. It is comforting, while also heartbreaking, to see those photos knowing both mum and daughter are now together at their final resting place.

If you are ever visiting Barkingside again, no need to run into each other :D I would love to buy you a Turkish coffee at Cafe104 which is 2 min walk from that take away shop (I wonder if that coffee shop was there already back then)! Just email me and let me know? (I don't seem to get an email alert)
# RE: 2017 23 february: Barbara's mother funeralRob 2017-03-05 08:35
I like Turkey and I like their coffee, so you are on. I let you know when I am in the neighbourhoud.

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