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Liang Chaowei and Lu Liangwei You Art Exhibition are from the perfect frozen age. Netizens mourn Yung Mei Ling's "Challenge" during the broadcast. 2023-03-23

The 60-year-old actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai and his wife Carina Lau visited Art Basel the day before yesterday. Not only were many netizens collecting stamps along the way, they also chatted with many celebrities in the venue, including Yu Teng, Du Kefeng, Lu Liangwei and his wife. joyous. The photo of Lv Liangwei and Tony Leung Chiu Wai evoked the collective memories of many netizens. It was related to the two filming TV series "A Beautiful Wife" and "Challenge" for TVB in the early 1980s.During the broadcast of "Challenge", the heroine Yung Mei Ling sadly committed suicide in her apartment .

Lu Liangwei and his wife Yang Xiaojuan went to Art Basel the day before yesterday, and they took a group photo with Tony Leung, Carina Lau, and Yu Teng. Although the two male protagonists have already have passed the 60 years, they still keep a good life. Lu Liangwei, who is 6 years older, looks better than Liang Chaowei Younger than the other party! Lu Liangwei,

Tony Leung Chiu Wai, and Carina Lau had known each other on TVB in the 1980s, and they are still close friends. Apart from Tony Leung and Lu Liangwei co-starring in dramas, Carina Lau has also filmed many dramas and movies with Lu Liangwei. She and Yang Xiaojuan are also very old friends. Liang Chaowei and Lu Liangwei filmed the TVB drama "A Beautiful Wife" with Lan Jieying and Zheng Yuling as early as 1984, and later collaborated with Yung Mei Ling and Chen Miner in "Challenge". During the broadcast of "Challenge", Yung Mei Ling committed suicide in her apartment in Kowloon Tong on May 14, 1985; after many years of fading out of "A Beautiful Wife", Lam Jieying was found dead in Ma Hang Village, Stanley in 2018.

It is quite a pity. Yung Mei Ling immigrated to the UK with her father in her early years. She returned to Hong Kong to participate in Miss Hong Kong in 1982. Although she was not in the top three, she was still signed by TVB to become an artist. In the same year, she filmed the drama "Thirteen Sisters" and met Tang Zhenye. After that, Yung Mei Ling successively performed in dramas such as "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", "Sandwich Man" and "The Master of Heaven". When their careers were in full swing, Yung Mei Ling and Tang Zhenye publicly confessed their love in 1983. However, due to work, the two got together less often and Tang Zhenye was accused of frequent drinking. In May 1985, the two had a big quarrel in the dressing room. On the next day, Yung Mei Ling was discovered by her rumored boyfriend Chow Shi-lung at the Kowloon Tong Broadcasting Road apartment to commit suicide by turning on gas. She was sent to the hospital and died at the age of 26. The incident of Yung Mei Ling’s suicide caused a sensation in the whole city at that time. On the day of the funeral, nearly 10,000 citizens saw him off. Set up a spiritual position in Hong Kong.

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4882558703632974

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梁朝偉呂良偉遊藝術展同框完美凍齡 網民痛憶翁美玲《挑戰》播映期間為情輕生變遺作

現年60歲的影帝梁朝偉前日與太太劉嘉玲拍拖遊巴塞爾藝術展(Art Basel),沿路被不少網民集郵外,還在場內與不少名人,包括俞琤、杜可風、呂良偉夫婦等相談甚歡。呂良偉與梁朝偉合照勾起不少網民集體回憶,事關兩人在80年代初曾一同為TVB拍攝劇集《家有嬌妻》及《挑戰》,其中《挑戰》播出期間,女主角翁美玲在寓所自殺身亡,令人惋惜。


呂良偉與太太楊小娟前日行Art Basel,與梁朝偉及劉嘉玲、俞琤一行五人大合照,相中見到雖然兩個男主角都已經登六,但依然keep得好好,比梁朝偉大6歲的呂良偉看上去比對方還要年輕!呂良偉、梁朝偉、劉嘉玲早在80年代已經在TVB相識,至今依然交情要好,梁朝偉曾與呂良偉合演劇集外,劉嘉玲也跟呂良偉拍過不少劇集、電影,她與楊小娟亦甚為老友。