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Macao Daily Thursday, November 17, 2022
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In fact, Yung Meiling didn't want to leave

In TVB's 55th anniversary celebration, there are countless production talents, and the most popular one is probably Yung Meiling. At that time, the little sister who debuted for the first time appeared on stage alone in Thailand. Movie fans surrounded the theater and asked the police to clear the way... The big star symbolizes it. Yung Meiling's "Shooting the Condors" had just finished broadcasting on Bangkok TV. Kent Tong, who was staying in Hong Kong to film the drama, was taken aback and deeply regretted that he was not with her at the time.

"Yung Meiling was born to be good at this job, you decide." Producer Xiao Sheng was the first to use Ah Yung, and among the unsuccessful Hong Kong sisters, he chose a new face to play the naughty and fun "Thirteen Sisters"...

I haven't attended an art training class, so I report on time for filming and concentrate on it. When she was exhausted, Yung Meiling fell asleep behind the set. It was so noisy, she couldn't feel it at all. It is also "innate artistic quality", the producer commented. There is no need to grab talents; the most precious is a gift from God. Wireless I was lucky enough to get a fine-grained Yung Meiling, who is so sweet and entertaining. The first time I went to Xingma to perform on stage, I achieved the effect of "empty people". The senior elder sister praised her as a hot girl, she looks like a general when she first sees the world. If you sang the lyrics wrong, you should go back immediately. And she sang a Thai song in English transliteration, which won thunderous applause. Flower rings and silver paper rings were hung around her neck one after another. Her red, art! Not too tall, guts! But it is big, and there is another magic weapon - foreign commentators pointed out that movie fans love Weng Meiling and have strong feelings for her, which is related to her easy-going personality, sincerity in dealing with people and lack of celebrity airs.

A comet with radiant brilliance, passed away forever in a flash over Wireless's head, leaving movie fans sighing. Instantly brilliant, has won the fame and fortune of a successful artist. Many people can't get it through life and death. Yung Meiling suddenly entered another world, which is still a mystery to this day. Because, she really didn't want to leave, and there were still many work arrangements waiting for her.

"Your last play can't be finished," Bole Xiaosheng, a happy co-worker, said in the eulogy, "You know it well, you finished work that night, and you have received a notice the next day, why didn't you wake up and go back to work? You have always had good morals as an actor, why did you ruin your good record this time? You still have a lot of unfilmed scenes and a lot of happiness that you haven't enjoyed!"

Yung Meiling who has no drama training, Jin Yong, the original writer of "Shooting the Condors", also praised Yung Meiling for her cutest performance, becoming an idol of thousands of viewers, and the proud daughter of the TV industry. Ah Yung has Huang Rong's beauty, intelligence and quick-wittedness, but it's a pity that he doesn't have Huang Rong's fate. One fate and two luck... It is said that Ah Yung's life is good, if she wants to be popular, she will be popular. To be honest, is her fate good or not?

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