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The precious photos with Kent Tong shown.

Written by: Hong Xiaoxuan Published: 2022-09-30

TVB has successively launched new dramas and variety shows.  "Starlight Gathering into Emeralds", revisiting the best episodes since its broadcasting started in 1967. I interviewed a star chaser from the era of Radio Channel TV City, who was a loyal fan of kent Tong on of the Five Tigers, and she shared precious old photos, and even posted a precious photo of Kent Tong and Yung Mei Ling.

There are many star-chasing clips in the 1970s and 1980s. For example, when Chow Yun-fat left TV City in 1977, he signed autographs for fans. Shirley, a loyal fan of  Kent Tong, was interviewed and shared a large number of precious autographed photos. She obtained autographs from many superstars outside the TV City. Among them, she personally took a group photo with Kent Tong and Yung Mei Ling. Many celebrity photo shops want to buy photos from her.

The program arranged for Shirley to have a video conversation with Kent Tong, who was filming a drama in Hengdian. He expressed his excitement and praised "Idols have never changed."

Another loyal fan of a women's programs also mentioned that Yung Mei Ling  was only a short-term host, but her beauty was impressive. 

Yung Mei Ling participated in the 1982 Hong Kong peageant contest, with delicate and lively facial features, but in the end she was not in the top three, but she that did not stop her stardom. She first joined the Woman Today show as a host, and was soon assigned to the star in a TV-series. In the first serie  "Thirteen Sisters"  she was already very good.

In the same year, the TV station held the "Open Recruitment of Ideal Huang Rong" for the drama "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and she won with an overwhelming victory. Yung Mei Lingis still a classic pretty Huang Rong.

In 1985, she committed suicide by opening a gas stove  in her apartment, but the rescue failed and she died at the age of 26, Kent Tong showed pain at the funeral.

Yung Mei Ling ex-boyfriend from Holland, Rob Radboud, made a website for her showing old photos, and her old newspaper clippings,  they are still updated in September.







與湯鎮業珍貴合照曝光 重溫翁美玲參選拍劇片段感唏噓

撰文:洪曉璇 出版:2022-09-30




翁美玲至今仍然是經典的一位俏黃蓉。1985年,她於寓所內開媒氣自殺,搶救不果,終年26歲,在喪禮上湯鎮業表現傷痛。翁美玲的荷蘭藉前度男友Rob Radboud為她開設網頁,上載舊照,至今9月初仍有其舊剪報更新。





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