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2016 book Cover

The Days We Spent Together
Author: Yang Shaohong @youngshaohong
Published by Best Film & TV Culture Company
First edition 2016
How much do you know about the lives of 33 famous and veteran artists? The story about Weng Meiling is told by the famous TV producer, Dr. Simon Yeung.

Weng Mei Ling - Her immeasurable smile is still hard to forget . . . .

This article was published in 2016 in "Days of Walking Together" by Shaun Hung Yeung.
Weng Meiling
Her crudity and smile are still unforgettable . . . .
Author: Yeung Shiu Hung

Her talent lives up to Jin Yong's writing [Huang Rong]

When I was asked to write about this friend, unforgettable scenes immediately appeared in my heart, and I was still so uncomfortable. In the entertainment industry for so many years, I have really experienced everything, but I have never met such a smart girl until now, and it may be that I am ignorant! It turns out that time really flies, and it has been more than 30 years since she left us without realizing it. This she is what everyone feels sorry for: Weng Meiling! !

  Weng Meiling, we all call her A Weng. She was among the fifteen finalists for Miss Hong Kong in 1982. Maybe she's not tall enough to get any ranking. But her cute and fresh image, especially her two little white rabbits, was appreciated by the TV station and signed as a contract actor. Moreover, my teacher Xiao Sheng boldly used her as the heroine of the TV series [Thirteen Sisters]. After all, the TV station is a commercial organization, so I remember the high-level discussions at that time for a long time: a girl who has just appeared in the grass, and has lived in the UK for so many years, but has no performance experience, and made her the heroine in the first play. , will it be too risky? The TV program sets goals every year, and they will be graded. Because of the budget, it is impossible for every show to be an A-level production, and [ Thirteen Sisters ] was a B-level production at that time, and there were not many episodes, only 20 episodes. So after the audition, everyone felt that Aon had great potential and could give it a try. But let her be the host of a women's show first, so that she can get used to the camera. Then, Huang Xingxiu (now Chen Baixiang's wife) was used, and Ren Dahua and Tang Zhenye were used to set off her. Also because of this drama, A Weng and Tang Zhenye forged an indissoluble bond. Of course, A Weng did not disappoint everyone in the end. With the high ratings of [Thirteen Sister], her popularity soared. At that time, I didn't know A Weng officially. But because I and Tang Zhenye are very familiar (at that time, many people lived far away, so they would rent a house near the TV station, and Tang Zhenye and I once shared a rent with other colleagues). So A Weng and I got to know each other because of this, and everyone would meet them by chance in the studio, and they would all joke around. And Weng Meiling also began to attract attention because of [Thirteen Sisters], and the company even more boldly hired her to shoot a 60-episode TV series [The Legend of the Condor Heroes]. At that time [Shooting the Condor] This TV series was regarded as a super A-level production of the TV station. All the supporting facilities and lineups were the best. The theme song even created the cooperation between the two kings and queens in the music world at that time, that is, Luo Wen and Jenny, you can It can be regarded as a perfect match, and the song is more popular to this day, and it is still enduring. Speaking of Weng Meiling, with her talent, she played the role of [Huang Rong] written by Jin Yong, because this drama also pushed her acting career to the peak.

She thinks first

A Weng's character is very straightforward. Maybe she has lived in the UK for many years, and she has more or less contaminated the character of some foreigners. In addition, her growth process is more complicated, so she has developed a boyish character. Sometimes her mouth will be very hard, but her heart is still very soft; maybe her family is in the UK, and there are not many relatives and friends in Hong Kong, so her heart is also very fragile. She and Tang Zhenye would often have dinner with my teacher, so we began to get to know each other slowly. Because of the production of the TV station, day and night are reversed, and many actors will easily get angry. Especially for girls, because of lack of sleep, they have to stay up all night, and youth beans will grow out very quickly. I remember one time, maybe she filmed a lot of night scenes in a row, but she didn’t get enough sleep, so she had a lot of peas on her face. ; In addition, I have to make up every day, so it causes skin allergies, and finally leads to not being able to start work. Later, I accompanied her to the doctor. The doctor asked her to rest for a few days, and she immediately started crying. Seeing her like this, the doctor quickly comforted her not to worry, as long as she had enough sleep time, she would be fine after a few days of rest. She told the doctor that she was not worried about herself, but because she was worried that if she had to rest for a few days, it would affect the operation of the crew and the company would suffer great losses. Weng Meiling is such a girl, she will think of others first. 

Her frown and smile are still unforgettable After she finished filming "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", her image of Huang Rong has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of the audience until today. It has been more than 30 years since she left us, but her frown and smile are still unforgettable to the audience who like her. After the broadcast of "Shooting the Condor", of course, it was applauded and popular. Weng Meiling, the pretty Huang Rong, immediately became a hot heroine at that time, and she became an actress that every producer must rush to use. In 1984, she again performed another TV series of my mentor Xiao Sheng [The Legend of Chu Liuxiang]; at that time, I was the production coordinator of that TV series, and my contact with her also increased relatively, and I saw her almost every day. . And every time she came back from a stage out of town, she would buy something for me and Uncle Xiao Sheng to eat! A popular actor really has to pay a lot of price. At that time, in addition to filming TV series, other work arrangements were overwhelming. In addition to filming TV series, she also needs to shoot commercials and accept media interviews, and entertainment companies in Southeast Asia and even the United States and Canada are rushing to invite her to perform on stage. There is only one person to ask, and when she is taken apart, it is Weng Meiling. So there is a saying in the saying: people are in the rivers and lakes, and they can't help themselves! This is the best time to describe her. To be honest, she is just a girl, how can she survive these days? Naturally, the temper will be very short-tempered.

During that time, the conflict between her and Tang Zhenye also began to emerge, and everyone lived in unhappy days. As for why Weng Meiling committed suicide in the end? Whose fault is it? We're not involved, and this book isn't a revealing gossip, so there's no need to talk about it! After she left, there were more rumors, and there were countless versions of the reason for her suicide? What's even more absurd is that Weng Meiling was not born by her mother, and she also fabricated it to be born by a deceased movie actor in Hong Kong, and this actor is indeed a bit like A Weng, and it happened that she also left because of suicide. . In fact, her mother has lost her daughter, so why should she sprinkle salt on the wound? Seeing these so-called news, I am really unhappy, and I admire the creativity of some media!

She's really playing A Weng is a very moral girl. She respects my teacher, and my teacher loves her very much. When he found out about Aon's death, he cried a lot, and it took a long time to calm down. We only know that this time, it was Aon who made a fool of himself. According to the police report, we are sure that she is reluctant to leave this world. Everyone knows that she committed suicide by turning on the gas, and she died very close to the gate of her house. We all assumed she was trying to open the door as a last resort, but it was too late for the •••••••••! Since then, the Hong Kong TV industry has lost a rare actor, and we have lost a good friend.

why don't you come back to see me Aon left us on May 14, 1985. Personally, my heart aches. I couldn't sleep for days, and a week after her funeral, I still miss her so much, and images of her keep popping up in my head, because we're really good friends. One night, I looked up to the ceiling and thought, why are you walking so fast? Why don't you come back to see me? Then I got up and wrote a piece of paper, which was roughly like this: Aon, I miss you so much, will you come back to see me? You can also come back and report a dream to me. After writing it, I will take it and burn it down the stairs! I really hope she'll get this message from me to let her know how much I miss her! ! I have never told anyone about this for more than 30 years, and I am afraid that some people will say that I am stupid. However, thirty years later, I am convinced that I, like many fans who love her, still miss her the same! !


Source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4776305058908221

Thanks to Chak for sending me the text and Kitty for providing the pictures


她的一顰一笑 依然難以忘記 . . . .
她的天資 演活了金庸筆下 [ 黃蓉 ]
         翁美玲,我們都叫她阿翁。她在一九八二年參加香港小姐入圍十五名。可能她高度不夠,所以得不到任何名次。可是她可愛的清新形像,尤其是她兩隻小白兔的板牙,所以被電視台欣賞而簽約成為合約演員。而且更被我恩師蕭笙,大膽的起用她擔當電視劇 [ 十三妹 ] 的女主角。畢竟電視台是一個商業機構,所以我記得那個時候的高層都討論了很久:一個初出茅蘆的女孩子,而且在英國生活了這麼多年,又沒有演出經驗,第一個戲就讓她當女主角,到底會不會太過冒險?電視台的節目,每一年都會訂下目標,而且都會分等級。因為預算關係,不可能每個節目都是A級製作,而 [ 十三妹 ] 在當時來說算是B級的製作,而且集數不多,只有二十集而已。所以經過試鏡之後,大家都覺得阿翁很有潛質,可以一試。不過先讓她當一個婦女節目的主持,好讓她熟習一下鏡頭。然後,便起用了黃杏秀(現在陳百祥的妻子),任達華和湯鎮業去襯托她。也因為這個劇,阿翁與湯鎮業結下了不解之緣。當然最後阿翁都沒有讓大家失望,隨著 [ 十三妹 ] 的高收視率而令她人氣飆升,在那個時候,我還沒有正式認識阿翁。但是因為我和湯鎮業很熟(那時候很多人都住得很遠,所以都會在電視台附近租房子住,而我和湯鎮業就曾經和其他同事一起合租過)。所以我和阿翁也因此而認識,大家在攝影棚裡都會偶然碰到,都會開開玩笑。而翁美玲也因為 [ 十三妹 ] 開始受到注目,公司便更大膽的起用她拍攝一個六十集的長篇電視劇 [射鵰英雄傳] 。當時 [ 射鵰 ] 這個電視劇算是電視台的超A級製作,所有配套和陣容都是最好的,主題曲更造就了當時樂壇兩位天王和天后的合作,那就是羅文加上甄妮,可以算得上是絕配,而歌曲更流行到今天,依然歷久不衰。說回翁美玲,以她的天資,演活了金庸筆下 [ 黃蓉 ] 這個角色,因為這個劇也把她的演藝事業推到最高峰。
她的一顰一笑 依然難以忘記
        當她拍完 [ 射鵰英雄傳 ] 之後,她黃蓉的形像,已經深深的印在觀眾心上,直到今天。她離開我們已經超過三十年了,可是她的一顰一笑,依然令喜歡她的觀眾難以忘記。在 [ 射鵰 ] 播出之後,當然是叫好又叫座,翁美玲這個俏黃蓉馬上就成為當時炙手可熱的女主角,而且更成為每一位監製都要搶著用的女演員。在一九八四年,她再次演出我恩師蕭笙的另一部電視劇 [ 楚留香之蝙蝠傳奇 ] ;那個時候我擔任那個電視劇的製作統籌,和她接觸也相對地增多,幾乎每天都和她見面。而她每一次在外地登台回來都會買東西回來給我和蕭笙叔吃!一個當紅的演員,真的要付出很多的代價。當時她除了拍電視劇之外,其它的工作安排更是排山倒海。除了要拍電視劇之外,還要拍廣告,接受媒體訪問,而東南亞甚至美國加拿大的娛樂商都爭相邀請她去登台演出。試問人只有一個,把她拆開,都是一個翁美玲。所以俗語有一句話:人在江湖,身不由己!這個時候來形容她,是最適合不過。說實話,她只是一個女孩子,又怎麼熬得住這些日子呢?很自然的,脾氣會很暴躁。
        阿翁是一個很講道義的女孩子,她對我恩師很尊重,而我恩師也很疼她。當他知道阿翁的死訊,他哭得很利害,久久才能平伏。我們只知道這一次,是阿翁自己玩出火了,從警方所報導,我們肯定她也捨不得離開這個世界,大家都知道她是開煤氣自殺,她死的位置是離她家的大門很近,我們都估計她是想盡最後一分力去開門,可惜 ••••••••• 一切都來得太遲了!從此香港電視界失去了一位難得的演員,我們失去了一位好朋友。


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