"First love  never dies", a columnist's article on the memory of Weng Meiling, presented by Lu Dan.

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Weng Meiling: First love  never dies

By: The Grey [ Nanfang People Weekly ] 14 May 2012

Weng Meiling was a famous Hong Kong actress in the early 1980s. She became popular on both sides of the Strait for her role as Huang Rong in The Legend of the Shooting Hero. Born in 1959, she died by suicide at home in May 1985.

In 1984, the provincial television station broadcast the Hong Kong television series The Legend of the Shooting Hero. At the age of 11, I was spending my summer vacation at my grandmother's house and accidentally watched a few episodes. I didn't see the beginning of the series, but when it came on, I saw the silly boy Guo Jing coming out of the desert to the south of the Yangtze River meeting a little beggar in the market. The little beggar, ragged and dirty-faced, but with big, shining black and white eyes, tells Guo Jing that his name is Huang Rong.

Perhaps not many viewers, like me, who had not read the original and had not followed the plot, could have missed the fact that the boy was a woman in disguise. A few episodes later, the truth comes out, and on the riverside boat, the little demon girl looks back in awe, and at that moment I felt exactly how the silly boy Guo Jing felt: Oh my God, it's a girl, and such a beautiful and lovely girl.

Before that, we had already been exposed to Hong Kong TV series, "Huo Yuanjia", "The Legend of Chen Zhen", "Shanghai Tang", "Towards Tiger Mountain Again" ...... The most fashionable thing for the boys was to wear "Chen Zhen costumes" and "Xu Wenqiang bowler hats "The girls all like to wear Feng Cheng Cheng's pigtails, and everyone hums "The Great Wall never falls" and "Old bag, old bag, please be old bag for a while"... ...but The Legend of the Shooting Hero, Huang Rong, Weng Meiling, are still different, they come from a more unreal world, fresh, offbeat and unbelievably beautiful. Those big sparkling eyes, the delicate and soulful look, even those crooked rabbit teeth, are unprecedentedly beautiful, and every smile is lovely to behold.

Looking back, it's strange to think that it wasn't the boys who were most enamoured of Weng Mei-ling, but mostly young girls like me. We called her "Weng", "Rong'er", or "Barbara" in English, and discussed her beauty, her love, her works and her life... ...but we don't know much about her. There was no internet, no computers, no entertainment news on TV and very little in the newspapers. The school library had a copy of Chinese-Foreign Television, the magazine that covered the most information on the entertainment of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and every new issue was rushed by the whole school, students and teachers alike. We learnt about Ah Weng's life and career from the little information available. We knew that she grew up in England, majored in textile design, returned to Hong Kong and was unsuccessful in the Miss Hong Kong election, worked as a TV presenter and became popular through the TV series "Shooting Eagles".

She was really popular then, and even in our small town in the north, she was the number one celebrity from Hong Kong. In those days, the main fun we had was collecting stickers and black and white "art photos" or colourful postcards, and there were stacks and stacks of Ah Weng's stickers and "art photos" every stall was selling them. Each stall has stacks of stickers and "art photos" of Ah Weng. There would be many photos on each edition of stickers, and inevitably there would be duplicates, but it didn't matter, we went out of our way to buy them and exchange them. Those stickers were carefully stored in a small box and not many people were willing to tear them out and stick them on, and to this day, I still have a few complete editions.

But, no matter how popular she was, no matter how much fans she had, she only wanted the love of one person.

We only knew her less than a year. In the early summer of the following year, she died, at the age of 26, by inhalation of gas. Almost all the media used flamboyant words like "jealous of a beautiful woman" and "a beautiful death" to describe the tragedy, but even as a young girl I knew that death was not so romantic, that it was a death that was gone forever and would never return.

As an adult, time has changed, and the name "Weng Meiling" is not often mentioned in the media, except among some of my peers, where "Weng" is still used as a warm code word, a sort of keychain to communicate with the soul and trigger a memory. I finally found a comprehensive profile of Ah Weng on the internet and read the detailed reports back then, and finally understood in a nutshell the relationship that had been so much talked about back then. We all used to hate Tong, thinking that he was the murderer of Ah Weng, but now I look back and think that this man was a man with a heart and a commitment. He was the first of the "Five Tiger Generals", the "jade-faced youngster", and he has not been able to recover since the death of Ah Weng, and it cannot be denied that he has suffered needlessly. What else could he do? There is no such thing as a destined fate between people.

Weng Meiling stayed forever in 1985, but the whole world was still moving forward. Some of the people she loved, the friends she made, the partners she worked with, some kept on becoming more and more popular; some faded into obscurity; and some rose to prominence, from obscurity to worldwide fame. ...... The Hong Kong culture of the 1980s and 1990s has influenced a whole generation of Chinese people, with Cantonese songs, action movies, martial arts novels and TVB dramas. These are firmly rooted in our memories. The Legend of the Shooting Hero remains so popular that it has been remade over and over again, with various versions of Huang Rong popping up and debates everywhere: Weng MeiLing, Michelle Mi, Jade Chan, Zhu Yin, Zhou Xun, Ariel Lam ...... Who was the best Huang Rong?

But there are always those people, like me, who will not argue with you about this. The girl with black eyes and rabbit teeth is the one I think of as Huang Rong, who accompanied me through my youth and the most exciting part of my life.

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