Hong Kong director Lau Sze Yu talks about "the death of Yung Meiling"

劉仕裕導演訪問談 “翁美玲之死” 2006年

I am very impressed with Yung . Yung  starred in the first drama ”射鵰英雄傳“ "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and the last drama ”拆檔拍檔“ "The splitting of partners", both of which were filmed by me, and I am the producer.

On the third day of the filming of ”拆檔拍檔“ "The splitting of partners " , I went back to the company at 11 pm and saw Yung crying in the corridor outside. I asked her if she could still continue filming, and she said yes.

I went home later, and following morning, the company secretary called and told me to go studio immediately. All the high-level personnel had already returned. They said that Yung committed suicide, and we had to decide whether to continue filming.  What are the pros and cons between continuing to shoot and not shooting anymore?

As a result, it was decided to switch the actors ”張曼玉“ "Maggie Cheung "  and “陶大宇” "Tao Dayu" replaced Yung and Ken.  "Maggie Cheung" is taller than Yung, and all the costumes have to be remanufactured, which can be completed in three days.  But I decided to start filming again after 15 days, because of the emotional problems of the whole crew, I couldn't shoot at that time.

After the meeting, I went out and saw Ken sitting outside, his face was pale, it turned out that they had a fight last night, Yung summoned to return her calls Ken many times, the last summon said: "If you don't reply, you won't see me again", but Ken was drinking in a dungeon bar in the Tsim Sha Tsui area and couldn't receive the messages, so he didn't reply to her.

In the past, there were legends about how Yung died, and I know very well, because this incident happened during a scene I was shooting.

There is also Yung who is a very smart person. When she filmed her first play ”射鵰英雄傳“ "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", this play required one of the four actors to choose the leading actress. We chose her.

She plays very well, no other actor can compare with her, she is very smart.  About ten days after the official shooting, she performed very well, because she was surrounded by many good actors, which is very helpful to her.

I am very impressed with her, but unfortunately she is no longer alive.

Note from Chak: He remembered it wrongly and said it wrongly. It was not ”陶大宇"Tao Dayu", but "關禮傑“ "Guan Lijie".

1985 vervangers

When Yung was filming, the name of the play name was “橋王之橋” "Bridge of the King of Bridges", and later changed its name to ”拆檔拍檔“ "The splitting of partners".

The section on Yung ends at 6:16. 劉仕裕:https://weibo.com/u/5413369024 and http://www.barbarayung.net/club/post017.htm

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