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A life of hasty curtain calls

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A Life of Hasty Curtain Call

"It's been more than 30 years, but when I talk about her, I still miss her, and I still have the impression of her crudity and smile in my mind. Perhaps it is because Ah Weng (as she was nicknamed by her circle and the press) died in mid-May 1985, so every year in May, people pay tribute to her in a different way. This year, there seems to be a particularly large number of people posting news or reports on YouTube about the death of Ah Weng, which has brought back memories of her.

The heroine of "The Legend of the Eagle", Wong Yung, was a popular actress in the television industry and became one of TVB's most sought-after actresses, but unfortunately, her bright career stopped forever when she died suddenly at home at the age of 26, which was classified as "suicide".

"Although there were already four major TVB actresses at that time: Wong Suk-yee, Liza Wang, Lee Sze-ki and Chiu Ah-chi, Ah Weng's acting skills were still young, but her naturalness and sweet appearance captured many TV viewers and her star was boundless. She would always respond to interviews and photo shoots in order of priority, no matter if it was a major newspaper or a small magazine, as long as it wasn't a yellow publication, and she fully understood the feelings of the press and media.

On the day of Ah Weng's funeral, someone criticised the press for treating her 'white event' as a 'red event'.

The rumours are true or false, but as OWEN lay in the ground, the dust has long since returned to the earth.

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【水過留痕】倉促謝幕的人生 [给力]

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