Weng Meiling's "history of fame" and "mystery of suicide"

By Wan Xiaodao

source: Wan Xiaodao; 翁美玲“成名史”,和“自杀之谜”


On May 14, 1985, Weng Meiling, who became famous for her role as "pretty Huang Rong", died suddenly at the age of 26, shocking the Chinese world. Police said Weng Meiling's death was a "suspected suicide.". 36 years later, there are still many doubts and controversies about her suicide. So, what is the truth of her death? Now it seems that Weng Meiling lived a good life before she was 7 years old. She had no worries about food and clothing, and had servants at home. It is said that her biological father is a senior customs officer with a wife and a concubine, while Weng Meiling's mother is not as good as a concubine, but a mistress of her father. However, in 1966, when Weng Meiling was only seven years old, her father died unexpectedly, leaving her mother and daughter helpless and without identity. They had to move out of Weng's big house. From then on, they had a very difficult life.

1985年5月14日,因出演“俏黄蓉”走红的翁美玲猝然离世,年仅26岁,震惊华人世界。警方定性,说翁美玲的死“疑似自杀”。然而,36年过去了,关于她的自杀,依然有很多疑点,争议不断。那么,她的死亡真相,到底是什么呢? 一、 现在看来,7岁前的翁美玲过得很好,衣食无忧,家中还有佣人。据说她的生父是海关高层,有妻有妾,而翁美玲的母亲则连妾都不如,只是父亲的一个情妇。但到了1966年,翁美玲才7岁,父亲便意外去世,留下母女俩无依无靠也无身份,只好从翁家的大房子里搬出来,从此过得颠沛流离、苦辣无常。

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Six years later, when Weng Meiling was 13 years old, her mother finally found a stepfather for her daughter and she was ready to move to Britain together with him. However, Weng Meiling failed to make the trip due to formality problems and she was fostered in Uncle Gan's home in Hong Kong. Uncle Gan is good to Weng Meiling, but after all, he is dependent on others and she was far away from her parents.

6年后,翁美玲长到13岁,母亲终于撑不住,给女儿找了个继父,准备一起移居英国。但翁美玲因手续问题没有成行,被寄养在香港的干舅舅家。 干舅舅对翁美玲不错,但毕竟是寄人篱下,远离父母。

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At one time Weng Meiling was in a bad mood when she went to church, she met her best friend's sunny and a handsome younger boy. They soon fell in love with each other. This is Weng Meiling's first love. It's a very pure and gorgeous love. Unfortunately, Weng Meiling went to study in England after completing the formalities, while the boy went to Canada, so love died without any trouble.

翁美玲有次心情不好,去教堂,邂逅了闺蜜阳光帅气的弟弟,两人很快互生情愫。 这是翁美玲的初恋,极为纯真绚烂的一段情,可惜后来因为翁美玲手续办好去了英国念书,男孩则阴差阳错去了加拿大,因此无疾而终

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In 1974, 15-year-old Weng Meiling arrived in England and reunited with her mother and stepfather. Soon after, a Dutch boy called Rob chased her. But at that time, Weng used to go to the take away restaurant which was owned by her stepfather to help, and she didn't have time to date.


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They have almost no space and time to be alone when they are dating. Weng Meiling can't help but cheat her mother, saying: "the school organizes a cultural trip and will go for a few days." Then, fearing his mother's suspicion, she added, "an Iranian girl in the same class will go too. You don't have to worry!" Unexpectedly, after her daughter left, her mother went shopping and ran into the Iranian girl who didn't travel at all


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When Weng Meiling came home, her mother scolded her, locked her in her room, cut off the telephone line. Unexpectedly, Weng Meiling, a strong character, not only did not give in, but also took out a bottle of sleeping pills and swallowed it. This is Weng Meiling's first suicide. Fortunately, her mother found out in time and sent her to the hospital for gastric lavage. The doctor reminded her mother that Weng Meiling was easy to form "habitual suicide" at her age. After she was discharged from hospital, she had better receive long-term psychological counseling. However, when her mother heard that she wanted to see a psychologist, she shook her head.


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At that time is like to let a Chinese go to see a psychologist is equivalent to telling the world that I am mentally ill... But after this shock, her mother had to compromise and agreed that she would continue to associate with Rob, but asked her not to delay her studies. As a result, this seemingly successful revolt seems to make Weng Meiling, who has lost her father's love since childhood, find a way to fight against her mother. So later, she used this way to fight against her boyfriend, against the whole world... From then on, Weng Meiling was able to have a fair and aboveboard relationship with Rob. Rob also paid a formal visit to Weng Meiling's mother and went to Weng Meiling's stepfather's restaurant to help.

让一个中国人去看心理医生,相当于在昭告全世界,我有精神病…… 不过经此一吓,妈妈只好妥协,同意她和罗泊继续交往,但要求不能耽误学业。于是,这一次看似成功的反抗,似乎让从小父爱缺失的翁美玲,找到了一种对抗妈妈的方式。以至于后来,她又用这种方式去对抗男友、对抗全世界…… 二、 从此,翁美玲终于可以和罗泊光明正大地交往了,罗泊还正式拜访了翁美玲的妈妈,并去翁美玲继父的餐厅帮忙。

However, because of the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, Weng Meilings mother thought that Robs manners were not good, so she was very dissatisfied with him. In order to ease the conflict, Weng Meiling phoned Rob in front of her mother and pretended to break up. She was ready to explain to him the next day. However, he believed it, broke up with Weng Meiling, and simply left England to go back to Holland to study in University. Until one day, Rob received a call from a British hospital in Holland, saying: Weng Meiling committed suicide again! It turned out that Weng Meiling was admitted to central St. Martin's College in London to study design after breaking up with Rob. But she always thought about Rob and couldn't integrate into her university life. One depressed night, she swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills again... But this time, she soon regretted it, so she used her last strength to knock on the wall for help. Fortunately, her roommate happened to be a nurse who gave her a simple first aid and sent her to the hospital for gastric lavage. Weng Meiling once again hurt herself, forcing her mother to step back and love to return to her side. She and Rob held a simple engagement ceremony.


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 At the engagement ceremony, they kiss each other affectionately. The picture is fixed in this moment, but happiness is not fixed. After that, Rob went back to Holland to continue to study in University. They were still separated from each other. It took a long time for them to see each other. In order to transfer Weng Meiling's anxiety, Rob advised her to take part in more social activities. In 1980, the "Miss Chinese British" beauty contest was held, and 21-year-old Weng Meiling took part in it. Unexpectedly, she won the second place. She and the the champion took a picture with the British police pretending to ask for directions.

在订婚仪式上,两人深情拥吻。 照片定格在了这一瞬间,可幸福却并未定格。此后,罗泊回荷兰继续读大学,两人依旧天各一方,很久才能见上一面。为了转移翁美玲的焦虑情绪,罗泊劝她多去参加一些社交活动。1980年,“英国华裔小姐”选美比赛举办,21岁的翁美玲就去参加,不料一举获得亚军。她和冠军一起向英国警察问路的照片

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 It was published in newspapers and widely spread. This award has opened a new door to Weng Meiling's life, but her love with Rob has come to an end in the prospect of getting together less and getting away more. In 1981, at the age of 22, Weng Meiling graduated from university and worked as an assistant in the company of designer Charles. Suddenly, a letter from her hometown of Hong Kong aroused Weng Meiling's desire for stability. At that time, the "sister Hong Kong" beauty contest was very popular, so a friend wrote to Weng Meiling, hoping that she would go back to participate. Since Weng Meiling had the aura of "Miss Chinese British" runner up, her confidence has greatly increased and she is eager to try.

她和冠军一起向英国警察问路的照片,被登到报纸上,广为传播。这次获奖,给翁美玲的生活打开了一扇新的大门,但她和罗泊的爱情却在聚少离多的猜忌中走到了尽头。1981年,22岁的翁美玲大学毕业,进入设计师夏尔的公司做助理,忽然一封来自故乡香港的信,让翁美玲本想安定的心,又蠢蠢欲动起来。 三、 当时,“港姐”选美人气正旺,朋友就给翁美玲写信,希望她回去参加。翁美玲自从有了“英国华裔小姐”亚军的光环,信心大增,跃跃欲试

After thinking about it, she went back. In March 1982, 23-year-old Weng Meiling returned to Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to run for "sister Hong Kong". Unexpectedly, due to her poor height, she only won the eighth place. Fortunately, her excellent performance left a deep impression on TVB executives, and eventually signed a two-year contract with her. After entering TVB, Weng Meiling was first arranged to be the host of the program "women's new look", and also made an advertisement for a shampoo. Not long after that , she was transferred to the drama group and started shooting TV series.

想了想就回去了。 1982年3月,23岁的翁美玲从英国回到香港,参加“港姐”竞选,不料,学历出众、对答如流的她,却因身高劣势,只获得第8名。好在她的优异表现给TVB高层留下了深刻印象,最终还是和她签了两年合约。进入TVB后,翁美玲先是被安排到《妇女新姿》节目做主持人,还拍了一个广告,代言一款洗发水。没过多久,又被调到戏剧组,开始拍摄电视剧。

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 Weng Meiling's first TV play was thirteen younger sisters, in which she played with Tang Zhenye. At that time, with the role of Duan Yu in the 82nd edition of Tianlong Babu, Tang Zhenye was as famous as Huang Rihua, Liu Dehua, Miao Qiaowei and Liang Chaowei. Later, he formed with them the famous "wireless five tigers". As Weng Meiling's 1-year-old elder martial brother, Tang Zhenye took good care of her younger martial sister, Weng Meiling. He was carefully instructed her how to act and also taught her the experience of living in the entertainment industry. Weng Meiling was grateful to Tang Zhenye and had a good feeling about him, but it didn't develop further at that time. Later, TVB prepared to shoot the Shooting Heroes, and held the "looking for Huang Rong" casting activity in public. At that time, Jin Yong's drama very popular. Therefore, countless people applied for the role of Huang Rong. It is said that at that time, more than 5000 people participated in the audition, and only eight of them came to the end, including long-standing actors, beauty pageants and well-known models. Weng Meiling knew that she had little chance of winning, so she thought of a "magic trick". One day, while the director and Jin Yong were there, Weng Meiling dressed up in Huang Rong's ancient costume, with a willow branch in her hand and a somersault in front of Jin Yong. She clasped his fist and saluted: "Huang Rong, daughter of the leader of Taohua Island, I'd like to meet you, great Xia Jin."

翁美玲的第一部电视剧,就是和汤镇业合作的《十三妹》。当时汤镇业凭借82版《天龙八部》中“段誉”一角,火遍香江,和黄日华、刘德华、苗侨伟、梁朝伟齐名,后来还组成了著名的“无线五虎将”,风光无限。作为大翁美玲1岁的师兄,汤镇业对小师妹翁美玲照顾有加,不仅细心指导她如何演戏,还贴心地把在娱乐圈生存的经验教给她…… 一来二去,翁美玲就对汤镇业心存感激,有了好感,不过当时并未进一步发展。后来,TVB筹拍《射雕英雄传》,公开举办“寻找黄蓉”选角活动。当时的金庸剧堪称“咖位上升机”,基本上捧谁谁红,因此,无数人都盯上了黄蓉这个角色。据说,当时5000多人参加海选,走到最后的只有8个人,其中既有成名已久的演员,也有选美冠军和知名模特,翁美玲深知自己胜算不大,就想了一个“奇招”。 四、 有一天,趁着导演和金庸都在,翁美玲换上黄蓉的古装打扮,手里拿着一根柳枝,一个侧空翻就落在了金庸面前,抱拳施礼:“桃花岛岛主之女黄蓉,拜见金大侠。”



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 Jin Yong was frightened first, and then laughed at the girl. Then, he thought about it. Is this ancient spirit strange power not the huangrong in his writing? So immediately he said: she is huangrong! During the shooting, there was no stand in, all the actors played de scenes themselves. In a play, a martial arts teacher accidentally scratched Weng Meiling's eyes, and was shocked. Unexpectedly, Weng Mei Ling covered her eyes and joked: "no matter, I just wanted to enlarge my eyes. Now it's OK, and I don't have to spend money." That resolved the martial arts division's uneasiness, also won the applause of the whole crew. In february1983, the second TV drama "the iron blood and red heart of the hero of shooting carving" starred by Wengmeiling was soon on the air. Her role of huangrong ancient spirit was very strange, cute and well received.

金庸先是被吓了一跳,随后被这个小姑娘的鬼心思弄得哈哈大笑,转念一想,这股古灵精怪的劲儿不就是自己笔下的黄蓉吗?于是当即拍板说:她就是黄蓉! 拍摄过程中,没有替身,都是演员自己上。在拍一场打戏时,一个武师不小心划伤了翁美玲的眼睛,大惊失色,没想到翁美玲却一边捂着眼睛,一边开玩笑说:“不要紧,我刚刚想开双眼皮,现在好了,不用花钱了。” 一句话化解了武师的不安,也赢得了全剧组的掌声。1983年2月,翁美玲主演的第二部电视剧《射雕英雄传之铁血丹心》刚一播出,就迅速大火,她饰演的黄蓉古灵精怪,俏皮可爱,也成了备受好评的经典。

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 A 24-year-old girl has become a famous star overnight. What a glory it is. However, the wound on her eyelid still distresses a man at that time. This man is Tang Zhenye. After Weng Meiling was injured, Tang Zhenye took good care of her and even cooked soup for her. As the saying goes, if you want to catch a man's heart, you must first catch a man's stomach. In fact, the same applies to women. Under the care of Tang Zhenye, Weng Meiling's injury recovered quickly. Under the nourishing of chicken soup, their relationship also developed rapidly, and soon they formally established a love relationship. At that time, as she said in the play, Weng Meiling said: "in fact, I always wanted to find someone who was really good to me. I finally found one." Weng Meiling, who thought she had found "brother Jing", regardless of everyone's opposition, showed her love to Tang Zhenye in a high profile. They soon met their parents, and moved into the same building, living upstairs and downstairs, convenient to do what they like. At this time, Weng Meiling was already the leader of TVB. She played with famous Zheng Shaoqiu and "wireless five tigers" and was also rated as the "top ten female stars" of Hong Kong together with Lin Qingxia and Zhao Yazhi.

一个24岁的女孩,一夜之间成了家喻户晓的大明星,这是多大的荣光,但她眼皮上的伤,当时依然令一个男人十分心疼。这个男人就是汤镇业。翁美玲受伤后,汤镇业一直在身边悉心照顾,甚至还亲自下厨给翁美玲煲汤喝。 俗话说,要想抓住一个男人的心,首先要抓住男人的胃。其实,对女人同样适用。在汤镇业的悉心照料下,翁美玲的伤好得很快。在鸡汤的滋补下,两人的感情也进展飞速,不久就正式确立了恋爱关系。当时的翁美玲就像她在剧中说的那句话:“其实我一直都想找一个人,一个真真正正对我好的人,我终于找到了。” 以为找到了“靖哥哥”的翁美玲,不顾所有人反对,高调和汤镇业秀恩爱。两人很快见了家长,并且搬进了同一栋楼,住在楼上楼下,方便干喜欢干的事。 此时的翁美玲,已是TVB当家花旦,一起搭戏的都是名噪一时的郑少秋、“无线五虎将”之类,还和林青霞、赵雅芝等一起被评为香港的“十大女明星”。

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At this time, Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye had a good relationship. Weng Meiling once told reporters: "when we are together, sometimes he is stronger, sometimes I am stronger, but usually he lets me win." When the reporter asked what to do if they could not get along with each other, Weng Meiling said with a coy face: "then fight. If you can't fight, you'll have to rely on it!". Everyone thought they would achieve the right result, but they didn't expect that once the sweetness was too much, it might turn into bitterness. Tang Zhenye and Weng Meiling show their love frequently, which made TVB make a lot of money. However, no matter how good the food is you eat, you will be tired of it. Gradually, fans no longer have such a big reaction to the combination of the two. As a result, TVB moved her heart and pushed Weng Meiling to Miao Qiaowei, who is also a "wireless five tiger general". But Miao Qiaowei and Tang Zhenye are good brothers. Naturally, they don't reach out to their brothers and sisters, so they fought rumors many times.


这时翁美玲和汤镇业感情也很好,翁美玲曾对记者说:“两人在一起时,有时他强点,有时我强点,不过通常都是他让着我。”当记者问如果谈不拢怎么办时,翁美玲一脸娇羞说:“那就打,打不过就耍赖喽!” 观众被塞了满满的“狗粮”,所有人都以为两人会修成正果,却没想到,甜一旦过了头,就可能会变成苦。 五、 汤镇业和翁美玲频频秀恩爱,让TVB赚得盆满钵满。不过再好的“狗粮”吃多了,也会撑、会腻。渐渐地,粉丝对于两人合体的镜头,不再有那么大的反应。于是,TVB心一动,把翁美玲推向了同为“无线五虎将”的苗侨伟。可苗侨伟和汤镇业是好兄弟,自然不会把手伸向自己的弟妹,所以多次辟谣。

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TVB began to arrange a lot of cooperation between Weng Meiling and Miao Qiaowei and worked together with each other in four TV dramas. Coupled with the media's constant provocation not only about Miao Qiaowei, but also Andy Lau and Tony Leung were rumored to have love affairs with Weng Meiling.



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Among the "wireless five tigers", there were "three tigers" where was said to have an affair with Weng Meiling. So also "one tiger" Huang Rihua, who was originally "brother Jing" in the play, making her real boyfriend Tang Zhenye look like a foolish man.


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Over time, the relation between Wengmeiling and Tang Zhenye showed cracks. Once, Tang Zhenye looked at the "horse classics" as he wanted to gamble himself. Thsi was seen by Wengmeiling and they had an argument. Wengmeiling also understood that the real reason why Tang Zhenye was so angry was not related to gambling horses, so she decided to do something to show her love. She handed the key of her apartment to Tang Zhenye. The implication was to tell him that her house is available for him. You should marry me!

久而久之,翁美玲和汤镇业的感情也出现了裂痕。有一次,汤镇业在现场看“马经”,研究赌马,被翁美玲看到后说了几句。没想到,汤镇业这次并没有像以往一样让着翁美玲,反而和她吵了起来。 翁美玲心里也明白,汤镇业之所以生这么大的气,真正原因和赌马无关,于是决定做点什么,以挽回自己的爱情。她花大价钱买下了自己一直租住的豪宅,并把钥匙交给了汤镇业,言下之意是告诉汤镇业:房子已经有了,你该娶我了!

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But Tang Zhenye, a male chauvinist, thinks that this is a shame to himself. He neither accepts the key nor mentions marriage. Just when Weng Meiling was depressed because of Tang Zhenye's reaction, the neighbors upstairs were noisy. Maybe the sound insulation was not very good. Weng Meiling listened to all the neighbors' quarrels... Later, in an interview, she told the story about the neighbors' quarrels. Unexpectedly, she caused herself a lot of trouble. It is said that the neighbors who lived above Barbara Yung were the Adam Cheng and Lydia Sum. Shen Dianxia, Deng Guangrong, Nicholas Tse's father and others with a background of underworld friends of them. They are very influential in Hong Kong's entertainment circle. When Zhao Yazhi and Zheng Shaoqiu had an affair, Shen Dianxia went to the set to teach Zhao Yazhi a lesson. This time, Weng Meiling shakes out the inside story of their quarrel. How can Shen Dianxia give up, but how she taught Weng Meiling was not known at that time. Anyway, Weng Meiling must be in a bad mood. She does not wait for Tang Zhenye's to give comfort and company because the soft erotic movie which is shot by him and Cherie Chung.

可大男子主义的汤镇业,却认为这是对自己的羞辱,既不肯接受钥匙,也绝口不提结婚的事。就在翁美玲因为汤镇业的反应闷闷不乐时,楼上的邻居偏偏又吵又闹,可能隔音不太好,翁美玲把邻居因为什么吵架都听了个正着……后来她接受采访,一时兴起,就把邻居吵架的事情说了出去,没想到竟给自己惹来了很大的麻烦。 六、 据说,当时住在翁美玲楼上的邻居,正是因为男方出轨导致婚姻亮起红灯的郑少秋和沈殿霞(详见万小刀公众号往期精选:《香港『古装第一帅』郑少秋情债》)。沈殿霞和有黑道背景的邓光荣、谢霆锋老爸谢贤等人都是结义兄妹,在香港娱乐圈很有势力,当初赵雅芝和郑少秋传绯闻,沈殿霞就曾到片场教训过赵雅芝。这次翁美玲把两人吵架的内情抖了出去,沈殿霞岂能善罢甘休,但她到底怎么教训翁美玲的,当时并不为人所知。反正经此一闹,翁美玲心情肯定不咋地。心情不好的翁美玲,却没有等到汤镇业的安慰和陪伴,等来的却是他和钟楚红拍摄的三级片《窥情》。

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Weng Meiling trembles with anger because of a large number of passionate scenes in the film, so in a fit of anger, Weng Meiling also agrees to take sexy photos in a magazine. It made their relationship worse. As a result, Weng Meiling, who is on the verge of collapse, once again remembers her repeated tricks. At the beginning of 1985, a reporter found that Weng Meiling was pale and very thin. Weng Meiling admitted that she lost four or five kilograms a week, and her bad face was due to taking the wrong medicine. But in fact, because she couldn't stand the continuous attacks, she swallowed four sleeping pills at home and wanted to leave.

 片中大量的激情镜头气得翁美玲浑身发抖,于是一气之下,翁美玲也答应某杂志拍摄性感照片。 可针尖对麦芒的回应,并没有让情郎回心转意,反而让两人的关系更加雪上加霜。于是,濒临崩溃的翁美玲,再次想起之前屡试不爽的招数。1985年年初,有记者发现翁美玲脸色苍白,而且瘦得很厉害。翁美玲承认自己一周瘦了四五斤,脸色不好是因为吃错了药。可实际上,她是因为受不了接连不断的打击,在家里又吞下了4颗安眠药,想要一走了之。可她又心有不甘

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A doctor was called for help and he washed her stomach at home. Weng Meiling, who has walked around the gate of death again, seems to have changed her personality and started to set herself free and linger in various dance halls in Hong Kong. At this time, the appearance of another man became the last straw in her life. 7、 In April 1985, Weng Meiling, who was about to be 26 years old, met Anita Mui's first boyfriend Zou Shilong when she was drinking and dancing in disco. Zou Shilong is 4 years younger than Weng Meiling. He is a famous Playboy in Hong Kong. It is said that none of the female stars he falls in love with will fail to take the bait. Seeing that Weng Meiling was alone and drowning her worries with wine, Zou Shilong began to pursue madly.

于是打电话找医生求助,自己一个人在家自行洗胃。 又在鬼门关前走了一圈的翁美玲,仿佛变了个人,开始放飞自我,流连于香港各个舞厅。而此时,另一个男人的出现,则成了她生命中最后一根稻草。 七、 1985年4月,即将26岁的翁美玲,在迪斯科舞厂喝酒跳舞的时候,认识了梅艳芳公开过的第一个男友邹世龙。邹世龙比翁美玲小4岁,是香港出名的花花公子,据说他看上的女明星最后没有不上钩的。看翁美玲孤身一人,借酒浇愁,邹世龙就开始疯狂追求。

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Weng Meiling also plans to use Zou Shilong to stimulate Tang Zhenye, but she doesn't control her strength well... The next day, photos of Weng Meiling and Zou Shilong reveling in the nightclub spread all over the place. Tang Zhenye's face turned green with anger, and then he had an affair with Wu Junru, who was seven years younger than himself. On May 1, 1985, TVB was preparing to make the TV series "king of the bridge" (later renamed as "partner of dismantling files"). For the sake of audience rating, it forced Tang Zhenye and Weng Meiling, who were the most popular at that time, together. When taking publicity photos, the media hope that the two can be closer, and it's better to have a kiss.


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 But they were making a fuss. They didn't even want to say a word to each other. They reluctantly put forward some postures and finished the matter in a hurry. After that, Tang Zhenye left without waiting for Weng Meiling to come out. In a fit of anger, Weng Meiling dialed Zou Shilong. They played all night and went home the next day. The whole night angered Tang Zhenye completely. When Weng Meiling came home, she found that he had moved away taken all his things. Tang Zhenye's departure destroyed the last line of defense in Weng Meiling's heart, and the tragedy began to enter the countdown.

可两人正闹别扭,连话都不愿跟对方说一句,勉为其难摆了一些姿势就草草了事。 结束后,汤镇业更是没等翁美玲出来就先行离开,翁美玲一气之下,拨通了邹世龙的电话,两人玩了一个通宵,第二天才回家。这个通宵彻底激怒了汤镇业,当翁美玲回到家,发现他已带着自己的东西搬走了。汤镇业的离开,摧毁了翁美玲心中最后一道防线,悲剧开始进入倒计时。

On May 3, 1985, Weng Meiling participated in the "celebrity charity competition", it was her last tv-appearance. Two days later, wengmeiling found a geomancy teacher to see Fengshui. She thought that the relationship with Tang Zhenye was a problem of Fengshui in the house... On May 6, wengmeiling took the last set of portraits. On May 7th, 1985, Weng Meiling had her 26th birthday. On May 8 and 9, Weng went to shoot her autobiography. On the night of May 10, Wengmeling asked Zou Shilong to dance. The next day, they went to Macao again for a tour. Meanwhile, Tang Zhenye and Wu Junru, Miao Qiaowei and qimeizhen also went on a trip together. On May 12, Wengmeiling and Zou Shilong returned to Hong Kong. A tabloid reporter took a photo of Tang Zhenye and Wu Junru and asked how Weng Meiling what she thought? Weng Meiling said generously, it is nothing. But when the day started, many people heard two people quarreling in the film scene, and Wengmeiling cried out, "since that, we have broken up!"

1985年5月3日,翁美玲参加“名人慈善竞技大赛”,最后一次公开亮相。两天后,翁美玲找了一名风水师看风水,她以为和汤镇业感情不和是房子风水的问题……5月6日,翁美玲拍摄了最后一套写真。1985年5月7日,翁美玲自己度过了26岁的生日。 5月8日和9日,翁美玲去拍摄了自己的自传。5月10日晚,翁美玲约邹世龙跳舞,次日,两人又一起去了澳门游玩。与此同时,汤镇业和吴君如、苗侨伟和戚美珍,也四人结伴出游了一次。5月12日,翁美玲和邹世龙返回香港,有小报记者拿着汤镇业和吴君如的合照,问翁美玲怎么看?翁美玲故作大方地说,这其实没什么。但当天开工时,很多人都听到两人在片场发生争吵,翁美玲哭着喊:“既然这样,我们分手好了!”

 On May 13, Weng Meiling's called Tang Zhenye but he did not answer. Weng Meiling left a message: "if you don't call back, you will never hear my voice." In the early morning of May 14, Weng Meiling called Zou Shilong for her last call in her life, saying that she had a very hard life and that it was no fun to live... Zou Shilong felt wrong. He hung up and rushed to Weng Meiling's apartment, but no one opened the door. Zou Shilong felt inconvenient to break into Weng Meiling's house at night, so he went back home. At 7 a.m. on May 14, 1985, Zou Shilong arrived at Weng Meiling's house again, but no one opened the door. Zou Shilong entered by the the balcony into Weng Meiling's home. He found the 26 year old Weng Meiling wearing pink pajamas in coma in the living room. There is a sentence on her family's calendar: Darling I love you. No one knows to whom het was meant for.

5月13日,翁美玲打给汤镇业的电话无人接听,翁美玲留言:“如果不回电话,你将永远听不到我的声音。”5月14日凌晨,翁美玲把人生最后一通电话打给邹世龙,说自己过得很辛苦,活着没意思……邹世龙感觉不对,挂断电话赶到翁美玲家楼下,但是叫门没人开。邹世龙不方便夜闯翁美玲家,只好开车返回。1985年5月14日早上7点,邹世龙再次赶到翁美玲家,叫门还是没人开。邹世龙从阳台翻进翁美玲家中,发现26岁的翁美玲穿着粉红色睡衣,昏迷在客厅。她家的日历上写着一句话:DARLING I LOVE YOU。无人知道是写给谁的。


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On May 18, 1985, Weng Meiling funeral, countless fans came to see her off. Weng Meiling was wearing a white costume and a red flower on her head, she was lying in the coffin with a very peaceful face. When Tang Zhenye appeared at the scene, the crowd was in a commotion, and many fans were shouting: beat him, kill him... Tang Zhenye was not disturbed. He looked haggard and unexplained. Just silently took out a comb, broke into two. Half of them were put in Weng Meiling's coffin. Tang Zhenye seems to be telling the world with actions: in her heart, Weng Meiling is his wife. As for Weng Meiling's death, the police identified it as "suspected suicide", and the official media reported that "she committed suicide by turning on gas at home. She died at the age of 26, and her ashes were buried in a cemetery in Cambridge, England". However, many years later, Weng Meiling's "truth of death" exploded again, and some people suspected that she did not commit suicide. A few years after Weng Meiling's death, the original forensic pathologist revealed that there was a 3cm long wound on her forehead and a small pinhole on her arm. It was speculated that "Weng Meiling did not die of gas poisoning". But at that time, under some pressure, it was kept secret. Now the times have changed and the conscience is uneasy. That's why I said it. Tang Zhenye also recalled that in order to prevent accidents, the medical examiner said at the beginning that Weng Meiling's body was wrapped in five layers of tin foil and sealed with fire paint so that no one could see it. This is very rare in Hong Kong, and there are some mysteries

1985年5月18日,翁美玲出殡,无数影迷自发赶来送她最后一程。 走的时候,翁美玲身穿白色戏服,头戴红花,躺在棺椁之中,遗容十分安详。 当汤镇业出现在现场时,人群一阵骚动,很多粉丝都在喊:打他,打死他…… 汤镇业始终不为所动。他神情憔悴,没有任何解释。只是默默拿出一个梳子,掰成了两半。一半放在翁美玲的棺椁中,一半放在了自己身上。汤镇业像在用行动昭告天下:在自己的心中,翁美玲就是自己的结发妻子。关于翁美玲的死,警方定性为“疑似自杀”,官媒报道也说“在家中开煤气自杀,卒年26岁,后骨灰安葬在英国剑桥附近墓地”。然而,多年以后,翁美玲的“死亡真相”又爆新料,有人怀疑她并非自杀。 九、 翁美玲死后数年,当初的法医突然爆料,说当时翁美玲的额头上有一个长达3厘米的外伤,手臂上有一个很小的针孔,猜测“翁美玲并非死于煤气中毒”。但当时迫于某些压力,并未大肆声张。如今时过境迁,良心不安,因此才说出来。 汤镇业也回忆说,当初法医表示为防意外,用五层锡纸包裹翁美玲遗体,并且用火漆封闭,不让任何人观看,这在香港是十分罕见的,也透着一些蹊跷……

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Since then, it was revealed that some prisoners confessed many years later, saying that they were instructed by Shen Dianxia to teach Weng Meiling a lesson in the way of rape... Unexpectedly, Weng Meiling committed suicide a week after the incident... There are different opinions, complicated and confusing, and many doubts. What is the truth? Take the most appalling one as an example: the prisoner confessed that he raped Weng Meiling at Shen Dianxia's instigation, which led to her suicide a week later... Shen Dianxia is domineering, but whether she is so mean or not, I don't care. Let's just say that Weng Meiling has such a strong character and is not afraid of death. If she really wants to experience such a humiliation, how can she not call the police? Why don't you fight to death? Don't you leave something to tell the truth before you die? What's more, one week before her death, Weng Meiling celebrated her birthday, made an autobiography, asked Zou Shilong to dance and play, filmed and quarreled with Tang Zhenye... How could she be so calm if such a big thing had happened? Based on the phone calls and messages Weng Meiling made to Tang Zhenye and Zou Shilong two days before her death, as well as her "habitual suicide" since she was a teenager, her most likely "truth of death" is suicide. Life is his last card, no matter how difficult, as long as life is still, you can fight for the chance to come back. There is only one life. No matter what kind of suicide you commit, you will give up completely. It is neither wise nor advisable.

此后,又有网友爆料,说某地囚犯多年后自述忏悔,说当年受沈殿霞指使去教训翁美玲,教训的方式居然是强奸……没想到,事发一周后翁美玲就自杀了…… 众说纷纭,扑朔迷离,疑点重重,真相到底是什么?就拿最骇人听闻的那个来说:囚犯忏悔,说受沈殿霞指使强奸翁美玲,导致她一周后自杀……沈殿霞固然霸道,有没有那么小肚鸡肠和卑鄙下作,姑且不论。单说翁美玲吧,她性格那么刚烈,又不怕死,真要经历那样的奇耻大辱,岂能不报警?不拼个鱼死网破?不在死前留下点什么,让真相大白于天下?更何况,翁美玲死前一周,她过生日,拍自传,约邹世龙跳舞和游玩,和汤镇业拍戏并吵架……那么敏感的她,如果真发生过那么大的事,怎么会如此淡定?诸此种种,结合翁美玲死前两天分别打给汤镇业和邹世龙的电话及留言,以及她从十几岁开始就形成的“惯性自杀”,她最可能的“死亡真相”,还是自杀。生命是自己最后的底牌,不管多难,只要生命还在,就可以争取重来的机会。生命只有一次,无论因为什么自杀,都是全盘放弃,既不明智,更不可取。

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Flowers are similar year by year, but people are different year by year. In the twinkling of an eye, 36 years later, all kinds of female stars and Huadan have changed one after another, but Weng Meiling still lives in the hearts of countless people with her classic screen role. Although Weng Meiling's short life is only 26 years, and her acting career is only two years, she is just as gorgeous as summer flowers and as short as a surprise, but she will always be the most beautiful moment in the world. It's not easy to write. Thank you.


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