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On the 36th anniversary of Weng Meiling's death, she once said that she was strong in appearance and fragile in heart, and finally could not escape the tragedy of emotional distress

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翁美玲逝世36周年 曾言外表堅强内心脆弱 最終難逃情困悲劇



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On the 36th anniversary of Weng Meiling's death, she once said that she was strong in appearance and fragile in heart, and finally could not escape the tragedy of emotional distress

Author: Liu siting 12:00, May 14, 2021

Last update date: 2021-05-14 15:51

The 36th anniversary of Weng Meiling's death 36 years later, Weng Meiling, 26 years old, committed suicide on May 14, 1985. At that time, the entertainment industry was in a state of melancholy. Weng Meiling, who is at the peak of her career and had an unlimited future, is said she committed suicide because of her emotional problems. How much bitterness and pain is hidden behind the shining actress?

Weng Meiling's suicide in 1985 shocked Hong Kong's entertainment circle.

Weng Meiling stands out as "Huang Rong" in Hong Kong.

During her high school stay in the UK, Weng Meiling won the second place in the Miss Chinese beauty contest in London. Later, she returned to Hong Kong to run for Miss Hong Kong. She stood out from thousands of participants and became one of the 15 candidates. However, Weng Meiling was born with a short stature of only 159cm. Because she had no height advantage, she failed to get the top three, and finally lost the election and only got the eighth place. Even Weng Meiling herself has said that because her life is too smooth, she is afraid of failure and can not afford to lose. The beauty pageant is a huge failure in her life.

Weng Meiling returned to Hong Kong in 1982 to run for Miss Hong Kong. Weng Meiling participated in the video review of Miss Hong Kong. She looks pretty and gorgeous. When Weng Meiling joined Miss Hong Kong, she was outstanding and well proportioned. During the competition, Weng Meiling responded well and had a sweet smile.

Weng Meiling lost the election of Miss Hong Kong but her popularity rose to become the forever "pretty Huang Rong".

However, it is not a blessing in disguise. Although she failed to be elected as Miss Hong Kong, Weng Meiling joined the industry, signed a contract to become an actress, and embarked on a brilliant career in the entertainment industry. In the same year, she was invited to take part in the TV series "Thirteen sisters" and made her debut as "shuanggege", the Emperor Kangxi's younger sister.

Later, Weng Meiling was lucky to get the role of the heroine "Huang Rong" in the TV series "biography of the Shooting Heroes" and quickly became popular. She vividly portrayed Huang Rong's lively and unruly personality. Her every smile and every move was full of amorous feelings and her acting skills were superb! Weng Meiling's reputation for the play has risen and her career has reached its peak. Up to now, there is still a saying that there is no Huang Rong after Weng Meiling.

Two love unforgettable, there is a rumor that many times for love suicide?

Although her career had been smooth, Weng Meiling's emotional experience has gone through many twists and turns. During her stay in the UK, it was said that Weng Meiling fell in love with a Dutch male classmate. At first, Weng Meiling's mother was very opposed to their relation. It was said that she had killed herself by taking a whole bottle of sleeping pills between the ages of 18 and 19. Fortunately, she was found in time and sent to the doctor for gastric lavage and she recovered. It is reported that her mother finally accepted Weng Meiling's love affair. It is speculated that as long as Weng Meiling threathens others with suicide, she can get the result she wants, laying the foundation for her final suicide.

Weng Meiling became very popular because of her role as "Huang Rong"

Love is both candy and poison. Before Weng Meiling's death, the most well-known and influential love is her affair with Tang Zhenye. It was widely rumored that Weng Meiling's death had something to do with it. When Weng Meiling was 24 years old, she took part in her first TV series thirteen sisters. She met Tang Zhenye, one of the five TVB tigers. They got along with each other day and night, and they became the envy of others in the entertainment industry.

It's a pity that it didn't last long. It's said that they were both Huadan and Xiaosheng. They were busy with their work, but they got together and left a lot. It's said that their relationship was good and bad, and they often quarreled because of their different personalities. The most sensational part of the story is that in 1985, it was said that two people had a fierce quarrel in the dressing room. Someone heard a woman to cry and shout, "let's break up!" It means that the relationship between the two sides is broken.

Unexpectedly, in the same year, Weng Meiling was found to have committed suicide by turning on gas at home. She was sent to hospital and died at the age of 26. The suicide incident made Tang Zhenye the target of public criticism. In those years, his friend was the popular Xiaosheng, and his career plummeted.

Weng Meiling's last set of drama was the king of the bridge, which she cooperated with Tang Zhenye.

Weng Meiling once said that she was a woman with strong appearance and fragile heart. The lack of feelings and a strong sense of insecurity, so that she has been in love and bickering about gain and loss, depressed. It's a pity that a generation of beauty, Weng Meiling, died. Among the glitz, I believe many fans will never forget Weng Meiling's peerless style.

Love is just a temporary hindrance, and difficulties will always pass. The living should know how to cherish everything they have now, cherish life, and enjoy life only when they know and cherish happiness!

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翁美玲逝世36周年 曾言外表堅强内心脆弱 最終難逃情困悲劇

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