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Weng Meiling was born in Taurus on May 7, 1959.

She has only been a star for three years. In March 1982, she signed up for the Hong Kong beauty pageant and won the eighth place. Then she began her career as a TVB artiste. She was red and purple, shining like a meteor in the night sky.

"Biography of the arched hero" has made her the most popular TV star, Huang Rong. Anyone who has seen her version will not feel that the later performers can surpass her.

Fame and fortune came quickly. She bought a house of her own in Hong Kong, but on May 14, 1985, just three years after she became famous, she turned on gas at home and committed suicide because of her emotional troubles.

Tang Zhenye, the hero of the tragic story, was the first one in the "wireless five tigers", but his career has been in a slump since then, so far.

Tang Zhenye, who has become fat, now comes out occasionally, which still makes people sigh: if Weng Meiling didn't commit suicide in those years, what would it be like?

The story of Weng Meiling has no afterstory. The dramatic thing is, unexpectedly, there is a prequel.

Robert Radboud, a Dutch man who was Weng Meiling's boyfriend while studying at Cambridge University in the UK, has surfaced.

They met in the cafeteria of Cambridge art college when they were 17 years old. They fell in love between 1976 and 1981. Because of Weng's mother's opposition and young people's misunderstanding, the love process was not smooth sailing. However, they secretly dated, traveled together, and gathered with friends. They had a lot of good times. At last, after Weng Meiling returned to Hong Kong for development, she ended up.

Many years later, Robert was over middle age and had his own family and children. He took a group photo with Weng Meiling when he was young. He wrote down their stories and uploaded them to the Internet. He shared them with the fans who had been in love with Weng Meiling for many years. We can see what kind of girl Weng Meiling was before she became Huang Rong.

On the one hand, in her girlhood, Weng Meiling was young and lively with a refined temperament; On the one hand, in her girlhood, Weng Meiling was also stubborn and rebellious.

In his memory, Weng Meiling, who was a girl, had self mutilation several times because her mother was against love, but she was saved.

"I don't think she really wants to die. Suicide is her way of getting attention," Robert said of Weng's early death "I just want to miss her with all the people who care about her," he said

Many years later, people who have been loved still think about it; Many years later, she is still remembered and loved by the audience, which shows the charm of Weng Meiling.

And her short and bright life is also an exclamation point, which reminds people to pay attention to their mental health and cherish this life only once.

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一个翁美玲在英国于剑桥读大学期间的男友,荷兰男子Robert Radboud浮出了水面。





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