This video is mostly about Kent Tong's life after Barbara passed away.

It starts with a summary of what happened in the early morning of  May 14, 1985. Barbara sent a message to Kent Tong and the content was "If you still don't reply then you cannot hear my voice forever". And the words "Darling I Love You" Barbara left on her calendar pushed Kent Tong to the forefront of the public. The fans of Barbara vented all the anger on him. Therefore Kent Tong reached his career turning point from peak to valley. Kent Tong said that he fell in love with Barbara when making TV dramas. However, that time they were both very young and often quarreled because of trivial matters. And occasionally when they had serious quarrels, they threatened each other to break up. After Barbara's suicide many reports stated that Barbara's suicide was the result of her quarrel with Kent Tong the day before. Nevertheless, Kent Tong proposed another argument that in fact they had no quarrel on that day, they just didn't contact each other. If there was a quarrel the result would not be so bad. Because they didn't talk to each other, the misunderstanding became bigger. Barbara ever sent him a message but due to the bad feeling that night he didn't see the message in time.

After Barbara passed away Kent Tong struggled a lot in his career as an actor. He eventually gave up and turned to do business. His business was doing well. (Next the video just presented all Kent Tong's marriages.) In 1993, he married former ATV actress Keung Kwan, who gave birth to a daughter and twin sons for him. The couple officially divorced in 2001. In 2008, he married Qingdao native Zou Wenjing who was 25 years old at the time. Their twin girls were born in 2008. However, while he and Keung Kwan were in the midst of their divorce, Kent was in a relationship with another woman from Guangzhou. Their son was born in 2000.

(Thanks to Nelson explaining this video)



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