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source: https://skypost.ulifestyle.com.hk/article/2826144 and https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4581348364790379

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Zheng Mingming is one of the founders of the artists' home. She mentioned that the original intention of setting it was related to the death of her good friend Weng Meiling. She said, "I knew an artist Weng Meiling, who made the legend. She has become a daily friend. Usually I go to bed early because I have to get up early. One good night, she called me and said, "I'm so unhappy. I asked her why she was not happy. She said she had problems with her boyfriend. I didn't know that she was so serious. I told her to let it wait till tomorrow and it will be fine. The next morning I listened to the radio and it said that she turned on the gas and commited suicide. "

Mingming confessed that she saw many fans and friends grieving for Weng Meiling in the spirit hall. She was very remorseful. "I'm so sorry. If I had a good understanding of her that night, it might not have happened..." later, she and uncle Qiao decided to organize an "artist's home". Through faith and friendship, she hoped that the artists would be relieved from the pressure outside of work Each other, do not want to have such tragedy again.



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On May 14, 1985, Weng Mei Ling was discovered by her then rumored boyfriend Zou Shilong to commit suicide by turning on gas in her apartment at broadcasting Road, Kowloon Tong. She was sent to Jiulong Tong Baptist Hospital for rescue and died at the age of 26. At that time, most Hong Kong media reports speculated that her suicide was related to Tang Zhenye's love problems. Tang Zhenye has been accused by thousands of people and left the entertainment circle temporarily because of the pressure of public opinion. A few years ago, his old friend Miao Qiaowei clarified for him that Tang Zhenye had already broken up with Weng Meiling for some time before the tragedy.

Tang Zhenye said in an interview with the radio earlier that he didn't mind. On the contrary, Miao Qiaowei was raved by netizens for his clarification. He felt very embarrassed, "it's hard to mention it for so many years. There is a myth that such a beautiful person will not destroy him. I don't need to rehabilitate him. God has an eye. You can tie it up. If not, it's not good. I've been through this period of time. There may be setbacks that will enrich my life. I will be more punctual and positive, and I will give you some advice one day. How long have you been eating dead cats for 20 years Men can stand up, after so many years do not want to mention, there is no need to correct. "



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