From the thirteenth sister to Chu LiuXiang's bat legend, Weng Meiling played the role of rich, unruly and capricious five times

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Weng Meiling took part in the TV series for the first time as an important supporting actress in thirteen younger sisters. In her role she was tired of the regular life in the imperial palace. Although she had a noble status, she especially yearned for the freedom of the people. When she sneaked out of the Imperial Palace, because she didn't understand the world, she fell in love with Yufeng (thirteen younger sisters) disguised as a man. Later, she knew that she was behind her daughter, Although sad, but her optimistic character soon accepted this fact, and married with thirteen younger sister Jinlan.

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As Weng Meiling's excellent performance in "Thirteen younger sisters" has won the audience's love, and since then laid a good start in her acting career, so next, she has played a series of rich, unruly and capricious roles similar to Shuangge, plus Shuangge for a total of five times, so the screen image has: lively, ancient spirit and strange rich girl. In particular, the role of Huang Rong in the biography of the archery heroes directly brought her acting career to the peak. Her performance of Huang Rong was known all over the world and became popular in the Chinese community all over the country and overseas. In the 1980s, she also had the title of "Queen of stickers", because there are many stickers about Weng Meiling. It is estimated that many people still treasure them now.

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Since Weng Meiling and Miao Qiaowei were both popular actors they have been joined up by the TV station. In ancient costume plays, they all appeared as lovers on the screen. For example, Lin Chuyan, played by Weng Meiling in the master of heaven, is the only daughter of local officials. Naturally, she is a very self willed and temperamental master. However, she has a deep love for situ Wenwu (Miao Qiaowei). After several changes, they end up together, which is a very happy ending.

In rusty bridge king, Weng Meiling is more powerful. She begins to challenge her acting skills. She plays two roles. She is a pair of twin sisters who have been separated since childhood. After her sister is taken away, she grows up in a rich family and studies abroad. She is beautiful and talented, with a noble temperament.

Although her younger sister, Lin Peiying, grew up with her parents and has a good family, she adheres to her father's will and insists on not dressing herself up and "not showing her wealth". She is careless and unruly. Sometimes she becomes a shrew in other people's eyes, so she is often ridiculed as "shrew Ying".

In the legend of Chu LiuXiang's bat, she also plays a noble role. Sang Xiaojing, the princess of Yongjing, still plays a couple with Miao Qiaowei. Naturally, the princess secretly runs out of the palace to have fun, and naturally she is unruly and willful. But at the same time, she also has a strong sense of justice and likes to fight against injustice, The so-called newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.