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Weng Meiling is the most beautiful girl

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Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye are well known and the most sensational, resentful and regretful couple.

Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye met in the costume drama "Thirteen sisters". When shooting "biography of the Shooting Heroes", Weng Meiling accidentally hurt her eyes when shooting martial arts scenes. Tang Zhenye was so nervous that she went to the hospital to accompany her every day. Weng Meiling was moved by his true feelings and never forgot this sweet day.

In the second half of 1984, Weng Meiling's career was still at its peak, and Tang Zhenye was also proud of his film circle. However, because of their own development, they began to get together more and more. Tang Zhenye spent more time alone in other places, and inevitably some women appeared around him. And Weng Meiling also spread good news with Miao Qiaowei, Liang Chaowei and others.

In April 1985, Weng Meiling met Stephen Chau . During most of April, she danced with Stephen Chau in the dance hall almost every night. Of course, the news soon came to Tang's ears. At the same time, Tang Zhenye also spread rumors of having affairs with other actresses. The night before the suicide, Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye had a big fight in the dressing room and broke up. On May 14, 1985, Weng Meiling drank half a bottle of brandy, took some narcotic drugs with brandy, and then turned on the bathroom gas stove to destroy herself.

For 29 years, Weng Meiling has not been forgotten for a long time. Because of the roller replay of the story of the shooting hero, she has attracted many new fans of the post-80s generation. The past May 7 was Weng Meiling's 54 year old birthday. Cha Xiaoxin also exposed an unknown love triangle:

Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye

If, 29 years ago, Weng Meiling's solution to her emotional troubles was to drink and get drunk for three days instead of turning on the gas to commit suicide, she should celebrate this mother's day with her children and her elderly mother, instead of going to the yellow spring when she was 26.

I (CHA Xiaoxin) have been an editor of weekly for many years. I have witnessed the life and death, happiness and sorrow, ups and downs of career, marriage and divorce, being spoiled, sold out, eliminated, cold and warm feelings, bad luck, failure to meet talent, turning the tide, wealth and poverty, joys and sorrows, salted fish turning over, self abandonment, struggling for survival. It seems that I have lived several lifetimes, memory bursting, and can't be deleted automatically Less memory, how many past events are like the past, for many familiar names, feel strange. But over the past 29 years, I have mentioned Weng Meiling from time to time. I believe it is because she was a qualified taxi friend (what a nostalgic night show) and she experienced a strange event after her death.

Before Weng Meiling became popular with Huang Rong, I was optimistic that she would become popular with her lively and nimble face, jumping personality, and audience affinity that is hard to cultivate. Therefore, when I invited Andy Lau to shoot the cover of weekly magazine and designed a sentimental style, I thought of Weng Meiling. This is Weng Meiling's first weekly cover since she joined the industry, and her partner became popular with the TV series falcon Andy Lau, handsome man and beautiful woman. On a cold night of 7 degrees centigrade, on the mountain, the north wind was blowing hard. When she took a hard photo of riding a motorcycle, Weng Meiling was wearing a thin dress and the cold wind. She didn't complain. Since then there has been contact. After she became a TV station Huadan, she seldom got electricity. Until she met again in a taxi, she kept in close contact with each other, and almost met in a taxi late. At the beginning, her flower protector was Tang Zhenye, and Stephen Chau was with her soon. Although she didn't say it clearly, people with clear eyes could see that she was in a triangle relationship, and it was difficult to make a choice between the two men. I met her again two weeks before she committed suicide, and she looked worried, and then came the news of her death.

About a year after her death, I went into the bookstore on a whim and took a copy of the real record of solving a case written by a retired detective. I was surprised to see Weng Meiling's address. It turned out that there had been two homicides in the house where she lived in more than ten years. Both of the dead were women, and Weng Meiling was the third dead. This discovery immediately made headlines and caused a sensation For a while, sales soared. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to further follow up next time. I suddenly got a phone call from Li juming, a friend of a well-known scholar. He earnestly advised, "that's enough. It's no good for anyone to follow up. "I can't help but feel cold on my back. I'm afraid I'll involve others and I won't follow up. This is also the first case in my editing career that I gave up pursuing. (CHA Xiaoxin)

The last few days when pretty Huang Rong fell in love with handsome Yang Kang

Tang Zhenye and Weng Meiling once had a happy group photo

The relationship between Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye is always entangled by gossip. Both of them have many beautiful legends about each other. This state of affairs doomed their relationship to be unstable.

At the beginning of 1985, Tang Zhenye, who returned to Hong Kong from Taiwan, gave up the house he rented with Weng Meiling at that time, and moved back to Meifu new village from broadcast road. Before the Spring Festival of that year (about February), Weng Meiling overheard that Tang Zhenye had another girlfriend. She was angry and swallowed four sleeping pills to commit suicide. She regretted it so much that she called a doctor to help her escape.

At the beginning of May, Weng Meiling was asked why she was pale. She perfunctorily said that because she had taken the wrong medicine, her answer was even more suspicious. She speculated that she had attempted suicide again. The next day, Tang Zhenye packed up the clothes left at Weng Meiling's home and broke up without leaving a trace, indicating that he wanted to make a clean break with Weng Meiling.

On Sunday, May 12, Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye went out with their playmates.

At 12:50 p.m. on May 13, Weng Meiling went home alone in her company car and called Tang Zhenye, but she didn't reply. Weng Meiling left a message saying that she would never be heard if she did not return. In the early morning of May 14, she called Stephen Chau again and told her that she had been very hard and that it was boring to live. At 1:25 a.m., Stephen Chau drove to Weng Meiling's house to visit her downstairs, but she didn't answer the call and couldn't get in.

At 7 a.m. on May 14, Stephen Chau went to Weng Meiling's apartment again. He still couldn't open the door, so he climbed into Weng Meiling's kitchen from the balcony and found Weng Meiling's body.

The relationship between Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye is always entangled by gossip. Both of them have many beautiful legends about each other. This kind of state doomed their relationship to be unstable.

At the beginning of 1985, Tang Zhenye, who returned to Hong Kong from Taiwan, gave up the house he rented with Weng Meiling at that time, and moved back to Meifu new village from broadcast road. Before the Spring Festival of that year (about February), Weng Meiling overheard that Tang Zhenye had another girlfriend. She was angry and tried to commit suicide for the first time. She did not remember that she had said, "I will never commit suicide for love, so stupid Is it worth dying for someone who doesn't love you anymore. Weng Meiling swallowed four sleeping pills at one time. After that, she regretted her "stupidity" very much. She dialed the phone and found a way for the doctor to teach her how to wash her stomach. She escaped.

After a "test" of death, Weng Meiling didn't let it go. Soon after, she turned on the gas stove to try to feel intoxicated and comatose in the gas. But as soon as she turned on the coal stove, a friend called on her to stop her suicidal impulse.

At this time, Weng Meiling was so frustrated with her life that she gave up on herself. In Hong Kong, she has few close friends and even fewer of her peers. Once I ran into my old boyfriend Alex, Weng Meiling complained to him: "I don't know what I'm doing day and night. It seems that I have no goal. I once wanted to resign twice to talk to he Jialian, but I couldn't find it twice. I couldn't resign. "

Huang Rong: Weng Meiling

It's rare for two people to have leisure time to walk around together

The above oral statement of Weng Meiling seems to show that her suicide was not simply caused by love, but by the dual dilemma of career and love. What Tang Zhenye said in Sina's guest chat should be true: "maybe she was very popular at that time. When she was under other pressure, it might be more pressure for her. She didn't want to fall down. She wanted to maintain her influence and progress. There was really pressure on her work. There was no way to be an artist. It depends on how you look. If you don't pay too much attention to this, it doesn't matter if you don't do the first, the second, the third. Maybe it's better to be optimistic. If a person always wants to be the first, then your heart can not bear the corresponding pressure, there will be a problem. She is like this at work and in love. She is more tired under the double pressure. "

As for Weng Meiling's fragile character, Tang Zhenye didn't give in. They began to fight each other secretly. In February 1985, Tang Zhenye and Zhong Chuhong appeared over exposed scenes in their co starring films. Weng Meiling was very angry. In a rage, she took a group of sexy photos for a magazine. Weng Meiling began to lose weight in the second half of 1984. When she was interviewed by the media, she revealed that she had lost four pounds in a week. This was not the result of losing weight, but the "evil result" of love and career failure.

Although her career continued to decline, Weng Meiling didn't make every effort in her performance. On March 17, 1985, she went to Singapore again to perform and make money in Singapore. The next day, Hong Kong magazine published the original sexy photos, causing a stir in the entertainment industry. During the performance, Weng met a Singaporean businessman who courted with a diamond ring worth 20000 Hong Kong dollars, which made her laugh and cry.

On April 6, 1985, he participated in the "100000 hour celebration ceremony" held at wireless Elizabeth Stadium to celebrate the 100000 hour broadcast of wireless television. At the same time, he sang with Huang Rihua the theme song of "the heart of iron and blood in archery" in "the review of stars" on feicuitai. On April 7, they all attended Jackie Chan's 29th birthday party with Tang Zhenye, and made a hasty trip from the set of challenge to the restaurant.

Once pure love

In late April, Weng Meiling took over the role of Maggie Cheung, who was determined to leave wireless, and finished her last play, Chu he Han Jie. In this play, Weng Meiling's role is just a minor supporting role, and her popularity has fallen to the bottom. Her minor supporting role only appears in one or two episodes of this play.

The relationship with Tang Zhenye has been in a state of cold war. One day in April, Weng Meiling and her friends were drinking and dancing in a disco. She happened to meet Stephen Chau , who was Anita Mui's public boyfriend at that time. Stephen Chau fell in love with Weng Meiling at first sight and began to pursue her crazily. Weng Meiling, who is lonely and resentful, quickly agrees to Zou's pursuit. At the same time, she also wants to use her attitude of falling in love with Stephen Chau to stimulate Tang Zhenye. So for most of April, Weng Meiling danced with master Zou in discotheques almost every night.

Tang Zhenye didn't feel sad because of this. During the period when Weng Meiling and Stephen Chau went out and joined the nightclub, Tang Zhenye and Wu Junru became closer and closer. Watching movies and singing karaoke together have been photographed by reporters for many times. In pain, Weng Meiling often sits alone on the set, full of worries, and tears alone in no one's place.

The following is the last letter from Weng Meiling to her British family, full of endless sighs:

Dear mommy, uncle and Shela

How are you? I've come home. I've been on stage and playing for two days in Singapore. Now I'm going to come back to play. If I don't want to go back to Hong Kong, I'm very happy there. I also bought a pair of earrings that I hope you will like. I heard that Yadi will go to England in May, and I'll ask him to take them with me. When I come back to work, I don't know when I will have a free time.

I went to see the physiologist last time. He said that I must be 31 years old before I can get married. Then I will have to endure another five years! Alas, it's really hard. Chunxia will be in school by that time, and I can't even recognize her fate. Is Shela's new BB male or female? Let's make a bet! In fact, the more children we have in our family, the better. It will be better if we are more lively. I believe we will have a chance to meet the new baby when we come back at the end of this year, but Chunxia is still my favorite. OK, I'm going to work in the factory. I wish you peace and happiness. Mommy, take care of yourself. I'm fine. Don't read. Please give me your regards Lao Dou.

My daughter

There seems to be a good omen in early May. Wireless plans to shoot the play "king of the bridge". Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye cooperate in the play as lovers for the first time. At that time, the photos of two people taking a group photo in the entertainment news seemed to indicate that their relationship was recovering. But at that time, Weng Meiling was pale and asked by the reporter why. She perfunctorily said that because she had taken the wrong medicine, her answer was even more suspicious. It was speculated that she had attempted suicide again.

The media hoped to take a closer picture of Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye, so they were asked to put on a new look and show their love. They reluctantly completed the task with stiff expression. After that, without waiting for Weng Meiling, Tang Zhenye left alone, which made Weng Meiling go from resentment to despair and play with Stephen Chau late that night.

The next day, Weng Meiling and Tang Meiling left no trace of their clothes. Although there are others to persuade, in the end, it is of no help.

When she was on stage in Singapore at that time, Weng Meiling drew a lot of words, such as "there is no boat in the sea of love, the fate of 18", which made Weng Meiling sleepless for several nights. It's a prophecy that things will go on so well in the end.

In May, Weng Meiling is getting closer and closer to death. On May 3, she took part in the "celebrity charity competition", which is her last appearance on TV. On May 5, she found a feng shui master to go home to watch Feng Shui. She always thought that the feng shui of the house was the reason for the breakdown of their relationship, and she still dreamed that she could start with Tang Zhenye again; On May 6, a magazine filmed Weng Meiling's last photo album; from May 7 to 9, she filmed her autobiography for the company in meiguigang middle school, where she once studied; on May 7, Weng Meiling spent her birthday alone.

On the evening of May 10, at the weekend, Weng Meiling found Stephen Chau to dance with her. Zou Yu asked her to visit Macao the next day. On May 11 (Saturday), Weng Meiling and Stephen Chau appeared on the streets of Macao together, while Tang Zhenye, Wu Junru, Miao Qiaowei and Qi Meizhen also went on a trip together. The separated couples were looking for new lovers, which became the hot news of the next day's newspapers.

On May 12 (Sunday), Weng Meiling and Stephen Chau returned to Hong Kong from Macao. At 11:00 a.m. on May 13 (Monday), the reporter went to Weng Meiling's home for an interview. Taking photos of Tang Zhenye and Wu Junru, she asked Weng Meiling how she felt. Weng Meiling pretended to be generous and said it was nothing. There seems to be no possibility of giving up and returning to the good. In the afternoon, Weng Meiling went to the studio to start work. She met the reporter at the gate of Jiabai garden, and took photos and chatted with her. At that time, Weng Meiling tried to calm down and talk and laugh. She could not be expected to commit suicide.

"The king of the bridge" is still in shooting, and it is still the leading role of the two of them, but they are very embarrassed when they say goodbye. However, some people said that after the end of the night, Weng Meiling cried out: "in this case, let's break up. "- in fact, they have already broken up.

At 12:50 p.m., Weng Meiling went home alone in her company car and called Tang Zhenye, but she didn't reply. Weng Meiling left a message saying that she would never be heard if she did not return. In the early morning of the next day (May 14), she called Stephen Chau again and told her that she had been very hard and that it was boring to live. At 1:25 a.m., Stephen Chau drove to Weng Meiling's house to visit her downstairs, but she didn't answer the call and couldn't get in.

At that time, Weng Meiling had already drunk all her anger, sorrow and nervousness with liquor and gas. Drinking poison to quench thirst brings endless sleep. At 7 a.m. on May 14, Stephen Chau went to Weng Meiling's apartment again. He still couldn't open the door, so he climbed into Weng Meiling's kitchen from the balcony, pried the door open and entered Weng Meiling's home.

Wearing pink pajamas, Weng Meiling, like a giant exhausted butterfly, was in a coma in the living room. On her calendar card, there is a sentence: Darling I love you. When Stephen Chau sent Weng Meiling to the Baptist Hospital, only her death was confirmed. It is estimated that Weng Meiling died at three or four o'clock in the morning.

The day on which Weng Meiling committed suicide was the birthday of her Uncle Chen Jing. The day before, Weng's mother also received a pair of diamond earrings sent from Hong Kong by Weng Meiling's friend.

At 6:00 p.m. on the 15th, Weng's mother arrived in Hong Kong accompanied by her sister-in-law. Nearly 100 reporters had been waiting in the airport for a long time, but they were all empty. Wireless takes care of Weng Meiling's grief of seeing off the brunette. It has negotiated with the airport and secretly left to live in Weng Meiling's surrogate mother's home. In the early morning of the 16th, Weng's surrogate mother, sister Qian and other five people came to the mortuary with Weng's passport to recognize her body and prepare for Weng Meiling's death.

Weng Meiling's coffin, worth 20000 yuan, is made of American peach wood. It is surrounded by copper, lined with white silk and covered with transparent glass. Weng Meiling's shroud is similar to the one she wore in rusty bridge king. In order to make Weng Meiling's face not congested, the makeup artist specially injected liquid medicine into her face to keep her face lifelike.

Tang Zhenye first presented eleven roses for her and pinned one of them on her hair, which showed that Weng Meiling was his dearest.

A large number of people came to the memorial hall to offer sacrifices: Jackie Chan, Zhang Mingmin, Carina Lau, Lu Fang, Hu Huizhong, Zheng Yuling, Qi Meizhen, Zhao Yazhi

On May 28, Weng Meiling's ashes were sent to Britain for burial. Beside her tombstone, there is a crying angel.

The news of Weng Meiling's suicide spread quickly. At 10 o'clock, Tang Zhenye and Miao Qiaowei rushed to Weng Meiling's residence in weijinyuan. They deeply regretted that they had not been able to stop the tragedy. He fell down with tears on his face and repeatedly said, "Why are you so stupid? What can't be solved? "

For Tang Zhenye, this is a woman who "pains me when I was born, and even more when I die.". All day on the 14th, Tang Zhenye was in a trance. His relatives took turns to guard him. At night, he was forced to take a sleeping pill before he fell asleep.

On the morning of the 15th, accompanied by Miao Qiaowei, Tang Zhenye came to Hong Kong Red public mortuary and asked to see Weng Meiling for the last time. At 10 o'clock, he turned back to the mortuary again, found the relationship with his acquaintances, and finally entered the mortuary through his bitter pleading.

The box with Weng Meiling's body has been painted to prevent fans from peeping at her remains. After the forensic medicine unties the lacquer of the box, Tang Zhenye steps forward and hugs Weng Meiling's body in tears. Stephen Chau failed to see Weng Meiling's last face.

When the news of Weng Meiling's suicide spread to Britain, Weng's mother fainted immediately after hearing the news, and her heart disease recurred due to excessive grief. She had to be sedated by injection. Weng Meiling's uncle is calm and reveals more about Weng Meiling's final emotional entanglement with Tang Zhenye and Stephen Chau . "She revealed on the phone that she recently met a new boyfriend and was very kind to her. I told her on the phone that, in this case, we should seize the opportunity, but she said that she and he were just ordinary friends and had no relationship Later, I told my elder sister (Weng mu) about these words. Her mother immediately called Hong Kong to ask if she would break up with Tang Zhenye, but she denied it on the phone. I don't know why she was inconsistent. "

It's a coincidence that Weng Meijing's birthday is her uncle's. The day before, Weng's mother received a pair of diamond earrings from Hong Kong sent by Weng Meiling to her friend. "This is my birthday. My sister (Weng's mother) said," today is your birthday. Please go to Chinatown in London for dinner. "This is the day, and it's also the time when my daughter (Weng Meiling) passed away She always called to wish my birthday, but I was surprised that she didn't call me that day. "

At 6:00 p.m. on the 15th, Weng's mother arrived in Hong Kong accompanied by her sister-in-law. Nearly 100 reporters were waiting at the airport, but they were all empty. Wireless takes care of Weng Meiling's grief of seeing off the brunette. It has negotiated with the airport and secretly left to live in Weng Meiling's surrogate mother's home. In the early morning of the 16th, Weng's surrogate mother, sister Qian and other five people came to the mortuary with Weng's passport to recognize her body and prepare for Weng Meiling's death. At 2 p.m., the corpse was taken by the world funeral home and quickly loaded into a special refrigerator by van.

Weng Meiling sleeps in an American peach coffin worth 20000 yuan. It is surrounded by copper, lined with white silk and covered with transparent glass. Weng Meiling is wearing a white embroidered costume when she acted. The one who makes up for Weng Meiling is Chen Meiling of the same name, who has the highest academic record in the same industry in Hong Kong. In order to keep Weng Meiling's face free from congestion, she specially injected liquid medicine into her face to keep her face lifelike.

It was day and night that Tang Zhenye arrived at Weng Meiling's surrogate mother's home to express his sympathy to Weng Meiling's mother, Zhang Mingyi, and knelt down to apologize. However, death could not bring her back to life, which made Weng's mother cry more tragically.

On the evening of the 17th, the world funeral home set up a memorial hall for Weng Meiling. Weng Meiling believed in Catholicism, so she had a cross on her spiritual throne. Before her spiritual throne, she placed two flower bottles and two candle seats, each of which could hold three candles. The posthumous photos placed in the hall are the photos of aong when she participated in the beauty contest of sister Hong Kong. The photos are selected by Weng's mother and are the most beautiful image of her daughter in her eyes. There are flowers all over the place, and a pair of elegiac couplets read "don't worry about your birthday when you return to earth, and when you rise to heaven and resurrect.".

At 11 a.m. on the 18th of the next day, it was time to send the wreath. Weng's mother, Weng's surrogate mother, sister Qian and Weng's uncle, who was still in England, all sent the wreath. In grief, Tang Zhenye sent two wreaths, one in China and one in the West. The Chinese wreath says, "Dear Weng Meiling, I love you forever. The western style wreath reads "Dear Barbara I love you forever love fund." Stephen Chau 's wreath reads "in font memory from Stephen Chau ."

At 1:00 p.m., Tang Zhenye came to the Lingtang. Facing Weng Meiling's face, he was expressionless and dull. When Zhang Lingyi and his daughter leave the hall, they cry.

The coffin was 45 liters on May 19. At 11:45 a.m., the funeral began with a Catholic ceremony, and the chorus of the choir gave the mourning hall a sense of tranquility and solemnity. At 12 o'clock, holy water was sprinkled, and then relatives and friends looked at the remains. Because the makeup is good, Weng Meiling's face is still ruddy. Tang Zhenye also planted a rose on her right sideburns, then put 11 roses on the lid of the coffin, folded a comb in half, threw off the comb tail, left the comb in the coffin, and completely regarded Weng Meiling as her dead wife. After that, Liu Dehua, Liang Chaowei, Miao Qiaowei and Huang Rihua, the four tigers of wireless five tigers, and Xiao Sheng, Li Tiansheng and he Jialian, the producers of wireless, carried the coffin and helped the spirit.

The crowd who came to see Weng Meiling off was already crowded on both sides of the road. There were so many people competing to see the star's funeral, which caused a lot of traffic pressure. Nearly 100 policemen were sent out to surround the iron horse to be on guard. However, three girls still fainted due to heatstroke.

The body was sent to the crematorium in Cape gotachen for cremation, but at the last moment, none of the relatives and friends would like to press the cremation button to let Weng Meiling's body and the valuable coffin assimilate into ashes, and finally the priest had to work for her.

On May 28, Weng Meiling's ashes were sent to Britain for burial. Since the tombstone has not yet been completed, the ashes were not buried in the soil until June 3. The burial ceremony was held in the auditorium of a Catholic Cemetery on new market road, Cambridge.

Weng Meiling's cemetery is opposite a small Catholic Church. It's Weng Meiling's Uncle Chen Jing's idea to choose such a place. He thinks that Weng Meiling can have peace of mind when she lies here and faces the cross on the church.

The cemetery is a permanent cemetery purchased by Weng Meiling's family for her. It costs 225 pounds and has a beautiful environment. The price of Weng Meiling's tombstone is not low. It is made of white marble and carved into a heart shape. The bottom of the tombstone is also full of roses Weng Meiling likes, which Chen Jing drew when he designed the tombstone.

According to the usual schedule, it would take three months for the stone maker to complete the work. However, moved by his Uncle Chen Jing's sincerity and grief at that time, he also knew that the owner of the tombstone was a popular movie star in Southeast Asia, so he agreed to make an exception to catch up.

On the tombstone of Weng Meiling, there is a picture of her participation in the beauty contest in 1982, which is engraved with "Weng Meiling's tomb" and a cross.

The inscription on the tombstone is written in English:

In Loving Memory of Barbara Yung

Born May 7. 1959

Died May 14. 1985

Aged 26

Seek First The Kindom of God

Lonely Is The Home Without you Life To Us Is Not The Same

All The World Would Be Like Heaven If We Could Have you Back Again

A weeping angel guarded her graveyard.

When Weng Meiling died, Weng's mother, Zhang Mingyi, was 58 years old.

This picture is the memory of many young people's childhood. There are even some ballads: "silly Guo Jing marries Huang Rong, ha ha, old urchin" and so on. At that time, Weng Meiling was astonished.

Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye once loved each other very much

Stephen Chau has had an affair with Anita Mui and Weng Meiling.

"I know that Anita Mui's boyfriend at that time was on two feet, and the other girlfriend of this man was my good friend Weng Meiling. I couldn't tell the truth at that time. Ah Mei felt that I was not satisfied with her boyfriend until the death of Weng Meiling. She saw who was holding Weng Meiling to the hospital. Ah Mei cried for three days after she knew the truth, and then apologized for blaming me. Luo junzuo, a TVB artist who underwent amputation earlier, said in an interview with RTHK recently that her good friend Anita Mui and Weng Meiling had a triangular relationship.

Hurt by love

Anita Mui and Weng Meiling fall in love

Luo junzuo and Anita Mui had a deep friendship when they met each other. Luo junzuo said that before Ah Mei entered the entertainment industry, he had already known each other. Going out to play and spending money together is a real friendship. However, they also tried to quarrel. At that time, he found that her boyfriend was on two feet, and another girlfriend was his good friend Weng Meiling. He told her not to be too involved, but she scolded him not to separate her relationship with her boyfriend. Later, Weng Meiling died. Ah Mei knew that her boyfriend was holding Weng Meiling to the hospital. She cried for three days. Then she apologized to Luo junzuo and said she had misunderstood him. He told Ah Mei that he didn't have to apologize, but he didn't expect that it was only after the death of Weng Meiling that it was clear. Although Luo junzuo didn't disclose the name of the man, looking through the records, Stephen Chau had an affair with Ah Mei and Weng Meiling during that period.

Heroine of women

Anita Mui and Weng Meiling stand out to block the gun

Luo junzuo also points out that Ah Mei and Weng Meiling are both female heroes. Once he went to a nightclub and met a drunk police officer. During the collision, a police officer pointed a gun at him. Weng Meiling, who was in the room at that time, immediately came out and scolded the police officer. When Ah Mei arrived at the scene, he helped him block and continued to scold each other. He felt that both Weng Meiling and Ah Mei were like chivalrous women, but he didn't dare to speak at all. So he was very grateful to them. Now he wants to help Ah Mei fulfill his wish. He knows that Ah Mei has always wanted to organize the first rookie reunion. He has found 11 contestants. Originally, there will be activities on January 11, but now it will be postponed to June due to his physical problems. Anita Mui won the rookie singing competition in 1982 and made her debut.

Tang Zhenye after many years

Tang Zhenye and Wenjing hold frog puppets and kiss each other sweetly.

Tang Zhenye, a 50 year old Hong Kong movie star, married Wenjing, a 24-year-old girl from Qingdao on May 2. Recently, their wedding photos were exposed. Tang Zhenye's wife Wenjing also revealed their sweet love history to the media for the first time.

Wenjing studied in the Department of broadcasting and hosting in the film and Television College of Sichuan Normal University. In her junior year, she participated in the competition of QiLu TV station and became one of the seven contract hosts of the station, hosting variety shows and interview programs. However, Wen Jing, who hoped for greater development, left for Shanghai and worked as the general manager of media in a brand company. In 2005, for planning an advertisement, Wen Jing found Tang Zhenye's brother to speak for her. It was in Guangzhou that Tang Zhenye and Wenjing met for the first time. Tang Zhenye thought Wenjing was the assistant of the boss at that time. He felt that the girl had elegant temperament and good conversation. Later, after learning that Wenjing is the chief advertising planner, Tang Zhenye was deeply surprised and praised Wenjing for her talent.

Attract each other love songs conquer beauty

During the three months of contact, they gradually got to know each other. After the shooting of the advertisement, Wenjing returned to Shanghai. Ah Tang often called to chat with her, and they fell in love naturally. On the first date, Wen Jing said, "it was the day before I went back to Shanghai. He sang with his friends at KTV and sent me a short message so that I could come over and play. Because I never looked at my mobile phone at work, I didn't get back to him in time. He thought I was angry, and soon sent a short message saying: don't get me wrong, I just want to hear you sing a song or I sing a song to send you. I finished my work at 23 o'clock and went there. But among so many people, I only know him. I'm sorry to sing. Ah Tang sang a lot of songs. He likes to sing Andy Lau's songs, but the first song he gave me was "who do you love in the end?". "

Love life in Sanya is full of sunshine

In his quiet eyes, Tang Zhenye is a man who says less and does more. Although he doesn't have the habit of expressing himself to his sweetheart often, he has already made his own "abacus" in his heart. "Last year, we went to Sanya for a holiday with a few friends. It was more than 11 pm at that time, and we were still drinking and reveling together. Ah Tang is usually very shy, but maybe he drank a little wine that day and said a lot about our future plans. He said that he felt full of sunshine when he was with me, and that he had planned to marry me in 2008. In this way, surrounded by his friends, Tang Zhenye knelt down and proposed to Wen Jing in public. And instead of a wedding ring with a bracelet wrapped in the quiet ring finger.

Shy ah Tang only said "I love you" three times

At the wedding held in Qingdao, some drunken Tang Zhenye made love to the bride, made romance and expressed his love in public. But in Wenjing's view, the shy ah Tang was extraordinary that day. "He is not a very sweet talker. He seldom talks about" I love you ". From acquaintance to marriage, I have heard him say" I love you "three times. "

Friends ask? Ah Tang will return to Hong Kong for a wedding banquet

After their marriage came to light, Mr. and Mrs. a Tang, who were in the mainland, kept receiving blessing calls from their friends in Hong Kong. However, after their mobile phones were "blasted" by the Hong Kong media, they were both turned off for a time, and even Andy Lau did not contact them. At present, their low-key marriage has caused "public indignation" in Hong Kong's circle of friends. It is revealed that after their return to Hong Kong, Tang Zhenye and his wife will invite friends in the circle, including Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Huang Rihua and Miao Qiaowei, who made their debut at the same time with Tang Zhenye. "Of course, we have also heard that many Hong Kong media are ready for the siege at the airport. Wen Jing smiles helplessly.

Tang Zhenye, his ex-wife Jiang Kun and one daughter and two sons. (information chart)

When it comes to Tang Zhenye, no one does not think of Weng Meiling. From Weng Meiling's first work thirteen sisters, she fell in love with Tang Zhenye. However, Tang Meiling felt that she could not grasp Weng's experience. In the days after that, Weng Meiling was chased by Anita Mui's boyfriend Stephen Chau , while Tang Zhenye was very close to Wu Junru, and their relationship became more and more tense. In 1985, the accidental death of Weng Meiling made Tang Zhenye unable to lift his head for a long time, and his acting career never recovered.

A Tang's ex-wife is known as "a copy of Lin Qingxia"

It was not until 1993 that Tang Zhenye finally got out of the shadow of Weng Meiling and married Jiang Kun, 13 years younger than himself. Jiang Kun, a native of Tianjin, went to Hong Kong with her family when she was a teenager. Later, she was admitted to the ATV art training class. She said, "during the training class, I had the happiest time in Hong Kong. There were 12 people in our class. They taught me Cantonese and read manuscripts together They are my good friends in Hong Kong. Jiang Kun has a high nose and double eyelids. He is gentle and lovely. After graduation, he was praised by sub vision. He is known as "a copy of Lin Qingxia" and has made plays such as "the true story of brother Fei".

Jiang Kun fell in love with Tang Zhenye when he was not in the entertainment industry. After three years of dating, Jiang Kun was pregnant with Tang Zhenye's flesh and blood in 1993, so he decided to quit the entertainment industry. In the same year, they registered for marriage. After marriage, Jiang Kun gave birth to one daughter and two sons for Tang Zhenye. After Jiang Kun married Tang Zhenye, she was very happy. She could be regarded as the best wife. She could not only cook Guangdong food, which her husband loved, but also cook Tianjin food with good taste. Their daughter aijiaku looks like her father. She is fat and lovely.

Take care of ex-wife and three children after divorce

However, due to the fact that Tang Zhenye has reduced the number of pre screen performances, he is committed to developing the catering industry and production companies in the mainland. With more and more social activities and less time to return to Hong Kong, there was also negative news that he was very popular with girls in the mainland. There was a rift between his husband and wife. Tang Zhenye tried hard to save them, but he was still unable to return. They finally broke up in 2002 and ended up in divorce.

However, with an annual income of 10 million, Tang Zhenye still often finds time to visit his children and take care of his ex-wife and three children. At that time, Jiang Kun, who had separated from ah Tang, was helpless and regretful. She once said frankly, "ah Tang is a responsible person and a good person. As for whether he has a woman or not, I don't know and I don't care. I only care about three children. There are many reasons for our separation. This is a secret between me and Tom. I thought he was my relative. Although he was in the mainland all day, he would give money to his family and return home to play with his children when he was free. He was a good father. "

Be considerate of the bride and never mention Weng Meiling

Tang Zhenye married his girlfriend more than 20 years younger than himself in the year of his destiny. Many people are worried about the "generation gap" caused by the age gap between them. In response, Wen Jing, the bride, said, "when we are in love, although there are not so many sweet words, we often chat on the phone for four or five hours. "

As soon as the news of Tang Zhenye's remarriage came to light, many viewers compared his early group photo with Weng Meiling and his family photo with his ex-wife Jiang Kun. Wen Jing said with a cool smile, "I have never mentioned more about the past, because I am afraid to poke his heart. Once, while Weng Meiling was on the Internet, I secretly watched the news about them. Ah Tang caught me. He gave me a generous smile, which made me feel very unnatural. As for his ex-wife Jiang Kun, we have met. His two sons live in school now. They are very sensible and lovely. They are easy to get along with. "


Stephen Chau today

Stephen Chau : Hong Kong Star maker

Stephen Chau was born in 1963. He was Anita Mui's first boyfriend in the world after she entered the entertainment industry. He also had an affair with Weng Meiling. He was named "playboy" at that time, but after he married his wife, there were few rumors about his affair.

Stephen Chau is the son of a rich family in Hong Kong. He has a very close personal relationship with he chaoqiong. In 1997, Stephen Chau set up his own model manager company, zhongxingtang. Now he is a popular model agent in Hong Kong. He has discovered Weng Meiling, Maggie Q, etc.

A happy family of four.



翁美玲 至美紅顏不敵虛幻歡

2014-05-16  新華網 發表于娛樂

翁美玲和湯鎮業,這是人盡皆知的一對 也是最轟動、最令人憤恨和惋惜的一對。





翁美玲 湯鎮業





俏「黃蓉」愛上了帥「楊康」 最後的那幾天





































翁美玲身穿粉紅色的睡衣,像一隻衰竭的巨大蝴蝶,昏迷在客廳之中。在她的日曆牌上,留着一句話:DARING I LOVE YOU。鄒世龍將翁美玲送到浸會醫院時,只證實了她的死亡。估計翁美玲在凌晨三四點的時候就已經告別了人世。

















次日18日上午11時,是致送花圈的時候,翁母、翁的代母、乾姐,以及還在英國的翁的舅父都送來花圈。悲痛中的湯鎮業送了兩個花圈,一中一西。中文的花圈寫着:「親愛的翁美玲,我永遠深愛着你。湯鎮業敬輓」;西式的花圈寫着:「DEAREST BARBARA I LOVE YOU FOREVER LOVER KENT.」鄒世龍的花圈上寫着:「IN FOND MEMORY FROM STEPHEN CHAU .」











In Loving Memory of Barbara Yung

Born May 7. 1959

Died May 14. 1985

Aged 26

Seek First The Kindom of God

Lonely Is The Home Without you Life To Us Is Not The Same

All The World Would Be Like Heaven If We Could Have you Back Again

















物是人非 多年後的湯鎮業




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