Hong Kong newspaper in 1995

  • On Hua Zai's pressure due to rumors
  • Michael Miu's life depends on four true words

Today is the anniversary of Weng Meiling's death. Her good friend Michael Miu wanted to pay homage to Weng Meiling. But Weng Meiling's throne in Hong Kong has been moved. Qi Meizhen, his wife, inquired about it and didn't know where to move it. Michael Miu, when Weng's throne was not moved, went often to pay homage and burn some funerals.

In addition, Felix Wong, his good friend, was very angry recently and broke a glass in a door. When Michael Miu saw the news, he also called Huang Rihua to tell him not to put too much pressure on himself. He felt that because Hua Zai had not had an affair for a long time and worked so hard, he was so excited to act like this because of the news Come on.

Michael Miu is now in a peaceful state of mind, because he has four true words to help Youming, that is, he has nothing. Why worry about success or failure? As long as he works hard, he can be worthy of heaven and earth's conscience. He said, "when you have an unhappy day, you can pass it safely when you think of these maxims. "


 Hong Kong newspaper in 1995

 Michael Miu sees the world

  • Four maxims to encourage oneself

Recently, Michael Miu played the role of Yang Kang in the "biography of the shooting hero" which was replayed wirelessly. After reviewing the play, Michael Miu said that he had all kinds of feelings in his mind. The play was shot ten years ago. At that time he was a yellow haired boy, but now he is the father of two children. The change can be described as great. In addition, the play once cooperated with his good friend Weng Meiling, and she is no longer in the world. He always feel a little sorry!

Talking about the impending death of his good friend, Michael Miu said that both he and his wife have been worshiping each other in front of the spirit. However, the Weng Meiling's spirit throne has been moved recently, and they have been looking for it for a long time, but they can't find it. Therefore, he doesn't know whether he can worship her again this year. In addition, when it comes to Felix Wong's breaking the glass in the TV city because of too much pressure earlier,Michael Miu called him afterwards to persuade him that he is very open to the world. When he encounters setbacks occasionally, he often uses four words to encourage himself. The four words are: "originally, he has nothing. Why worry about success or failure? As long as he works hard, he will have a conscience in heaven and earth! "He said frankly that it's better to do things ten times than nine times. He often encourages himself with these four maxims.




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1995年 香港報章