Hong Kong Overseas Chinese daily, April 11, 1988 (excerpt)

  • Liang Jiehua dreams of Weng Meiling saying that no one worships him

 Although Weng Meiling passed away for many years, now the grave is buried. Recently, Liang Jiehua was reported by her old friend Weng Meiling. According to Hua Nu, in her sleep, she was surprised to see that Weng Meiling told her that her throne was not worshipped, and it was almost the day of her birth and death. When she woke up, she felt very frightened and strange. Later, she inquired with Hua Rihua and learned that Weng Meiling was born on May 9 and died on May 14. At the same time, she learned that Tang Zhenye had once worshipped Weng Meiling's throne in Hong Kong I don't know what the point is. In order to feel at ease, I will go to worship after finding out the address of Weng Meiling.


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  •  Liang Jiehua to Weng Meiling

A few days ago, Liang Jiehua went to Tsim Sha Tsui to pay homage to the throne of Weng Meiling in Hong Kong. However, he can only pay homage to it at a predetermined time.

Hua Nu said that since Tang Zhenye is in Taiwan and will be busy making movies this year, he has no time to pay homage to Weng Meiling.

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香港 華僑日報 1988-04-11 (節錄)

梁潔華 夢見翁美玲説沒有人拜祭