Hong Kong Oriental new land magazine No. 748, 10-04-2012

Weng Meiling's departure is the biggest blow

Oral: Stephen Chau: Transcript: Li Mingren Design: Linda


Really want to mention my emotional world, I admit that I have experienced more than ordinary people! It's meaningless to count your fingers. In a word, every relationship is unforgettable. If you have nothing to hide, you might as well open the window and tell the truth! Experienced the bumps, the old saying, I learned two words a treasure!

Disco casts may

My friends know that I will have a lot of contacts with beautiful people, celebrities and superstars. At that time, disco rose and fell. But I can realize that many people, Anita Mui, met in disco. Every time we meet, we always have that kind of place. We all play together and dance together. We start slowly. We will leave each other when we are dating. Breaking up is not a matter of personality incompatibility or empathy Later, everyone had their own life. She wanted both career and emotion, but I knew that they could not coexist. I worked nine to six, and she worked nine to six. She often didn't see each other. It was hard! The reason for breaking up is so simple.

Every relationship is precious to me. At about 20 years old, Weng Meiling's departure hit me the most! At that time, we started a love affair. At the same time, she kept on thinking about the old. The truth was more or less because of emotional struggle. At that time, I saw that she was really struggling! We only had a chance to meet after work, not cohabitation. I couldn't understand each other, so she left Now I still remember it very well. At that time, I was under a lot of pressure. I had to face the media and it was very difficult to deal with it. Finally, my family analyzed it with me and learned to cherish everything in front of me.

Entertainment industry makes people old

In the past, someone gave me the title of Playboy, I'm ok! Now there's no song boy! My wife Rebecca and I have been married for 15 years. She is now a full-time mother. Her children are very nice. She will travel during holidays, ski in winter, and go to Thailand and Japan in summer. I am a man with a strong family concept. After marriage, there are few social activities at night. I would rather spend time with the housing enterprises and grow up with the children. Time is precious and hard to catch up with. They want to study and have their own life Life, now every period of time to cherish!

I played when I was a child. Only when I have experience can I know what is right or wrong. Once I come out, I will be a piece of white paper. When I enter the entertainment industry, I will mature faster than ordinary people. There will be a lot of references, because I am a public figure and people have high requirements for you!

Stephen Chau, the boss of the model company, is known as childe Zou for his elegant demeanor. He loves racing cars and beauties. When I was young, I took pictures with Anita Mui, Weng Meiling, Liu Meijun and other actresses. I got married in 1997. Since then, I have turned my unique appreciation of women into a career. I have set up Starz people and found famous model stars. Maggie Q, Ana R, Janice man and so on are popular with him!


Photo left: Stephen Chau (left) has been dating Anita Mui (middle), Weng Meiling (right) and Liu Meijun. The sky is jealous of her beauty. Mei and Weng both died in their prime years. AfterWeng Meiling's death, Stephen Chau was also a member of the funeral Committee.

Photo right top: Stephen Chau and his wife Tang Haowen have 14-year-old eldest son Ryan and 9-year-old youngest daughter Steffi.

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香港 東方新地 雜誌 748期

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每一段感情對我來說都難能可貴,20歲左右,翁美玲的離開對我打擊最大!當時我們展開了戀情,同時她又對舊的念念不忘,實情多多少少是因為感情角力,當時我見到她真的很掙扎!我們只在放工才有機會見面,又不是同居,我未能開解對方,結果她「離開」了…… 如今我還記憶猶新,當時我打擊很大,壓力很大,又要面對傳媒,很難處理,最後家人跟我分析,之後學懂珍惜眼前一切。




圖: 鄒世龍(左)先後與梅艷芳(中)、翁美玲(右)、劉美君拍拖,天妒紅顏,梅、翁均盛年夭亡。阿梅死後,鄒世龍亦是治喪委員會成員之一。

圖: 鄒世龍與妻子唐浩雯育有14歲長子 Ryan 和9歲細女 Steffi。

模特兒公司老闆鄒世龍(Stephen Chau),風度翩翩故有鄒公子之稱,熱愛賽車和美女。年少時與梅艷芳,翁美玲,劉美君等女星拍過拖,97年結婚,從此收屏,將對女性的獨特鑑賞力化成事業,成立種星堂(Starz People),發掘名模明星,Maggie Q,Ana R,Janice Man 等由他一手捧紅!