The first article was published: "Qi Meizhen: Change of Mind, Bland is Blessing." On June 25, 1991, the newspaper published an interview. "I learned a lot of good experience from Weng Meiling. When we got together in a group of people, we always saw Ah Wenchang to Tang Zhenye. Everything was based on his opinions. A young group of people felt that Ah Weng was not a character. The soup does not receive her feelings." # Weng Meiling #

發布了頭條文章:《戚美珍:心態轉變,平淡是福》 。1991年6月25日,報紙登出的採訪。「我從翁美玲身上學到不少好經驗。當年我們一班人相處,總見阿翁遷就湯鎮業,什麼都以他的意見為主。年紀輕輕的一群人,便覺阿翁沒有性格,阿湯也不領受她的那份情。」#翁美玲# ​


Qi Meizhen: The change of mindset is a blessing

1991.6.25 Newspaper interview

        To Miao Qiaowei and Qi Meizhen at home. There is a large clothing room in the A Qi room. All the inside of the room is a dress worn by Ah Qi for many years.

        “I haven’t worn them for a long time. Now I understand that the peace talks are a blessing.” After giving birth to her daughter Miao Wei, Qi Meizhen became a “family-type” and she would certainly hold her daughter at home when there was no job. “ "Giant baby" has sixteen pounds in three months, and her mother holds her.

        "I find that the mentality of these days has changed so much. In the past few years, I was very hard to fight. I didn't want to be a hero after marriage. When I was pregnant, I gained weight and I didn't even want to take pictures." At that time, Ah Qi was walking down the street and she was so fat that nobody took her. Recognizing that she was still happy for a while. Having given birth to her daughter, the big event has been set, and she has found that her attractiveness has indeed weakened, and there is a sense of loss in the heart.

        The words "static thinking, dynamic thinking" are just eight characters that reflect the artist's attitude.

        A Qi not only loves her family and loves her daughter. Her feelings for A Miao are also deeper.

        "To tell the truth, I can never imagine that my husband would be Miao Qiaowei. To be a couple is really a fate." Five tigers and Ah Qi all know each other.

        “Tang Zhenye learned him when he took classes in the arts training classes. After that, he learned about Huang Rihua. Later, he was a good friend of more than ten years, including Hua Zi, A Miao, and Leong Chaowei.”

        Among the five tigers, how can I just wipe out love sparks with A Miao?

        "I believe she is good at doing something. Patience is the factor of success. I had officially rejected him on that day, but Ah Miao ignored it and still pursued it. As a result, I was still moved by his true emotions."

        She is very respectful with A Miao. A Miao Zhimin, Qi Meiling not only echoed, but also every husband as a self-expression, a small woman style, compared with the subjective character of the past, changed greatly.

“I learned a lot of good experience from Weng Meiling. When we got along with a group of people, I always saw Aweng’s move to Tang Zhenye. Everything was based on his opinions. A young group of people would feel that Ah Weng had no character. The soup does not receive her love."

        As a result, Ah Weng hated his death and Qi Meizhen grew up. He began to have a new understanding of the maturity and attitude of Weng Meiling.

        "She just respects Ah Tung. Today, I don't want to accuse Ah Miao of not being in front of people. He has dignity. I will give him face when I am out."

        Since Yao will only increase the number of couples, Ah Ching would rather be a gentle and kind helper: “Small things are not noisy, things are decided before big events, and the number of quarrels is reduced.”