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Thanks to Kitty for sending me and translating this article.

"In the back office of television station, we often heard that many people would call Barbara Yung as “Elder Sister” when she was not here. (Elder Sister in Chinese is a term for a capable or respectable woman).  But, this nickname did not have any element of praise.  It was a just sarcastic term.

In this case, the journalist had consulted with Barbara.   Barbara seems to know about this case as she did not have any reaction.

Barbara response: I cannot control what people talk.

In TV station, Barbara’s interpersonal relationship was quite good.  Why did they say such sarcastic term to her?

Someone said Barbara’s behaviour became different when she became popular.  In the past, she treated everyone with politeness.  Now, she treated everybody condescending.

Barbara response: If I said I did not behave like this, others would say this was just a defence.  The only thing I can do was I did not make any comment.  In this social circle, many different types of people and many different types of gossip.  I believe Gossip stop at a wise people’s ears.  In the past, I had a bad rumour regarding the relationship between Kent Tong and me had changed.  But now, you see we are still in a good relationship.  So, time will tell.

Barbara is still in a relax mood.

When Barbara work in the entertainment industry, she knew how to react this rumour i.e. to show no interest in any rumour."