Weng Meiling wrote an article about Huang Rong's feelings

(Jade weekly issue 12, reported on December 24, 1982)

Photo 1: when Weng Meiling wrote this article, she immediately turned her head to show her lovely smile when she knew that the camera was facing her!

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Picture 2: Weng Meiling's manuscript of Huang Rong's feelings

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It was not easy to write, but when I finished, I didn't know where to start. Recently, since being selected to play Huang Rong, many people suddenly pay attention to me, which makes me a little flattered.

I am a fatalistic believer who conforms to nature and is content with fate. I have told reporters many times that Huang Rong's election may be the arrangement of fate. I have never thought about it in advance. In a word, the company arranged for me to audition, so I went.

In fact, am I really worth your attention? I don't know it myself. I only know to do my best, no matter what the result is, I just want to live up to myself.

Less reading martial arts novels

I never thought I would play Huang Rong. I have lived in England for 12 years and seldom read martial arts novels. I have never read the famous original work of Jin Yong, "biography of Shooting Heroes".

I have benefited a lot from my return to Hong Kong, which has been separated for 12 years, and participated in the Miss Hong Kong election. Therefore, I don't think that the only purpose of running for the election is to win the throne. The important thing is to learn from them and broaden their knowledge.

Although it's not a great thing to be elected Huang Rong, at least give me a chance to try some new roles and learn more experience. I'm not asking myself to step into the sky. I just want to step into the role step by step.

After all, I am a newcomer and have little experience in acting, so I hope that with the careful guidance of the director, I can help me play this role well. Having said that, I can't completely rely on others. I should try my best.

Try to figure out the characteristics of color angle

So far, I have watched three of the four episodes of "shooting carving" and now I have entered the fourth episode. Although I dare not say that I can master Huang Rong's character completely, I have basically figured out the characteristics of the character.

I would have said to myself, "Weng Meiling, you can never stand in front of the camera with no expression. You have to show something. Really, I can't live up to the expectations of the audience for Huang Rong, and I can't waste all the efforts of the staff involved in the "shooting sculpture".

Although I have high requirements for myself, I do not increase my psychological pressure because of this. I hope everything can come naturally. "Thirteen sisters" is my first series in my life. I think it's very natural in terms of performance. I wonder if people will feel the same way after watching it? Although I don't play as much as I do in shooting sculpture, I believe that the experience of thirteen sisters will be helpful to my performance.

It's true that I can't consolidate my experience as a rookie. However, I will never imitate others. Weng Meiling is Weng Meiling and should have her own way. It has nothing to do with me because I can't follow other people's line. I have to break away from other people's category and create another image of Huang Rong. Only in this way can I be worthy of the audience's love for me.

Don't spoil the original

I can't help but think of the enthusiastic audience. They love me so much as a new artist. I can't believe it. No matter I go to the streets, there are a group of enthusiastic fans who ask me to autograph and take pictures with them. I felt unnatural at first, but now I'm used to it. What makes me happiest is when they yell, "Huang Rong! Here comes Huang Rong. "I can't help but feel sweet.

Not only did the audience call me that, but even the staff who recorded "women's new look" every time they saw me, they cried out, "Hello, Weng! "I think that I may want to abandon my English name Barbara and change it to yellow Wong, which will be more acceptable!

Even though "shooting carving" has not been my part, in daily life, I have unconsciously become the embodiment of Huang Rong. I have heard some friends I don't know very well said in private, "do you think that Weng Meiling's manner is much more beautiful than before? "

Hearing this, I secretly smile. Of course, I should melt myself into the pretty huangrong. Do they want to see an "ancient bag of huangrong"? This huangrong is not easy to make! Even "pretty" also needs to be cultivated. I ask myself that Huang Rong's "pretty" is not as good as Huang Rong's, but I hope to make Huang Rong more beautiful. I want to show myself (Huang Rong) on the screen, so that the audience will leave a deep impression, not to spoil Mr. Jin Yong's famous works!

Confident to play well

It's not easy for me to play such a popular novel character. I don't know anything about martial arts. It can be said that I can dance with swords and spears and jump around. I'm really surprised. But with the careful guidance of martial arts guidance, I think I will be able to cope with it.

If I had known that I wanted to "be in the Wulin", I might have gone to the mountain to learn from my master. But I was the first audition on that day. After the audition in the morning, I had to shoot "Thirteen girls" in the afternoon. When I was in a hurry, I couldn't see the performance of other competitors and I didn't know how I was doing.

After the results were published, I was told that I was surprised to hear the news, and I was glad to hear it.

It's all over the past, and I've talked too much about my feelings at that time. To sum up, I think there are only two words "lucky" and "happy". Once, while I was making up, Kou Hongping went to the dressing room to see me. We had a very good talk. Isabella also said that if she had a chance to play a drama, she would like to play a role similar to Huang Rong!

I'd like to tell you, Isabella, that I'd like to do a good play with you, too!

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