1984 03 05 fearless duo interview

Article: Xu Li about Weng Meiling

Every time I see Weng Meiling, I think of "pretty Huang Rong.". It was a long time ago to play Huang Rong, but I still can't forget this image.

Nothing else, because this is her first work. At that time, the wireless network won a great deal of effort, and there was also a piece of news about competing to play Huang Rong.

"I like huangrong very much. Every time I think of it, I smile. Although it's not very good. "She confessed.

She is not as good as rice snow. Michelle's "beauty" has a "sweet" flavor, which Weng Meiling lacks.

However, Weng Meiling is very clever.

"Isn't cleverness good? "She said with her face up and her eyes flashing.

"Smart, of course, is good "I said no more.

"Is it? "She said.

"That's not what I mean "I want to explain, but I can't think of how to explain it. I have to deal with it in a random way:" those who are wise and clever are always bright and energetic; those who are intelligent but have no cleverness will flow into silence and are not liked by people "

After a few words, she was really happy.

She was criticized for not knowing how to act, and she accepted it with grace.

"Study, I will study hard.

How dare you criticize such modesty?

Her love news is also common, she said with a smile:

"It's fun to fall in love in this circle. Our every move was recorded. Scared! We haven't heard of some of them. What a good reporter! "

She was very angry.

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