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Begin at the church. My First Love [Wo Meiling's Oral / Li Wenzhuo's Transcript]

"When! When! When!" Whenever I hear a voice from the church, it always reminds me of a memory, because my first love is from the church ...

As a student, I was already a devout believer. I would go to church every week to see the masses. In fact, there are other reasons why the weather will not change. I just want to see "he". He is a priest in the church. He seems to be a student at a very young age.

When I first saw him, I was deeply attracted by his appearance and manners. Why this is so, I don't know, or this is love at first sight. The world is small. Soon after, I found out that the "church boy" I had been thinking about was originally a classmate who was higher than me at the school and was the brother of Janet, my death party. In Janet's mouth, her brother is very "lazy", not only good homework, but also excellent in sports, so I admire him even more. At a dinner party held in his house, I finally had the opportunity to talk to him face to face. What I had talked about at that time has now been forgotten, only vaguely remembering that my heart was beating fast and my palms were sweating.

After the dinner, we had our first date, and that's when we started. We talked to him every night, sometimes late at night. With his affairs, I hid from my mother, because the mother was a decisive and stubborn person, and I was afraid she would object. Although my mother never objected, the reason for our breakup was that my mother wanted to send me to England to study.

When he knew, he knelt in front of me and asked me not to go, but I knew Mommy's temper, the things that were decided would hardly change. My heart was very contradictory, but no one expected that he did it for me. He even proposed to his family to study in Britain.

After much debate, his family only promised to let him to Canada, because there were relatives to take care of it. His application for a Canadian visa was quickly approved, so I set out on my journey instead.

"After arriving in Canada, I will definitely go to the UK to find you."

He said, holding my hand tightly when he saw off at the airport. When he arrived in Canada, letters were sent to me every day at first, but as time passed, the letters became more and more sparse. Later, when I arrived in the UK, he only met me once or twice during the holidays.
After that, everyone did not meet again ...

In fact, when I watched his plane slowly leave the runway at the airport, I already had a hunch. Will our relationship be like an airplane, the farther and farther away we are, leaving only a deep trace!


First Love Story

The love between Weng Meiling and Tang Zhenye is well known, but naturally a girl like Ya Weng will have no less under her skirt

According to Yawon, she had a sweet first love when she was fifteen.

"In the year of F.3, when I returned to school, I was too rushed and knocked down a male student's book to the ground. Everyone was embarrassed .... A few days late, at school On the court I was playing with the best female classmate, how could I know that a miss and the ball hit a boy's head, see clearly, it turned out to be him again! "

"Later, there was even more coincidence. It turned out that he was the younger brother of my female classmate, so ... my" first love "began, and I often went out together and played together. I was very happy. How did I get to F.4? Years, and he also immigrated to Canada with his family, so my first love is gone. "

A romantic coincidence story is worth remembering. Therefore, Yawong continued, "Although I was young and didn't know what ** love was, it was a fig story, but I cherish this relationship and it will be unforgettable all my life."

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在教堂开始.我的初恋 【翁美玲口述/黎文卓笔录】