On November 27, 1982, the reporter "Zhuzhu" interviewed a Weng on wireless station


Since Weng Meiling was selected as the role of Huang Rong in the legend of Shooting Heroes, everyone's attention has been focused on her. Some people describe her as "three thousand favors in one.".

However, this seems to be an endless pressure on Weng Meiling herself

"I'm really worried that if I can't do Huang Rong well, I don't know how the comments from the outside world will be. Moreover, the former Michelle is so flattering."

The company also comforted her and told her not to care about what the outside world said. If the company can select her from the participants and female artists of yunquyiqian, there are naturally her advantages.

"So, if I don't do a good job then, the press should forgive me a lot." Weng Meiling said with a smile that this girl is also very smart. Before shooting sculpture out of the street, she had already met the press.

When it comes to choosing Huang Rong, I think of a series of jokes. It is rumored in the circle that a female artist has "voluntarily sacrificed herself" to the production supervisor in order to win the role of "huangrong". We all know who the female artist is and who the fat supervisor is. When the rumors became more and more serious, Wang Tianlin, a copy, finally came forward.

"How unreasonable! Some people say that I have an affair with a female artist who is my niece and her father is my old friend. How can this be possible? It is clear that some people are spreading rumors When Wang Tianlin spoke, the muscles on his face shook. Everyone could see that uncle Tianlin was really angry.

In the end, the only one who made the news known was that he was the only one on TV.

"No one ever told me!" Said uncle Tianlin.

Of course! How could anyone ask Wang Tianlin for proof of this!

Because Wang Tianlin was almost jailed in the election of Huang Rong, she asked Weng Meiling, what special "method" can be used to defeat other opponents and win the role of "huangrong"?

"Bah! See your big head! Who do you think I am? " Weng Meiling said slightly sullen.

Then she said:

"So there are too many people in this circle who like to make waves without disturbance. If you think about the whole story, you will find that it is impossible to happen."

"So you and Tang Zhenye's date, is also stirred up by people who are calm?" Ask me.

"How can I get involved in Tang Zhenye again? I'm tired of being asked about Tang Zhenye these days. Tang Zhenye and I are good friends, and so are other male artists! My career has just started. I don't want to fall in love during this period of time, which will break my heart. Frankly speaking, the opportunity to get Huang Rong is absolutely impossible. I must try my best to grasp it. "

Translated by Baidu translator

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4558513650536736

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因为一次 “选黄蓉”,几乎令王天林身陷“囹圄”,便促狭地问翁美玲,能够击败其他对手夺得“黄蓉”角色,可也有用什么特别“方法”乎?


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