The Good Independent Girl

[Interview with Yawng]

TVB has been nurturing the youthful artists, the five tigers have been successful, but although there are many "phoenixes", they still have a long way to go before they can become the brightest. The TVB has taken advantage of this period of time to recognise the potential of Yung Meiling, and has nurtured her to become a popular artist, and her fan base is growing day by day.  Her big eyes were a hit with the public...

This young lady's appeal is so great that TVB has been giving her one TV-serie after another, giving her no chance to rest and making her a success step by step. With her big, intelligent eyes, she won the favour of TVB's top executives, but her future success could not be supported by her looks.

She is an easy-going person who is not afraid to do what she has promised and is not afraid to be angry. She is also independent and subjective. She does not rely on others for anything and has won the praise of others for her methodical approach to things.

She understands that you can't get to the top in one step, so when the company asked her to do a drama, she didn't complain even though her eyes were dull and she was as thin as a bone.

"I'm not afraid of hard work, as long as it's worthwhile," she says.

"You don't do anything that's not worthwhile?" I asked.

"Yes! I don't think about it that way, but these experiences in life have made me realise that there are many things you want to do, but you may not get what you want, but if you don't expect too much, you will succeed. The most important thing is not to ask for it."

She does not want to be overly ambitious, but she will succeed. She does everything herself, signing contracts and taking on stage dates, and the young artists are all impressed by her work ethic.

"Don't look at me as a soft-spoken person, but I'm actually very competitive. I'm actually very good at what I do," she says seriously.

That's the way she works, she's very decisive, even her boyfriend is not negotiable. I asked her, "Have you ever been wronged in your work at TVB?"

She shook her head and said, "I don't take bad things to heart. Even if I'm unhappy, I'll just let it go and I won't hold a grudge! That way I don't hold grudges and resentments!"

After filming several dramas in a row, Weng Meiling had to take a break. Before she went to Kuala Lumpur to appear on stage, Weng Meiling's mother came to Hong Kong from the UK to visit her. TVB has made Weng Meiling its favourite, and Weng says she never thought she would be successful.

"I used to be a fat girl, but now I'm not. But now I've lost my shape and I'm going to live in England, so I can fatten up a bit," she said.

"Will Kent Tong go with you?" I asked curiously.

"No, he has a film to make and a drama to start, so how can he get away?"

When it comes to these two lovers, they are sometimes envied and sometimes exasperated. One is a famous man and the other is a famous woman. It's strange that two hard-headed people don't fight when they meet!

I asked Weng Meiling: "What is it about Kent that you like?"

"I like him! He was very helpful when we were filming Thirteen Sisters and we weren't dating yet, but he took care of me. "

He's got such a heart, so of course he's very good to you," I said. I've seen how he treats people, and he's very nice and attentive to the elderly.

Weng Meiling sees it as fate, just as Kent Tong likes her. "We quarrel a lot, but I don't mind. If you see someone as a marriage partner, you have to quarrel, and it's only when you're angry that you don't hide your emotions."

"If you say so, then  you really see Kent as your husband?" I asked curiously

"I didn't think so at first, but now I'm starting to think about it. His greatest strength is that he is caring and attentive. But sometimes he's stubborn."

The more they argues, the more they gets to know each other. When Kent really wants to do something, she can't control it, and the two of them argue over trivial matters.

"Does your mother like Kent?"

"Of course she does, he's such a nice guy. I don't know how he knows how to please my mother, but he actually treats her with respect. When she was in Hong Kong, he would do whatever he could for her whenever she needed him."

Weng Meiling is a very emotional and romantic person, with a feminine jealousy.  There is no doubt that she loves Kent Tong very much, but Kent does not know how to accommodate her.

I said, "You're an actor too, why can't you see things his way?"

"I just can't get used to seeing two people naked in bed, it makes me unhappy. I can't stand it. I've lived abroad, but I'm not open to it."

Kent likes her dual personality. She is brash, but still has the virtues of a traditional Chinese woman and is gentle, generous but with her own opinions. Kent Tong has made a lot of concessions to accommodate her. Recently, he stopped doing bed scenes and switched to horror films, and in order to do a ghost movie, he had to stay up all night and sleep in a coffin.

Weng Meiling also understands that Kent Tong is good to her and that sometimes they have to accommodate each other.
"I don't care when he is acting in a bed scene. He doesn't know how to take care of himself. I don't know how to take care of myself, do I deserve your sympathy?" said Weng Meiling in an unhappy tone.

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Weng Meiling Memorial Collection, Taiwan








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