It's all in the eye of the beholder!

I was born on May 7, 1959, 5'2" tall and 93 pounds, so I'm a small and delicate type.

Looking back on my childhood, I am not very special, but I was different from other girls. I lost my father when I was seven years old, and my mother and I were dependent on each other. A girl who loses her father's love is not immune to the effects of a weak spirit. However, my mother loved me very much and I had a happy childhood.

Despite my small stature, I was a lively and healthy person from a young age, and I was stubborn and competitive. I remember one time I had a high fever and my mum had never seen me sick before, so she rushed me to the hospital.

I've been a pretty girl since primary school and I've had long hair for almost 20 years.
Recently, I cut it off for a new drama, which was heartbreaking enough to get a scolding from Kent Tong.

Another feature of mine is my big eyes and false whistle teeth. I had many admires at school. They were young and old-fashioned in their approach, either sending flowers or writing love letters. I was so proud of myself that I reported them to my mother without reservation.

Although I was an only child and had a soft body, she didn't cuddle me. I remember when I first understood human nature was when I left my mother and rented a place near my school to practice my independent living skills.

I was lively, but not a tomboy, and I loved playing with dolls, just like any girl. I had a vivid imagination and often imagined that I was a doctor, treating dolls and putting little beads in their bellies from their bottoms as if they were injections and medication.

I had no brothers or sisters, so I was lonely, and perhaps because of this, I grew up needing the love of a boyfriend and could not live without it. By the way, I have not been skinny since when I was a child. You can see from my old photos that I was a fat girl for a while.

Although I thought I was pretty, I never thought of being a star. I remember when I finished Form Four at the age of 14 or 15, I moved to England and lived in London for eight years. In 1982, I returned to Hong Kong by chance to participate in a beauty pageant and my life changed. I don't believe in fate. I don't know whether this change in my life is a blessing or a curse, I only know that there is a master in my life...

source: New Weekly  
Provided by: Ying Ying


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