I wish I could make a film. It's just that the opportunity is hard to come by

[Interview with Yvonne]

The photographer didn't take the photo from a difficult angle, but it shows her sexiness.
In other words, it is a technique to show the female physique.
The question is: Does this mean that Weng Meiling will follow in the footsteps of Chung Chor Hung and Ha Wen Shih in making sexy and less revealing films? Fighting helps the relationship to develop better
In Weng Meiling's view, the two different adjectives "sexy" and "revealing" mean the same thing.

She says, "People may say that it's sexy to be topless in a bed scene, but the audience may think it's revealing, or use the word 'stripped'. No matter how you look at it, it's still a question of everyone having different views and different perspectives on everything."

"What do you think and feel about the sex scenes between Tong Chun Yip and Hung Koo in 'Peeping Tom'?

After a moment's reflection, Weng Meiling said, "I'm not his girlfriend, but from a purely audience point of view, I don't think he should do such scenes. If he does too many of them, he will be stereotyped and his future career will be narrowed, which will be detrimental to his career."

She said she was jealous, but she insisted that artists should cherish themselves.

"I love Chung Chor Hung, I think she is so beautiful, but if she does something like 'Man and Woman' again, I won't like it as an audience. Like Lin Qingxia, who is so beautiful that even girls are attracted to her, she has maintained her image so well that people feel that she is flawless. But not everyone can do sexy scenes like her and still be valued by the audience!.  Some women will deliberately try to portray their femininity so that others will appreciate it. In fact, femininity can only be felt, not expressed.

If this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant is to be judged by Ms. Weng Meiling, she will certainly have a unique eye for beauty.

Sitting upright, she whispered, "Someone once asked me, 'Do you think you're pretty?"

It was a very interesting question, so I asked, "How did you answer?"

"I said, "No, I'm not ugly, thank God!" And then we laughed at each other.
We laughed. A seemingly cold person, but a chatty one

After a moment of silence, we moved on to another topic.

"I've been approached by a lot of film companies recently.
 But I can't get past the PR."

"Do you want to make films?"

Weng Meiling smiled a little. "I do, but I want to try something I haven't done before. I want to try something I haven't done before."

"Do you know why the company didn't approve?"

Weng Meiling bites her lip: "It's probably because of the image again. I think it's about image. The company is more nervous about our image than you can easily imagine."

"So disappointed?"

"Not really. There's always a chance. Maybe it's not the right time."

Although she has a certain audience in television, she has not yet made a film that has made any money at the box office.

"Kent is doing better in films than in television. It's better than TV," I said.

Weng Meiling shook her lemon tea in front of her: "It's hard to say. In fact, if he had developed more smoothly in television, I believe he would not have had to go both ways." she said.

The reason why she said that the development of TV was not smooth is that she felt that TVB was not good for Kent. The reason why she thinks TVB has been unfair to Kent Tong is that they have assigned him to play villainous roles, which makes Kent very unhappy.

"But then again, Kent should not have told his company beforehand when he was going out to take up a film. He should have told the company beforehand, but he always did so afterwards, so it's no wonder the company was unhappy. So there is a reason why TVB treats Tong like this."

"You can persuade him!"

"I don't ask questions about work, it's his business and I'll give my opinion. But the decision is his. Sometimes it's hard to say what to do, because that's how he is. He doesn't know how to turn the other cheek, so he'll be at a disadvantage in the TV industry."

"What about yourself?"

"If it's too much against my own principles, I won't compromise no matter what. I hope to make a film. I wish I could make films, but the opportunities are hard to come by."
When she first entered the television industry, she was not welcomed by journalists because her face was always aloof.

"I don't like to socialise, I rarely talk to people I don't know well, but when I do, I have a lot to say."

She was very chatty and even though it was an interview, we talked about everything from the north to the south.
I also noticed that she loved to smile and had a sweet smile.

"As an aside, have you ever thought about your future when you are dating Kent?"

Recently, there was a rumour of a cold war between the two of them because she thought Kent had lied to her by not telling her that she had so many sex scenes with Chung Chor Hung in 'Peeping Tom'.

"I've thought about it, but it's hard to talk about these things, and until we get married, it can't be considered a done deal."

"Have you ever decided that you are a lifelong partner?"

Weng Meiling winked: "To be honest, we really haven't thought about getting married, but both he and I are focusing on our careers, as we should."

This is what many girls want.

"You are more famous than Kent in the TV industry, has that affected your relationship?"

She said, "That's why I try to avoid talking about these things when I'm with him, because I'm afraid of hurting him by saying the wrong thing."

"Does Kent tell you first when he joins a movie?"

"Sometimes, if he doesn't tell me, I won't ask." says Weng Mei Ling in a quiet voice.  She admits that she doesn't appreciate Kent's bedtime scenes.

"There will be a divide between you two."

"It's just that I know his temperament very well, so if we ask fewer questions, we'll have fewer arguments, which is good for our relationship."

"I'm afraid that if you put up with each other, one day it will explode, and then it will be uncontrollable."

"As long as you don't take it too seriously, you won't get angry. Many people say it's all about understanding, but it's not the same when you're in a relationship!"

"What are you going to do?"

"I want to be more successful in my career."

"How can you be more successful? You're are famous now!" I'm sure there are many people who feel the same way as I do.

"I don't know how to express it at the moment," said Weng Meiling, smiling.

"With Liza Wang's success, I guess it's OK."

"I admire her hard work. There are not many people in the TV industry who have her spirit. She said that we were very happy to be newcomers and that we didn't have to 'endure'."

In the past, artists had no one to make arrangements for them and no one to tell them what to do, they just had to do it on their own.

"I think I should cherish this happiness more and work harder than Qiu and Wang."

But since she can say this, it's up to her to decide whether she will succeed or fail.


source: http://www.barbarayung.net/ Intelligence Weekly NO.78 p61~62 (情報周刊 NO.78 p61~62)


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