The twists and turns of love

Interview with Yawng Neiwen

It is interesting to note how the two lovers met and how they started dating. According to the reporter's it must have been during the filming of "13 Girls".

"I met Kent Tong during the shooting of '13 Girls'. I was very timid and didn't know anything. The whole cast was new to the film, like Michael Miu. We often had fun, watched movies and drank tea together, so we got to know each other well. .... I think he's not a bad guy, so I'm starting to get to know him."

As soon as the reporter started asking questions, Weng Meiling told the story, so it was clear that she was very forthcoming, so I continued to ask:

"What do you think of Kent Tong?"

"At first, I thought he was a bit arrogant, as if he was difficult to approach."

Of course, if she thought there was something wrong with him, she would not have accepted his advances and become his girlfriend. In fact, when it comes to being a person, Weng Meiling is quite self-aware.

"I have a lot of flaws," she said. She continues, "Maybe I'm an only child, so my mum and uncle are used to it..., There was nothing else to do but to "make things difficult" for Mr. Tong!"

When we talked about marriage, she laughed,

"Not so fast! I'm still in a good relationship, but I think we're still at the 'beginning' stage, so we can continue to develop it and go further."

At the end of the day, the journalist took the liberty of asking her a question about her past, which we all know there was a very public affair with Deborah Moya, but how did she feel about it?

After a moment's thought, Weng Meiling said,

"How can I care about the past, how can I care? Everyone has a past, but as long as Kent Tong is really good to me now and in the future, I have had boyfriends before. As long as I'm good to him now and in the future, he won't mind."

This is a kind of social progress. As long as we treat each other sincerely, what is the past worth? It's hard to serve. The journalist was naturally amused by this, thinking how frank the girl was.

On screen, Wong Yat-wah and Miu Kiu-wai are the 'love partners' of Weng Meiling. In the TV drama, the character played by is a stubborn, aggressive, sacrificial woman who would do anything for love, even risking her own life. In real life, she also plays this tragic love story, which begins and ends with love.

As Weng Meiling's fame grew, she was also plagued by scandals. A few days after filming "Thirteen Sisters", she fell in love with Kent Tong. When they were together, their personalities were like a spark and their fights became an indispensable part of the relationship, but after the fights and fights, the two were very much in love.

As many people have said, it is not always possible for people who love each other to become a couple, but time and circumstances and external factors often contribute to the risk of break-up. When her temper flares up, she doesn't mind shedding tears in public, so the public can feel that it is only a matter of time before they break up.

The scandal had been rumoured during the shooting of a TV drama and had been a source of grievance for a long time.

"I don't understand why people always believe in right and wrong and rumours," she sometimes sighed.

When he was filming in Taiwan, he was rumoured to be dating former ATV artist Ni Sibei, which he dismissed as nonsense. Even Tony Leung, who has only worked with Weng Meiling on "The Challenge", was rumoured to have strolled with Weng Meiling late at night on Broadcast Drive. Regardless of the rumours, it is regrettable that the golden couple, Tony Leung and Tsang Wah Sin, have been united and separated again, unable to stand the test of time. What is love in this world but the promise of life and death?




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